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Retail Therapy in Montauk

Gurney's Montauk Fashion Collective
I tend to overuse the term “retail therapy” in my vocabulary. But it’s true, shopping for clothing is therapeutic for me, and likely for many of your clients. However, Gurney’s Montauk Resort & Seawater Spa (NY) takes “retail therapy” to a different level. What’s more therapeutic than shopping inside of a spa, with spa treatments at clients’ fingertips? Gurney’s Montauk...

Sweet Dreams from ESPA

Peninsula Spa ESPA sleep treatment
The Peninsula Spa (New York City) recently debuted the Peninsula Sleep Ceremony by ESPA ($550, 2 hours), which was created for The Peninsula Hotels by ESPA founder Sue Harmsworth to help globe-trotting travelers and stressed-out locals get some shut-eye. Performed in a peaceful candlelit room, the treatment begins with tailored breathing and meditative techniques to release anxiety. Guests are then...

Margarita Inspired Massages

margarita massage fron Bon Vital
Nothing says summer like a refreshing margarita on the rocks. Thanks to Bon Vital’s Massagearita Signature Massage series (starting at $85, 60 minutes; $175, 90 minutes) at Yoga & Massage Fusion Studio (Delray Beach, FL), spa-goers can take advantage of a relaxing rub with the company’s signature Massagearita massage oil, which is prepared by blending coconut oil with lime and...

Blissful Bathing in New York

The healing powers of a warm bath have always amazed me. A bath always seems medicinal when treating stress or a headache, especially when combined with soothing bath salts. The Royalton (New York City) is giving all spa-goers a chance to experience the therapeutic aspects of a bath with rose extract. The hotel has just announced a new partnership with...

How to Fight Hair Loss

Thinning hair is becoming a major concern for millions of Americans, 60 million in fact. Both men and women suffer from hair loss as early as their 20s, and the condition takes a significant emotional toll. That's why hair restoration has become a booming industry—topical solutions, supplements, high-tech devices, and surgical options. To learn more about this growing area, I...

What to Know from Yoga in America Study

yoga in america study
If my Instagram feed is any indication, yoga is continuing to grow by leaps and bounds (or carefully balanced poses as the case may be). The Yoga in America Study sponsored by Yoga Journal and Yoga Alliance confirms it. The extensive research released earlier this year contains so much useful info about yoga, yogis, and what trends are here to...

Massage Therapists Fight Skin Cancer

massage therapists detect skin cancer
I distinctly remember my dermatologist wanting to remove my signature mole from my back. Before I was aware of what melanoma meant, I saw my mole as a touch of character, something I was born with that nobody else had. After my doctor filled my hands with pamphlets about skin cancer, we reached an agreement that as long as I...

Best of Poolside Pampering

Waldorf Astoria pool
There is nothing more refreshing and relaxing for me than hanging out by the pool on a hot summer’s day. That is why, usually, the pool is my favorite part of a resort. With the hotel pool being so popular with travelers, hotels and resorts are starting to offer special wellness amenities bringing the pampering of the spa outside to...

Voting Open for Professional's Choice Awards

Vote for American Spa's Professional's Choice Awards
It's a big year for voting, 2016 brings the presidential election and countless other local offices up for grabs around the country. Get some practice before you head to the polls in November and get out the vote for American Spa 's 2016 Professional's Choice Awards ( click here to vote ). Categories span spas, skincare, influencers, and innovations that...

Get Back in the Saddle at Fireside Spa

Fireside Spa at Inn at Newport Ranch
With access to 20 miles of hiking and riding trails among redwoods and along the coast, active guests of The Inn at Newport Ranch (Fort Bragg, CA), which is part of a 2,000-acre coastal cattle ranch, have plenty of need for pampering. Thankfully, the recently opened Fireside Spa now provides them with the perfect place to kick back and relax...