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Cabin Fever Cure

Follow along to bring a luxurious spa ritual home
Not far from New York City, parts of New York State were hit with feet of snow that brought everything to a halt last week. There’s no excuse to risk traveling in extreme weather, but staying homebound means cabin fever will hit sooner or later. Terese Linke, Amala ’s global spa training and education director has a five-step solution to...

Superhero Moves

Learn about a fun, new total-body workout.
I must admit, I love to workout, and working in the spa industry has offered many opportunities to improve my practice. Last week, I was especially excited to check out Spiderbands , a total-body cardio resistance workout that leverages gravity and body weight. Offering a variety of classes at its Brooklyn location Fuel Fitness , including trapeze and kickboxing, Spiderbands...

Gratitude Challenge

Learn what the American Spa team is most thankful for
I want to wish everyone a thankful Thanksgiving this year! My cousin shared this fitting sentiment this week and I wholeheartedly agree. As much as we’d like to be full of holiday cheer on cue, life and work can be unpredictable and get in the way. This is especially true in the spa and hospitality industry that gets into high...

The Award Goes To

Be the first to know the winners of the Professional’s Choice Awards
We are thrilled to unveil all the winners of the 2014 American Spa Professional’s Choice Awards in our December Issue . Celebrating its 10th year, our annual awards offer industry insiders a chance to vote for their favorite spas, products, and more in a write-in online survey. This year, approximately 4,000 decision-makers from destination spas, day spas, medical spas, and...

Shop Til You Drop

Learn about after Thanksgiving skincare deals and spa promotions
I love shopping and adore a sale, but I’ve never felt inclined to battle the inevitable crowds and chaos of Black Friday. I’d much rather relax and spend time with friends and family. I’m pretty sure I’m in the minority considering the number of spectacular promotions and sale previews all around. It’s a good time to take stock of your...

Energy Saver

Discover new ways to save energy and cut costs this winter
The holiday season brings in big business for spas of all sizes, with stressed clients looking for relief with facials, massages, and more. This time of year also brings cold temperatures to most of the country and also new opportunities for cost-cutting. It's true, and here are several simple steps from Kevin Stevens, product market manager at Choose Energy ,...

Dangerous Curves Ahead

Discover how spas can cash in on the booty trend
We talked about the rising trend of fanny facials earlier this summer, a popular option for beachbound clients. Backsides may be covered up for the next few months, but that doesn't mean attention has shifted elsewhere. Thanks to the viral images from the latest Kim Kardashian photo shoot, Jennifer Lopez and Iggy Azalea's music video for "Booty," and more, women...

Collegiate Care

Learn about a fanatic skincare line that gives back to the community
If you or your clients are college football fans like myself, you know how important November games can be. There’s still time to recover from lackluster games, or solidify dominance. Thanks to Jennifer Walsh, former owner and founder of The Beauty Bar, there’s another way for fans to show support their favorite college teams with Pride & Glory , her...

Spa Shots

Check out a new product for a burst of energy
More often than not we’re talking about how relaxing and calming the spa experience is. We even have a few stories coming up in the next couple months about treatments geared toward a good night’s rest. That’s all well and good for clients in search of Zen, but sometimes they need a burst of energy or extra oomph to make...

Spa Street Smarts

Learn about a creative city spa marketing campaign
We were able to check out the first Manhattan Massage Envy Spa location last week, and more are on the way in other neighborhoods of the city before the end of the year. The expansion of the popular massage clinic franchise is ideal for stressed, time-pressed New Yorkers, who now have a convenient place to focus on their health and...