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Say Cheese

Learn how PCA Skin is fighting skin cancer one photo at a time
May is skin cancer awareness month, and there's no time like the present to ensure you employees and your clients are doing everything they can to protect skin from ultraviolet rays. PCA Skin, known for its effective peels to reverse the signs of photodamage, has launched a fun contest to help spread awareness. The Are You Covered? Photo Contest is...

What to Wax

Discover what spa-goers of all ages are looking for in waxing services
Memorial Day is almost here and with it beach season. board shorts, and bikinis. That means spa-goers are making hair-removal services a high priority. A recent study conducted by Waxing the City (multiple locations), a national waxing studio franchise, revealed some interesting trends in waxing. While most young waxers start off smoothing their lower regions and chests, later in life...

Beauty Basics

A quick guide to everything spa-goers ever wanted to know about makeup
Help your clients get a beautiful start to the week with this handy makeup guide. And stay tuned for our beach beauty guide coming up in June for the hottest products proven to beat the heat on the beach and beyond.

Fishy Business

Learn about the Supreme Court’s pedicure ruling
To say the nail salon industry has been making headlines is an understatement. After the New York Times expose of nail salons throughout the New York City area shocked us all, it’s become a main topic of conversation. Gov. Andrew Cuomo has created emergency measures to ensure the safety and health of salons and manicurists, and even the U.S. Supreme...

Spring Speckle-tacular

nail art inspiration, essie nail polish, rita remark, nail art
Discover how to create a bright splatter nail art look
Inspired by the colorful flowers and lush trees around the city, yes in Manhattan, I recently stocked up on painting supplies. I plan to spend at least a few spring afternoons outside capturing the beautiful sights on canvas. My creations may end up looking more like a kindergartners' work or an accidental Pollock than a Monet, but for me it's...

Radiant Review

GM Collin, oxygenating facial, oxygen facial, GM Collin facial
Read about our editor’s New York facial experience
Spa-goers are as diverse as their motivations bringing them to the spa in the first place. Some walk through the doors for relaxation and pampering and others for pure results. I, too, switch my expectations depending on what spa I’m visiting. Earlier this year I had the opportunity to experience an invigorating facial at Oasis Day Spa (New York City)...

Surfing in the City

Get on board a surfing inspired fitness class perfect for spas
I've recently had the opportunity to explore a number of boutique fitness studios around New York City. With a tropical vacation not too far out on the horizon serving as my motivation, I've been hopping from studio to studio looking for fun ways to get in better shape. One of my favorite discoveries is Surfset New York City , a...

Lap of Luxury

Check out the best indulgent spa packages for moms
Moms truly sacrifice so much and devote themselves to their children, and it takes its toll. According to the American Psychological Association’s annual “Stress in America” survey, women and parents are significantly more stressed than those not caring for children. A majority of women also said they are significantly more stressed out than their own moms were a generation ago...

Day of Delight

Discover special ways spas bring joy to moms
When I think about what brings a smile to my own mom’s face, it’s the little things. A sunny day, a well-timed thoughtful message, or surprise activities top the list. With Mother’s Day this weekend it’s time for you and your clients to also contemplate what brings joy to your own mothers. Here are a few spas with special treats...

Lash Out

Learn why your spa should get in on the lash craze
If eyes are windows to the soul, eyelashes certainly play a key role. Lashes act as sunshades, dust catchers, and blink-reflex triggers, according to researchers. A recent study discovered the ideal eyelash length ( more on that here ) and for clients lacking lashes, the expanding category of eyelash conditioners can make a big difference naturally. It’s also a lucrative...