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5 Suncare Tips for the Scalp

summer scalp care tips
May is Skin Cancer Awareness Month, reminding all of us to slather on the SPF before enjoying the summer rays. By now, clients should know the drill – apply a sun block with at least SPF 30 every two hours to exposed areas. However, many often forget about one key spot, the scalp. It’s the closest part of the body to the sun, and most vulnerable. It’s also one of the sneakiest places for skin cancer to appear thanks to...

How to Avoid a Botched Plastic Surgery

plastic surgery advice
E! Entertainment Television's popular plastic surgery show Botched returned last week, bringing a new batch of horror stories that will leave viewers shocked and even appalled by the damaging results of some people's attempts to improve their appearance. Plastic surgeons Paul Nassif, M.D., and Terry Dubrow, M.D., work to correct "botched" procedures in each episode, which has shed light on the risks of having procedures done by unqualified physicians, or worse, someone who is not a physician at all. So...

A Perfect Pact

medical spa contract
A small business, such as a medical aesthetics practice or medical spa, generally has a razor-thin margin of error. Seemingly insignificant issues can become enormous headaches in the blink of an eye, and they can cost a small business a great deal of time and money if the business’s interests aren’t properly protected by a contract. Here is some expert advice for drafting an effective contract for your medical aesthetics practice or medical spa. Do: Contact a Healthcare Attorney Many...

Popular Mechanics

microdermabrasion a tried-and-true medical spa treatment
Discover why a solid reputation for consistent results makes microdermabrasion a tried-and-true medical spa treatment with staying power.

Think Thick

Hair loss of any kind is a serious, life altering disorder. Those suffering from hair loss are vulnerable, and that’s why it’s a big responsibility for medical spas, dermatologists, and more to provide helpful resources and effective treatment options. We talked to Chaz Hatfield, president of NutraStim, which manufactures a new Laser Hair Comb to stimulate hair growth in men and women. He shared his insights on the latest treatment options for hair loss and what’s next for this expanding...

The Dos and Don’ts of Nip Tuck Tourism

Many clients are thinking of going off the grid to get a little work done. They’re tapping into a growing trend. These days more and more people are seeking great doctors in locations beyond New York and Beverly Hills. But that doesn’t mean jetting off to an obscure operating room in South America; there are plenty of serene cities stateside for those who don’t want the crowds and fast pace of a big city. Board certified plastic surgeon and best...

Social Impact of Facial Rejuvenation

Improving facial expressions through natural-looking surgical rejuvenation greatly improves social acceptance, according to "The Emoticon Effect," an original study from board-certified plastic surgeon Christian Drehsen, M.D., medical director of Clinique of Plastic Surgery (St. Petersburg, FL), that explores the link between facial expression vectors and social response. Drehsen uses the emoticon, a combination of the word emotion and icon, as a guide for facial expression using punctuation marks, numbers, and letters. Emojis have largely replaced the use of rough emoticons,...

Why Millennials Choose Botox

Botox procedures increase for millennials
New York City facial plastic surgeon Norman Rowe, M.D., explains the rise of Botox injectables in younger 20 year old clients.

6 Surprising Signs of Aging

tips for healthy aging for women
Miami Beach longevity expert Michael Hall, M.D., shares the signs of aging from head to toe that give away a woman’s true age, and how medical spas can keep them hidden to age gracefully.

Stem Cells In Topical Skincare: Hope Or Hoax?

Stem cell treatments promise a youthful resurgence leaving skin looking and feeling healthier. In the midst of extreme solutions for anti-aging, stem cells have become all the rage because of their super age-defying powers. Multicellular organisms—like animals, humans, and plants—contain stem cells, but plant stem cells are most commonly used in skincare. These are undifferentiated cells located in the meristems of plants, where growth takes place. To learn more about the latest skincare uses, we checked out what stem cell...