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Top Cosmetic Surgery Trends

Stephen S. Park, AAFPRS, cosmetic surgery trends, facial plastic surgery, Edwin F. Williams, David W. Kim, Edward H. Farrior, Russell Ries, AAFPRS president
Find out why you need to care about the 2015 trends from sought-after facial plastic surgeons.

Manic Acne

Schweiger Dermatology Group, New York dermatologist, acne treatment, men's acne treatment, men's skincare tips, acne solutions
Learn dermatologist approved tips to banish blemishes for men.

Five Simple Steps for Growth

Learn how to expand your medical spa business this year

Beat the Resolution Odds

If you and your clients are some of the millions of Americans who made promises to improve yourself this New Year, there’s bad news: You’re 92 percent likely to fail in sticking to your resolutions, says a recent study from the University of Scranton’s Journal of Clinical Psychology . About 45 percent of Americans make resolutions. Ranking at the top is losing weight, and staying fit and healthy ranks fifth. “Of course, those statistics represent the average – you don’t...

Hair Apparent

For some conditions, in-spa treatments aren't enough to remedy the problem. Thinning hair is one of them and many clients can benefit from daily supplements in addition to various services aimed at reviving locks. We talked to Anna Urban, cofounder of Aviva, a haircare company with products aimed at helping people achieve healthy hair, and Marnie Nussbaum, M.D., FAAD, to learn more about hair supplements, how they work, and how they are beneficial for spas. How do supplements work? AU:...

High Tech Meets High Touch

For clients concerned wtih dry, sensitive skin plagued by fine lines and wrinkles, the Electro-Lift Facial relying on Repêchage products and the Eura Face Action by Lydia Sarfati is the ideal solution. Here is the step-by-step protocol on the 30-minute treatment to rejuvenate, lift, brighten, soothe, and hydrate skin. 1. Sanitize hands with Clean Hands Anti-Microbial Hand Wipes. 2. Squeeze a small amount of Opti-Cleanse onto damp cotton square and remove eye make-up. If make-up is present on the whole...

Attachment Attraction

Innovations in treatments available at medical spas are constantly changing. That's largely due to updated equipment and technology, though the knowledge and skill of the doctor still plays a key role. Keeping track of all the updates and new models of equipment can be a daunting task. Some equipment manufacturers are making it easier by offering a variety of handpieces and attachments that easily augment current machinery. One company doing just that is EndyMed, and we checked in with Michael...

Risky Business

The American Med Spa Association’s legal counsel shares her expertise on the legalities of performing medical spa treatments and more.

It’s a Match

Learn how pairing microdermabrasion with noninvasive facial services, innovative devices, and potent products can deliver enhanced results.