Spray Tanners Get a Taste of Education in Wine Country

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Categories: Skincare

Because I am a redhead and of Irish descent, I don't tan easily. Plus, obviously I realize the dangers of being exposed to the harmful rays of the sun. But still, I always feel better (and skinnier, for some reason) when I have a bit of color. So I am a huge fan of both sunless tanning lotions and spray tanning, when I have the opportunity to do so. But I have realized the hard way that getting professionally spray tanned can go wrong if not done by someone with experience. So I was happy to learn about the Spray Tan Camp, a professional networking event for the spray tanning industry. The next one takes place April 15-16 in Sonoma. For $199, this two-day event will include workshops and educational sessions for those in the industry. There is also a wine tasting tour and private dinner available on April 14th for an additional $49, as well as an airbrush makeup course on April 17. For more information or to register, click here.


I am glad there is some real guidance in the spray tanning industry. But this type of profession still has a ways to go.

Spray tanning has been so overrated in terms of revenue and client satisfaction for spas. I live in the northeast area of the country, so people don't have too much of an interest in staying tan.

I've done some research but there are very spray tanning few resources that have stood the test of time.

When I go to the trade shows, the booths promoting spray tanning are not all that professional or trustworthy. I worked with one spray tan company in the city where I live, and they were out of business in a couple of years. They never assisted me in repairs and maintenance of the machine, etc. I called their accounts for references and no one returned my calls. Then I went on tantalk.com looking for answers of how to get started in the spray tan business. The moderator of tantalk was flip and inappropriate to newcomers looking to join the discussions. I've purchased spray tanning solution and gear from another company I met at the trade shows, but I had to date all of the bottles as they expire quickly. If you use expired spray tan solution from this company, the skin turns green. I would never work with that company again.

Then I've experienced spray tanning from a place that gets good reviews on Yelp. I called the owner and asked her what solution she uses. She became paranoid and didn't want to answer the question. I had a spray tan treatment from her and everything in the treatment room was placed in generic unmarked containers. You would think they had the trade secret to Coca-Cola. The spray tan treatment went fine. But as usual, my ankles and knuckles were spotty and freaky looking.

Most of the contacts I've made in the spray tan community have been rough around the edges, shady (pardon the pun) and not organizations I would work with again.