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Hello to everyone, and welcome to SpaTrade 2.0!  I am thrilled to have been asked to fulfill a new role, as Director of Community for the relaunch of SpaTrade.com.  So what’s a Director of Community do? 

Rather than a traditional editorial model, SpaTrade content will feature a range of how-to and brainstorming sessions by industry figures and thought leaders, user-generated content and industry experts’ insights.  I’ll maintain a blog, offering real-time reporting from top industry events, as well as from conferences outside the spa industry on relevant topics such as human resources, small business operations, marketing, retailing, innovation, hospitality, beauty/health trends and technology. I’ll share the most promising trends and innovations from the industry’s resource partners, and post links to relevant third-party content, commenting and analyzing why the topic is important to those of us in the spa world.  SpaTrade will continue to offer information-packed webinars, which you can join live or download later from the archives.

I believe that Nancy Griffin, the founder of SpaTrade, asked me to fill this role due to my innate curiosity, as well as my passion for studying and reading about the best business practices from other industries, and applying them in the spa world.  This role will allow me to delve deeper into stories that I believe are relevant, and to share them with our SpaTrade membership.  I’ll be highlighting spas, especially those who have overcome management challenges.  We’ll be featuring fellow spa professionals and learning how they’re growing their companies and careers, while highlighting the unique journeys many of you have taken to reach the spa industry.

I know how busy your life is, so I’ll edit out the chatter and bring you information that’s current and relevant to your professional needs. This isn’t about reprinting press releases, but distilling the most helpful discoveries and getting them to you quickly.

I also need contributions from you, the spa community.  If you come across a news item that you think should be shared, please do.  Feel free to contact me and advise me on anything that you’d be interested in hearing more about, or that you think would benefit our membership.  SpaTrade wants to be the go-to resource for you, the busy spa professional, and we believe that many minds working together are better than one.  I look forward to hearing from you, at lstarr@spatrade.com.

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I think we as a spa community should explore what makes the younger generation tick. As in, how do we manage this large group of individuals that have grown up with doting parents? I heard about a book that was published on this topic. It's called something like "Not Everyone Gets A Trophy..How to manage Generation Y".

In the years to come, we are going to rely on this generation more and more especially in the world of massage because this is a profession that attracts young, healthy, strong, hungry go-getters who haven't suffered from carpal tunnel as of yet. We will need youthful energetic faces to front our spas.

With texting abnd tweeting, they may need to be taught proper customer service ettiquette as well. -Cara

Thank you once again Spa Trade for taking a step ahead and in an on continuing responsibility to inform on the 1000 topics related to a spa business operation: its holistic aspect and its financial aspect.

Sometimes for us as former spa corporate directors-actual spa consultants and resource partners, to attend to all the events, shows, Networking meetings...specially when living abroad, gets almost impossible in affording the free time and the expenses.

Budgets have to be prepared, family issues, and the day to day situations do not leave the time to enjoy all these events, and in my experience the phrase "all are the same" is not applicable.

Each event has a window of opportunities that are there for you to enjoy and retain, only when you have been in the spa business for some time and also understand that it is passion in its purest sense, then you know that every event is an awakening. It is how the universe plays the role to engage "we the people in the spa industry" in a role of commitment and consciousness with the people and for the people thus improving the conditions for a better environment and a healthier planet.

Please consider our company and myself in helping this project to flourish.

Be in Light


Although I am involved as a supplier of Men's Spa Products and Treatments, I am as a qualified Naturopath and Personal Trainer for over 25 years also passionate about Men's Health. Having only been in the Spa Industry for 10 years, I am amazed that so many Spa Owners and Directors still do not accept that the Male Spa Market has enormous potential. Spas need more customers, who better than Men! Taking the total and holistic wellbeing approach, the benefits of Spa for men, especially the aging baby boomers, is phenomenal. With stress being the number one recognised related cause of death for men, Spas have a huge opportunity to provide men of all ages both therapeutic and preventative solutions to today's hectic lifestyles.

Of course men want to look younger and age better, but its the de-stressing and relaxing experience Spas can offer the most life changing benefits for men. As a male baby boomer myself, and having discussed with so many similar guys, the feedback is that if Day Spas or Resort spas really start to take the Male client seriously and offer real total health solutions they will embrace the Industry especially if they feel the results.

I truly believe that men want and will support spa services that take the Holistic approach to Men's specific Health issues and not just focus on the beauty side of Treatments. Having lost my father and several male friends to Prostate Cancer, I believe the Spa Industry can play a more stronger role in both education and health balancing for men.

Great post. Enjoyed reading through it. Have book marked your site. Thanks for sharing. Sally

It is my opinion that we have spent many years focusing on the baby boomers because of course this has been the largest population or group of people in our country for several decades. But there is also a larger growing population that we as professionals need to focus on and that is the cancer patients. As a volunteer for the Look Good-Feel Better Program from the American Cancer Society, I see first hand the need for special skin care. I think we are on the right track by recognizing that there is more than just the baby boomers. Thank you.
Isabel Calleros
Aesthetics Career Development
International Areola Restoration Academy