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Playing It Cool

Help guests beat the summer heat with a cool watermelon treatment
Somewhere, there are pictures of me at three years old on a beach in Florida, sitting in a cooler full of ice with a slice of watermelon in each of my hands. Even back then, I knew watermelon was a great way to beat the heat, and it’s still my go-to on extra hot days. Because the saying “everything’s bigger...

Together for Wellness

Check out a savvy beauty and fitness partnership to bring in new business
With summer officially here, it seems as if to-do lists are only becoming longer in hopes of achieving loftier wellness goals for many. It can be difficult for clients to find time to take care of themselves, especially if they have more than one health or beauty goal for the summer. One way to help them achieve these goals is...

Chocoholics Anonymous

FarmHouse Fresh encourages guests to give into their sweet tooth
If your spa wants to gather a diverse group of women together and keep them happy, a chocolate-themed beauty day is a no brainer. Earlier this month, The Spa at The Hotel Hershey (PA) hosted FarmHouse Fresh’s Coco & Curls event. More than 70 multicultural women from ages 25 to 65 flocked to the chocolate spa and were treated to...

A New Manscape

Learn more about the hair-removal needs of male guests with new research
Waxing has long been a popular and economical hair-removal option for women. Now it is growing in popularity with male spa-goers, who are reaping the smooth-skin benefits from head to toe with specialized services. It is estimated that 94 million men (older than 15) in the U.S. remove their body and facial hair regularly. Of those millions, 77 percent (ages...

The New Normal

Bring your spa up to date with social media marketing trends.
Facebook is the second-most visited website worldwide (Google, unsurprisingly, wins the popularity contest online). Other social media sites like YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram also rank very highly on lists ranking online traffic. This is one of many reasons why spas and other small businesses use social media to promote their brand. In a survey conducted by Social Media Examiner for...

Better Body Basics

Dive into recent statistics about women's fitness habits
There's no shortage of information, tips, tricks, and new fangled ways to get and stay fit. Some of them work better than others, while some are decidedly more fun than others (SUP yoga and spa specialty classes are two excellent examples). Here's a handy infographic from Syneron Candela about women and their work-out habits and esthetic preferences to help your...

Run With A View

Westin is encouraging guests to stay in shape and share their success running
I will admit that in moments of weakness, I’m guilty of snapping a photo of my salad for Instagram. I don’t know what compels any of us to be that person, but I’m not alone. Maybe it’s because it’s a way to prove to the world that I know how to take care of myself, and maybe even brag a...

Local at Your Leisure

Learn how regional specialty foods shine at exotic spas
When I travel, I make sure to experience my destination as authentically as possible. Even though my next trip is to a small Caribbean island, I plan to rent a car so I can visit all the local hot spots and see and soak up all the sights in between. Many spa-goers and summer travelers look for authenticity as well,...

Board Breakout

Discover luxurious floating fitness programs at top spas
Luxury resorts are helping clients break through fitness boredom on boards, ironically enough. The new offerings take workouts out on the water on stand-up paddleboards for a core-strengthening balance focused routine to challenge spa-goers of all athletic ability. Over-the-top paddleboarding is the new standard at Le Guanahani (St. Barth) thanks to a freshly minted partnership with ORAHE, a stand-up paddleboarding...

Choose Your Spa Adventure

Watch UCI’s video for inSPAration from five unique spas
While many go to spas to relax and unwind, some spa-goers are looking for a more unique experience. To appeal to these guests, spas have to think out of the box to create a memorable visit. University of California, Irvine Extension’s Certificate Program in Spa & Hospitality Management has put together a video of five spas that do just that,...