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Outfit your staff in fashion-forward, functional designs inspired by classic icons and current catwalks.

Bright lights, throbbing music, and avant-garde silhouettes—these defining characteristics of fashion weeks around the world are about as far removed from the expected spa environment as possible, until now. No, the lights and music are staying on the runways, but from the front desk to the treatment room, the silhouettes are inspiring creative uniform designs for spa staff. Says Noel Asmar, president and CEO of Noel Asmar Uniforms, “We love taking modern high fashion and modifying it to work within the workplace.”


Providing Inspiration

Smart uniforms have the power to enhance the tone of your spa, whether the look is traditional, modern, or somewhere uniquely in between, and today’s popular uniform manufacturers are making it easy by prioritizing fashion and trendy cuts. “It is essential to be up to date on the new fashion trends,” says Monique Mathieu founder of Monique Mathieu, a company focused on couture uniform designs. “It is always a combination of the latest fashion, and we adapt to the practical requirements of our customer.”

Mathieu began her career apprenticing as a dress designer and stylist for storied couture houses in Paris, including Balenciaga and Givenchy, and that experience continues to impact her uniform designs today. “A new design is always the result of many influences around me,” says Mathieu. “I get my inspiration for new styles from the latest fashion trends. But I also consider the feedback and improve what has been criticized.”

Still, classic silhouettes and timeless pieces are always in style. “Even though we are continuously inspired by runway shows from around the world that are always pushing the boundaries, we want to ensure our designs will transcend through time and never date themselves,” says Asmar. “We make sure every piece we create is designed with this in mind.” For some uniforms, designers look to fashion icons from the past to stay relevant. Says Agnes Dalisay, owner of Chi Couture Uniforms, “Our new designs are inspired by influential women in history, like Coco Chanel, Ava Gardner, and Frida Kahlo.”

For Debbie Leon, president of Fashionizer Spa Uniforms, keeping uniforms both stylish and practical is a balancing act. “For us, designing uniforms is about being fashionable but also aware that uniforms need to be timeless,” says Leon. “No spa manager wants to have to replace their uniforms every six months.”


Serving a Function

Because each staff member fulfills a distinct role, his or her clothes must also satisfy certain functions. “For therapists, the key requirement is that uniforms be fit for purpose,” says Leon. “Therapists need to be able to move freely and work with comfort.”

Most uniform companies conduct diligent research to create clothing that accommodates all staff­ members and their mobility needs. “We literally look at what each employee does and how men and women may or may not work differently,” says Asmar. “From that analysis, those key features are then worked into the design and all steps of garment development.” Recently, such research prompted Noel Asmar Uniforms to introduce a fitness fabric on the sleeves of the Jada, a blazer-like silhouette with an asymmetrical zipper on the front, for massage therapists. The company discovered that this group preferred the look of long sleeves but also needed a garment with mobility and the ability to push the sleeves up when working with clients.

Says Asmar, “A sleek unified look that offers function and comfort will not only elevate the guest experience but a l so the staff experience as well.” Outfitting spa staff in uniforms that combine the best of fashion and function will earn your spa a place on the best dressed list.


Fashion Forward

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