Heather Mikesell

Customer Service—It Isn't What It Used to Be

Is Customer Service a Lost Art?
While I don't consider myself to be an especially demanding customer, I do expect to be acknowledged and treated with respect. Unfortunately, it seems that many businesses I rely on have forgotten the fundamentals of good customer service. I spent this past summer writing complaints to Hampton Jitney, a bus service that transports travelers from New York City to the...

Celebrating the Democratization of Spas

Spa Week is Coming to Town.
Yesterday, I attended the Spa Week Media Party in celebration of next week’s annual Fall Spa Week Event (Oct 10-16), which offers $50 treatments at participating spas. There, I was joined by a host of health, beauty, and fashion media professionals in experiencing the world of spa. From complimentary chair massages to accupuncture treatments and more, attendees like myself got...

Stopping the Clock

An editor finally stops worrying about her deepening worry lines.
I’ve always been pretty low-maintenance when it comes to beauty regimens, preferring the most natural route whenever possible. I’ve also never thought much about Botox and dermal fillers until lately when a couple of lines decided to take up permanent residence on my forehead. While the occasional furrowed brow isn’t necessarily cause for concern, a permanently furrowed one most definitely...

A Great Spa Escape

Discover the allure of tailored trips that provide an insider’s look into the world of spa.
Vacations are typically about getting away from the grind of everyday life and engaging in activities that incite passion and serve as a source of joy. Whether it be skiing, scuba diving, or surfing, chances are there’s a trip that strikes your fancy. In recent years, bespoke tour companies have become especially savvy in targeting travelers who want to sample a range of spa and wellness offerings in the destinations they visit. In years past, spa-goers would simply opt for...

Vision Quest

Current Spa (Spokane, WA)
A new resort spa in Spokane, WA, draws on the healing traditions of the Kalispel Tribe to put guests on the path to wellness.
Known as the People of the Pend Oreille River, the Kalispel Indians have long been tied to the land their ancestors first roamed. With its reservation located on a flood plain, the tribe was able to secure additional territory from the government with trust land west of Spokane, WA. To gain greater economic independence and sustainability, the Kalispel Tribe of...

Suite Spa Transforms In-Room Spa Treatments

Suite Spa cart
Suite Spa Cart Makes In-room Services Sweeter
Several years ago, I visited a Caribbean-based resort that was still developing its spa concept. Although it had been open for years, it had always relied on in-room treatments to make up for the fact that it didn’t have a spa. I experienced one of those in-room treatments while I was there and promptly realized that I wasn’t altogether comfortable...

Corbu Spa & Salon Debuts MySkin Skincare System

About a week ago, I had the opportunity to visit Corbu Spa & Salon at The Charles Hotel (Cambridge, MA).
About a week ago, I had the opportunity to visit Corbu Spa & Salon at The Charles Hotel (Cambridge, MA). It was my first trip to Boston, and I was excited to check out the newly opened spa. What I found especially interesting was the new mySkin skincare system that the spa is introducing. Developed by Harvard Business School grads...

Garden of Paradise

This intoxicating spa in India offers a taste of the exotic amid palatial gardens, stunning architecture, and a stately setting.
While most make the sojourn to Agra to see the Taj Mahal, those who stay at the award-winning Mughal, Agra can’t help but be awed by Asia’s largest spa to date. Spread out over an area encompassing 99,000 square feet, Kaya Kalp – The Royal Spa captures the flavor of the captivating Mughal dynasty, which was known for its opulence...

Give Peace a Chance

Restored to its former glory, an iconic Shanghai landmark unveils a new spa that draws on the rich and illustrious history of both the intoxicating city and the lavish hotel.
Once known as the “Number One Mansion in the Far East,” the recently renovated and reopened Fairmont Peace Hotel (Shanghai, China) is again generating headlines for its landmark location along the Bund, fascinating history, and return to glamour. The hotel, which opened more than eight decades ago, has had many lives. The structure that stands today was completed in 1908...

Enduring Beauty

A day spa with three locations in and around San Francisco looks to retail sales and an educated staff to keep business flowing.
In 1976, Bella Schneider opened the first LaBelle Day Spa & Salon in San Francisco. Starting out as a 3,000-square-foot facility, it has since grown to encompass 5,500 square feet. Passionate about esthetics, Schneider later expanded with two additional locations in Palo Alto. They, too, have each grown in size. The second spa, which is located in Town & Country Village, went from 2,500 square feet to 7,000 square feet. The last to open, nearly 24 years ago, went from...