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Community Yoga

Check out how you can win a California yoga studio
It’s commonplace to hear about promotions for class giveaways or discounts and even community service projects sponsored by spas and studios, but it’s not often you hear about an entire wellness business that’s up for grabs. That’s just what yoga studio owner Valentine Petrova is doing with the Holistic Movement Center (Morro Bay, CA), which she established in 2002 and...

Easy Tweeze

Learn how to select quality tweezers for perfect brows
We talked to eyebrow expert Elke Von Freudenberg and shared how to fix common Eyebrow Errors here , but there's more. So how do you achieve picture-perfect brows for clients? It all starts with the quality of tweezers you use. Here are tips for selecting the best tweezers for your spa from Mehaz, maker of professional beauty tools. 1. Choose...

Better Blondes

Learn 10 professional tips to keep blondes looking their best
Spring is a popular time for clients to lighten up. Highlights and blonde hues truly shine when the sun's out in summer. Not all clients know what they're in for when they lust for light locks, so here are professional tips from Redken artists to keep blondes looking their best. 1. What are your tips for getting more mileage out...

Spring Fever

immersion spa, spa toccare, atlantic city spa, spring spa treatments
Check out enticing offers worth spending time inside
In Manhattan it feels like spring has sprung overnight. Tulips and daffodils have opened up in gardens and parkways across the city and it seems as though everyone has found a reason to be outside on the weekends and in the parks. I've even started walking home from work in the evenings savoring the lingering daylight and fresh air. Spas...

Relax on the Refund

Learn how your spa can embrace tax day and entice guests
Today marks the dreaded tax deadline, or for some an exciting opportunity to plan a fun spa splurge with refunds. The average refund is around $3,000, which is more than enough for a host of wellness, spa, and travel experiences to erase the signs of stress and winter woes. It's the perfect time for your spa to market clever promotions...

Tax Season Treat

tax day, april 15, tax day extension, spa promotion, hyatt regency orlando, florida spa
Discover a relaxing spa spin on tax day
If your tax returns aren't signed, sealed, and delivered already, you may in for a shock at the post office. I tried to mail a package earlier this week and quickly changed my mind once I caught a glimpse of the long, winding lines. For some, tax day can serve as a source of relaxation. Yes, really. At The Spa...

On the Job

Learn the seven jobs that stress and age the skin the most
No matter how much joy spa-goers get from their careers, the daily grind can still cause stress. It also may be stressing out the skin—causing wrinkles, dark spots, and sagging to appear earlier. According to Darrell Rigel, M.D., medical director at Schweiger Dermatology (New York City) and clinical professor of dermatology at New York University Medical Center some jobs are...

Timeless Tips

essie, bridal nails, manicure, pedicare, spa nailcare
Discover wearable nail art for the wedding day
My second wedding anniversary is coming up soon, and it reminds me of all the happy memories associated with my special day. As a beauty aficionado, I spent a lot of time planning hair and makeup. Surprisingly, I didn't put much thought into my manicure and pedicure, though I ended up choosing classic neutrals that blended in seamlessly. For brides-to-be...

Eyebrow Errors

elke von freudenberg, eyebrow fix, tweezers, eyebrow growth, eyebrow shaping, eyebrow specialist
Learn the four tips you need to help revive clients' eyebrows
Almost every woman at one point in her life has overdone it with the tweezers and practically killed her eyebrows. I cringe when I think back to a couple of my own teen years, but count it as a valuable learning experience. Clients who are experiencing the over-plucked syndrome right now and are at a loss of what to do...

Green Giant

juice, green juice, juice recipe, lydia sarfati, repechage,
Get the recipe for a nutritious green juice from Lydia Sarfati
As we begin to shed our layers of warm clothing in preparation for sunny days and higher temperatures many spa-goers take the time to reevaluate their diets. Some more extreme measures include cleanses and fasts, however a few healthful changes can make a big difference in energy levels, the skin's appearance, and confidence in showing some skin. Personally, I enjoy...