Jennifer Barnes

Post Sun Skin Brightening Recipes

Discover new DIY remedies for sun damage and diminishing an unwanted tan
As the days get shorter I cling tighter to my summer vacation glow, willing the bronze to last until turkey day. What I don’t want to stick around? Hyperpigmentation and the other red flags of sun damage. Many of your clients may want to banish the signs of too much fun in the sun too. Here are recipes and tips...

Gluten Free By the Numbers

Discover the expanding gluten free marketplace for spas
I am a big fan of carbs—bread, pasta, and pastries—you name it, I would love to eat it. Recently I’ve been tinkering in the kitchen with gluten-free recipes to appeal to my new husband’s gluten sensitivity. To my surprise, the results have been quite delicious and I find myself opting for gluten free foods voluntarily. It’s a growing segment in...

Protect Skin from UV Rays Year-Round

autumn skincare recommendations
Discover the anti-aging benefits of wearing sunscreen through all four seasons
It’s my favorite time of year—the air is gaining crispness, coffees are including spices and pumpkin, and football is filling the airwaves. Though I tend to say the beginning of each season tops my list because there are new activities to look forward to, autumn is especially sweet. The beginning of fall doesn’t mean it’s time to stow away the...

SpaBooker Tips for an Effective Spa Discounting Strategy

Discover business insight and marketing strategy from SpaBooker's webinar focused on how to effectively use discounts
The recent economic difficulties spurred the creation of discount sites and encouraged even luxury businesses to discount their valuable products and services in order to attract customers. Discounted pricing became a common marketing tool to attract and retain clients who, as a result, now come to expect it. Inevitably, those discounts eat away at already slim profits and can even...

Waldorf Astoria Park City Will Host Wellness Weekend

Waldorf Astoria Spa Park City Fitness Center
Discover a luxurious spa weekend for guests to enjoy nature and learn
Wellness is as much mental as it is physical. When my mind is clear, fitting in exercise and nutritious meals seems effortless, but if not it can feel nearly impossible. That’s why the Waldorf Astoria Spa Park City ’s (Utah) Wellness Weekend Sept. 27 to 29 (from $675) sounds so appealing. Guests have the chance to delve deep into what...

Snail Facials Are Sliding Into Spas

Discover the benefits of a slimy facial for adventurous clients
I often call myself an open-minded, guinea pig. I’ll happily give any new treatment, tool, or product a shot to see if it lives up to claims, especially when it comes to beauty and spa innovations. One new service gaining traction in the media lately made me second-guess my open-mindedness. It’s called a snail facial and the treatment is true...

The Ranch 4.0 Launches for Quick Fitness Fix

malibu hiking point dume
Discover how this results-oriented wellness retreat gives guests a reboot
End of summer holidays often mean excess, too much sun, food, and drinks, but The Ranch at Live Oak (Malibu, CA) is offering a four-day detox option to get guests back on track. The Ranch 4.0, launched this month, is a condensed version of the signature weeklong stay available Friday through Monday for a long weekend. Guests receive diagnostic testing,...

Seaside Skincare Ingredients

Discover powerful skincare ingredients from the sea
Today I’m scrambling to organize a daytrip to the beach because, once again, Labor Day Weekend has snuck up on me. I can’t wait to hear the sound of crashing waves, smell the sweet, salty air, and feel the sand between my toes. What’s more, we all have another reason to spend a day on the shore, where some of...

Research Supporting Safety of UV Lamps Expands

uv gel manicure, uv lamp
Photochemistry and Photobiology journal research proves UV lamps’ safety.
Nail techs and clients alike can breathe a sigh of relief after a study confirmed the safety of UV nail lamps. Earlier this week the Professional Beauty Association's (PBA) Nail Manufacturers Council on Safety (NMC) announced its support for the latest independent, peer-reviewed study demonstrating that the UV lamps commonly used for hardening gel nail polish are safe and do...

Study Reveals Link Between Eating Fruits and Vegetables and Attractive Skin

Discover the skin benefits of a diet filled with fruit and vegetables
The last few weeks, I’ve been giving the juicing craze a shot. I couldn’t give up chewing entirely to undertake a full cleanse, but am enjoying the extra boost from a veggie-packed homemade green juice daily. Even better, I’ve learned I may reap more benefits on my skin from the increased produce intake. A recent study conducted at the University...