Heather Mikesell

Parental Pampering

With pregnancy treatments becoming standard fare and a growing number of services geared toward parents and even the kids themselves, spa has become a family affair.
In an industry that revolves around the concept of nurturing, it's no wonder that pregnancy treatments have become an essential element at most spas. While commonly filled with a sense of joy, most expectant mothers also experience a great deal of stress and anxiety leading up to the birth of their babies. Add to that the physical changes their bodies are subjected to, and you have an ideal market for relaxing treatments that can also serve to alleviate the discomforts...

Hair Therapy

As consumer demand for spa-inspired haircare products and scalp treatments grows, savvy salon owners are taking note and moving ahead.
Scalp massages, hair analyses, and conditioning treatments have become standard fare in most spas. In fact, today many spas come complete with in-house, full-service salons. And spas aren't alone in recognizing the benefits of offering both hair and body treatments under one roof. One only has to look at the number of celebrated stylists with acclaimed salons branching out with spa treatments or at the growing number of haircare manufacturers developing spa-oriented product lines and treatments to realize that haircare...