Education Calendar

October 2013

Qpolar RF Technology Training by Rejuvee
Qpolar RF with blue light (light PDT) is based on BRF technology (Burst Repetition Frequency). Combined with the blue light, it is one of the most effective skin treatments. To understand the principle how QPolar RF works, you need to have completed training in 3Polar RF.
3Polar RF Training by Rejuvee
Introducing 3Polar RF technologies in medicine and cosmetics allows regeneration of the skin and body without surgical intervention. Due to the enormous possibilities and abundance of new information, training was divided into two sessions one for the face and one for the body.
Mesotherapy RF Training by Rejuvee
Mesostherapy, until recently used by physicians in their treatment to increase absorption of active ingredients through the skin and into the fat cells, used syringe and needles. The therapy was an invasive one and very uncomfortable for patients. By using RF, Mesotherapy becomes a non-invasive procedure and a very popular treatment. Mesotherapy has become one of the indispensable treatments to regenerate the hair, face, and body.
PDT (Photo-Dynamic Therapy) — Laser Training by Rejuvee
The basic principle behind PDT is the photon-induced stimulation of porphyrin, a photosensitive, naturally occurring compound used in the production of hemoglobin. As a direct result of photo-stimulation, porphyrin moves into a higher energy state, reacts with oxygen, and makes the cell adapt to an increased content of oxygen. *The ANSI standards are based on the level of risk presented by a laser, classification PDT—Laser is in Class1: cannot emit laser radiation at known hazard levels.
Ultrasonic Cavitation RF Training by Rejuvee
One of the most popular and the most requested training, Ultrasonic Cavitation RF, is a non-surgical treatment of the localized fat by means of low-frequency ultrasounds applied through the skin, without any incisions or anesthesia. The ultrasounds provoke micro bubbles inside the fat cells. By breaking the fat cells and destroying the fatty tissue, it subsequently metabolizes them by physiological means.
Electrotherapy with Magic Glove Training by Rejuvee
A new method to improve the skin, especially facial skin rejuvenation, as well as the wrinkle reductions and stretch marks. By using the VLFC (Very Low Frequency Currents) and impulse Galvan currents, significant effects result on the regeneration and rejuvenation of the face, especially with the application of “magic” gloves. It is a simple method of facial and whole body massage combined with the application of the serum gels and creams.