Nicole Altavilla

Against the Grain

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Gluten-Free Skincare
According to the National Foundation for Celiac Awareness, 1 in 133 Americans suffer from celiac disease, a genetic autoimmune disease that can cause inflammation and damage to the lining of the small intestine and interfere with the absorption of nutrients from food, causing fatigue, bloating, and other digestive issues. In addition, 18 million Americans have a non-celiac gluten sensitivity, which is six times the number of Americans who have celiac disease. Symptoms typically appear after ingesting foods containing gluten, which...

A Dairy Tale

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It seems that milk really does a body good, both inside and out. Milk and other forms of dairy are commonly used in spa treatments today because of their skin-smoothing and -nourishing benefits, leaving clients satisfied and craving more. Dairy is not a new ingredient in the beauty world, as milk baths have been popular for thousands of years. In fact, Cleopatra is said to have taken milk and honey baths to help her skin maintain its youthful appearance and...

Case Sensitive

From eyebrows and the upper lip to legs, back, underarms, and the bikini area, waxing and hair removal is an especially sought-after service in the beauty and spa industry. Despite its popularity, there are still many people who shy away from waxing or dread the service due to the fear of experiencing one or more negative side effects. “When it comes to waxing, no two people are alike, and furthermore, just because someone was okay with a service previously doesn’t...

Black Magic

Best known for its ability to heat up the grill, charcoal, which is often referred to as black magic because of its color and healing powers, is also an ancient beauty secret that is making a strong showing in the skincare industry. Activated charcoal, a processed form of carbon, has been used medicinally for thousands of years. Ancient Egyptians are believed to have used it to keep wounds clean; Hippocrates used activated carbon to treat patients with conditions like epilepsy...

Soy Good

The first soybeans were brought to the U.S. in 1765, and after World War I, soy became a valuable commodity in the U.S., used mainly to help regenerate soil in drought-stricken areas during the 1930s. Initially, soybeans were considered essential as food and for medicinal purposes, but in recent years, they’ve become a valuable element of a healthy lifestyle, as well. In addition to their nutritional benefits, soybeans are also good for the skin, as they provide moisturization and antioxidants...

Handy Helper

Handheld Devices
Today’s savvy spa-goers expect to see results in addition to being pampered and feeling relaxed after visiting your spa. This is true for most services, especially facials, which target noticeable skincare issues such as fine lines and wrinkles, acne, rosacea, and hyperpigmentation, to name a few. In order to more effectively treat these issues and keep clients satisfied, many spas have started utilizing handheld skincare devices during facials, as they are effective, easy to use, and portable. They are also...

A Lashing Impact

Lash Conditioners
Full, healthy, and lush lashes are all the rage today among people of all ages. In fact, the eyelash growth category is now a billion-dollar industry and continues to grow with the release of more products that help enhance the appearance of the eyes, including lash conditioners. Many consumers are recognizing the benefits that lash conditioners offer, such as their ability to help defend against physical, chemical, and biological stressors that can often leave lashes dry and brittle. Such stressors...

Water Pressures

Throughout history, hydrotherapy has proven itself to be a welcoming experience with multiple therapeutic benefits. Hammams, which are heated chambers that cleanse and purify the skin, are considered one of the original spa experiences, and spa-goers have been bathing in hot springs for centuries to help relax and improve certain skin conditions and muscle pain. Because not all spas have the advantage of an on-site hammam or natural hot springs, many have attempted to create similar experiences with the installation...

Image Quest

Help clients get a clear picture of their skin with the help of imaging technology.

Key Notes

The use of essential oils to improve physical and emotional wellbeing dates back to ancient times, when they were traditionally used for hygienic, spiritual, and ritualistic purposes. Today, essential oils are popular in spas, as they help calm, balance, and rejuvenate the mind, body, and spirit. “By using essential oils in professional treatments, you not only receive the benefits of these tiny, complex, and potent oils, which contain vitamins, minerals, and hormones, but also receive a physiological, psychological, sedating, and...