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Dove's Report Finds Beauty Pressures Up

Dove Body Confidence Report
Like any other woman living in a beauty-obsessed society, I have issues with my body. I definitely don’t hate it, but I can name at least three things I wish I could change about it. I’ve never given much thought to why I want to change the way I look, if it was my personality or the photoshopped ads on...

Making of a Men’s Line

men's grooming day
Men's Grooming Day was Aug. 19, but with the growing spa and salon options for gentlemen one day is simply not enough. Now, men are frequent spa-goers and fill nearly as many treatment rooms as women. They also care about their skin and hair. Many companies are appealing to men and meeting their needs with more dedicated products. Agadir is...

Day Spa Association Snapshot Released

spa facial massage
The Day Spa Association recently released its Spa and Wellness Snapshot. This quick overview includes key points from the recent survey on retail, service sales, and gift cards and provides valuable statistics comparing 2015 with 2014. Here’s what you need to know from the Snapshot: Sales across the spa and wellness industry grew approximately 5 percent in 2015 compared with...

3 Ways to Linger Longer in Rio

Copacabana Palace Spa Rio
Now that the Rio Olympics have come to a close, I feel like something is missing from my daily routine. Over the last two weeks, I looked forward to watching the nonstop, thrilling competition every day, and catching up on my favorite sports was certainly a highlight of each evening. The athletes have flown back to their home countries, but...

Digital Detox at Mandarin Oriental Las Vegas

Mandarin Oriental Las Vegas spa
I was never a big fan of Pokémon as a child. If catching them all didn't catch my attention then, you can be certain I am not a fan of Pokémon Go now either. Just this morning my roommate and I were discussing how the last thing our society needs is another addicting app disconnecting people from real life. Isn’t...

New Tools for Mindful Coloring

adult coloring book trend
I got my first coloring book younger than I can even remember, and have filled countless pages (in and out of the lines) in the more than 20 years since then. I took a bit of a doodling break after college, but have recently jumped back in with an easel for painting and a couple trendy adult coloring books to...

All-Natural Skincare Recipes from Chuan Spa

I remember my first homemade coffee scrub. I was overcome with pride at my accomplishment. I felt like when I cooked my first meal (in my defense, it took just as much effort). For me, being able to make my own skincare products gives me a sense of security, because I know exactly what ingredients are going in it. Every...

The Perfect Spa Treatment for National Rum Day

national rum day
Did you know today is National Rum Day? Well, now you do and no need to belly up to the bar to celebrate. Today is the perfect day to encourage clients to enjoy a rum-spiked spa treatment for a healthier way to cheers to National Rum Day. I just wrapped up one of the most interesting and fun stories I’ve...

How to do National Relaxation Day Right

sunset hammock on the beach on national relaxation day
For me, it is not very hard to find an excuse to relax. Relaxation is one of my top remedies for body healing, whether I need to get over a cold or just calm my spirit. Any tired soul will have an excuse to relax today, National Relaxation Day. Here are some special treatments spas around the world are offering...

Editor Cools Off with Cryotherapy

When the heat of summer is on, right now it feels like 100 plus in New York City, it’s hard to remember the frigid, snowy days when I willed it to be warm and sunny. The grass is always greener certainly applies to weather. This week, I was lucky enough to find a little bit of winter to tide me...