Jennifer Barnes

Pre-Natal Pampering

Bump up your spa's business with specialty services for moms-to-be
Our editor in chief certainly enjoyed researching the latest pre-natal treatments at spas for the October article, Great Expectations , and was happy to learn how many spa directors already offer an array of pre-natal specialties on the menu. Here are more examples of fun treatments to help pamper moms-to-be through all nine months and turn them into loyal clients...

Training to Treat Oncology Patients

The key to healing all clients is proper training, here are resources for treating this deserving group
Oncology patients are undergoing one of the most difficult experiences emotionally, mentally, and physically and could most benefit from the healing and soothing effects of relaxing skincare and massage treatments. In general Johnnette du Rand, LMT, MLD, NCTMB, co-founder and director of education for Greet The Day , an organization focused on improving the quality of life for people affected...

Peels Boost Spa Business

CosMedix upcoming webinar shares strategies to use peels to help clients and your spa
I am a newly minted peel fan thanks to a couple recent and wonderful experiences. Once this treatment seemed too extreme and scary—fearful I would be too red and sensitive to go about my day-to-day activities I opted out—but that is the farthest from the truth. The new gentle peels available at spas provide great results with no downtime. This...

Moody Manicure

As temperatures cool, suggest the latest autumn shades so clients can express the many moods of the season on their fingertips and toes
Calm/Serious • After School Boy Blazer, a rich navy blue, and Vested Interest, a pale sage, create a cool look for clients from the Essie Fall Collection, modeled after the season’s finest fabrics. • Clients will want to reminisce when they see this warm taupe shade of the same name from the SpaRitual Share Collection swiped on nails. • The Duri Cosmetics Truth or Dare fall lacquers offer a range of looks, but the versatile creamy beige Sheer...

Spa Week Giveaways Announced

Luxurious giveaways get guests excited about SpaWeek next month
Are you getting excited about Spa Week ? The pampering seven days are coming up quickly and Giuliana Rancic’s FabFitFun joined Spa Week for the first time as exclusive lifestyle sponsor. FabFitFun and two top beauty brands are making the week even sweeter with these giveaways: Get Fab and Go Giveaway The all-encompassing Get Fab and Go Giveaway comes complete...

Healing Hands

With proper training, therapists can provide much needed healing and relaxation for oncology patients.
Massage is much more than an indulgence for many. In capable hands, it is a powerful tool for easing pain, inflammation, and stress. Oncology patients are undergoing one of the most difficult experiences emotionally, mentally, and physically and could benefit from the healing and soothing effects of relaxing skincare and massage treatments. However, even these services can be damaging to the compromised body of an oncology patient or someone in long-term survivorship following chemotherapy. “There are no one-size-fits-all answers in...

Benefits of Organization

benefits of organization
New study reveals the benefits of both an orderly and a disorderly workplace
Do you ignore piles of paperwork and general messiness on your desk or around your office like I do sometimes? If so, take note of a new study conducted by researchers at the University of Minnesota Carlson School of Management that found several positive benefits for people who work in an organized environment. In their experiments, participants tended to make...

Don’t Miss Out on Yoga Month

Learn how your spa can benefit from National Yoga Month promotions
Time flies when you’re having fun . That’s definitely the case for this September, largely thanks to National Yoga Month, which is designed to build awareness of yoga’s proven health benefits and provide people with actionable guidance and tools for overall wellness. There is still one week left to share your yoga classes with would-be clients and yogis around the...

Report Reveals Vacation Preferences

relaxing vacation
Find what guests are looking for to fill their vacation days
I love a rejuvenating vacation, which means plenty of time for both spa treatments and fitness. Good news for destination spa directors, a vast majority of Americans also agree according to the U.S. Vacationers Report conducted by Wellness Tourism Worldwide. The survey provides unprecedented data on vacation preferences and its impact on health, happiness, productivity, and personal wellbeing in the...

Skin Analysis App Provides Personalized Stats

my own app skincare tracking
Help clients choose smarter, effective spa treatment solutions
Do you know your beauty number? Probably not, but your clients can learn and improve theirs with My Own App , which uses facial recognition technology to track 50 different points on the face. It analyzes a photo of the user and provides a clinical evaluation of all the major signs of aging plus nutrition, wellness, and beauty recommendations. Scary...