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Sanitize for Sanity

Check out new research showing the need for clean
Personally, I'm not a clean freak. I think a little dirt won't hurt and believe in the five-second rule, in spite of evidence to the contrary. Even so, I like my spas sparkling and free of all the hidden hazards that pop up when cleanliness isn't top priority. Those invisible germs are all around as I learned from research from...

Blooming Nails

Check out step-by-step tips for a lasting manicure
While you can't guarantee any romance stoked this week by luxurious couples' treatments will last, you can guarantee a certain longevity in gel manicures. This rosy red gel manicure using Gelish Backstage Beauty and Gelish Arctic Freeze is sure to bloom for weeks. Gel manicures are here to stay, and you can learn more in Show of Hands .

Sweet Spa-t

Discover delicious spa treatments to celebrate love
I’m starting to suspect that spas, not a card company, were in cahoots with St. Valentine in dreaming up Valentine’s Day based on the sheer number of February specials. Given the volume of couples’ massages, soaks, and more, it takes a bit more creativity to stand out and entice spa-goers during the season of love. A menu filled with sweet...

Yoga Romance

Check out postures that are perfect for pairs
Last year a post-Valentine’s Day survey revealed the income potential of this romantic holiday. According to Booker, its member spas saw a 43 percent increase in revenue around the holiday of love last year ( more details here ). If the number of lovely lovey-dovey treatments arriving in my inbox is any indication, you all took notice. As such, I’m...

Active Skincare

Learn the best post-workout skincare tips
Exercise is my go-to stress reliever, at least when I don't have a spa appointment on the schedule. I can always count on feeling refreshed and rejuvenated after a hard run or heart-pumping interval training class. The many other health benefits are just icing on the cake. A sweat session isn't always good for the skin, though. A build-up of...

Magic Beans

Decipher the health and skin benefits of soy
Soybeans have garnered more than their fair share of controversy. One day they’re the go-to health food and the next they’re toxic. The truth inevitably falls somewhere in between, and the benefits of soy come in a wide variety. Several studies show that consuming soy helps lower cholesterol and links soy with a lower risk of heart disease. Eating soy...

Raise Your Razor

Check out a skincare pro’s opinion on women shaving
It’s no secret, spa-goers will go to great lengths to preserve their youthful appearance or regain it. The latest craze seems to be a DIY version of dermaplaning, which is essentially shaving. Men do it daily, and that regular exfoliation may contribute to fewer wrinkles and entice women to add it to their routines. The thought of ladies (though Elizabeth...

Game Day Glow

Discover fantastic treatments for super fans
I recently experienced a speedy, but lovely HydroPeptide facial at the Langham Place Spa (New York City) as a part of its Spa Happy Hour promotion this month (more on that next week). That same glow can be achieved out West with the fan-friendly Seahawk Blue Facial ($110, 50 minutes), Seahawk Green Facial ($110, 50 minutes), and 12th Man Facial...

Immune Boosting Travel

Check out luxe offerings to help guests fight illness
Like many of the wellness-minded folks, I got a flu vaccine in the fall in hopes of protecting myself from one of the common winter illnesses. Unfortunately, the CDC reports those vaccines are only 23 percent effective and the flu season is already in high gear hitting 46 states hard. Luckily spas and resorts are here to help weary travelers...

Meditation News

Check out the om-azing health benefits
With so many distractions vying for our attention (and for your clients' attention), it’s difficult for any of us to be truly present. That effort is well worth it thanks to new research that reveals additional physical and mental health benefits of meditation. Published in the journal Pschoneuroendocrinolgy , an international team of researchers found that mindfulness meditation is so...