Peel & Reveal for Increased Profits!
Now Available On-Demand | Pevonia

One hour Peel Bootcamp session helps you obtain clinical knowledge for the advanced treatment of the skin and the ideal selection of chemical peels. Obtain a deeper understanding of the healing process and how to recommend pre & post-operative result-driven procedures with confidence. Also, be the first to learn about and experience Pevonia’s NEW YouthRenew™ Hydra-Glow Peel and how Pevonia’s peel options can help you increase profitability and differentiate your business!  Register Now!

Topical Probiotics, A New Paradigm for Skin Wellness
Now Available On-Demand | Columbia Skincare

Recent clinical trials for the topical application of probiotics versus oral have been very promising, offering new insights that could fundamentally change the impact of probiotics on dermatology. Register now to learn the ins and outs of this new therapeutic concept from our expert, and how to get started. Register Now!

Healthy Trends Bring Healthy Profits: Best Natural Therapies to Offer
April 3, 2017 | 1pm ET / 10am PT | Sunlighten

Attend this free webinar, presented by Sunlighten, for insights on how to market 3-in-1 infrared therapy to increase demand, revenue potential and client retention. Register Now!

Secrets of Sun Protection and How to Increase Retail Sales & Guest Satisfaction
Now Available On-Demand | Éminence Organic Skin Care

Have you ever had a client say, “I don’t use sunscreen because it makes me break out”? Overcome this objection and more with this educational, in-depth and humorous session, presented by Boldijarre Koronczay, President, of Éminence Organic Skin Care. Register Now!

The Power of Infrared!
Now Available On-Demand | Fit Bodywrap

Watch this webinar for an in-depth look at infrared heat therapy and how offering it to your clients will help them look and feel their best! In a short 45 minute presentation with participation from Dr. Aaron Flickstein, D.C. Emeritus, who is known as one of the foremost experts on the effects of far infrared treatments for wellness, you will learn how infrared heat works in the body to provide a wide range of benefits from skin rejuvenation and detoxification to weight loss and pain relief. 

Don't miss out on the opportunity on how you can leave your clients with radiant and rejuvenated skin and the slimmer, sleeker silhouette they have always wanted-and help your business grow its revenue. Register to Watch Now!

Vintage Communications: How Spas Can Personalize Their Marketing Outreach
Now Available On-Demand | University of California, Irvine (UCI)

More than ever, we need marketing tools that will help spa professionals connect to customers in a meaningful, authentic way. Relationships are key in the spa industry and as the digital landscape shifts and bends; it’s vital to stay connected in ways that are meaningful and efficient. This webinar explores old-school, vintage techniques as well as utilizing technology in unique, unexpected ways. 

The One Pro-Youth Ingredient Every Aesthetician Must Have
Now Available On-Demand | Rhonda Allison

During this webinar, Shannon Esau, director of education for Rhonda Allison, will deep dive into vitamin A and what makes this the number one pro-youth ingredient of our time. Register Now!

American Spa 2017 Trend Report
Now Available On-Demand | American Spa

American Spa team has released its picks for the top trends of 2017! During this webinar, Editor-in-chief and publisher Julie Keller Callaghan presents this report and takes a look at a variety of industry predictions and trends. 

New-Elite Medical Spa private label program sets your medical practice apart from the competition
Now Available On-Demand | Vitelle Labs

The leader in private label skin care since 1997, Vitelle Labs, is launching an innovative new way for Med Spas to create their own skin care brand and grow their businesses. Have an edge on your competition in this very competitive market by watching this webinar now!

Skin and Urbanization, the Sensitizing and Aging Effects of Pollution and Mobile Devices - "Tech Neck", "Text Neck", "Toasted Skin Syndrome"
Now Available On-Demand | CelleClé Skincare

During this webinar, learn how nature and science partner up in producing some of the most unique flavonoids in response to environmental stressors and how biofermented saccharides, peptides and sophisticated enzymes help our skin adapt and respond to previously unknown challenges.