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Amazing Aromatics

Check out more essential oils for a scentsational spa experience
One of my favorite parts of the spa experience is the pleasant aroma awaiting inside. Just one whiff and I'm whisked away into another world of calm, relaxation, and serenity even if I'm only around the corner from the office. Scents are indeed very powerful, and aromatherapy research has proven essential oils have a wide variety of benefits for the...

A Picture of Stress

Discover new statistics about stress
Living in today's always-busy, results-driven society brings on loads of stress. It seems unavoidable and neverending. On the plus side, stressed, overworked people flock to spas for relief and you reap the benefits of more business in your havens of relaxation. Here's a little more information about stress, its causes, and its cures to spur some new creative treatments to...

Spirited Specials

Discover new tried and true holiday promotions to bring in clients
We were overwhelmed by the enthusiastic responses about holiday promotions we received from so many spa directors around the country that we couldn't fit them all in our October issue. Here are more ingenious ideas to boost sales and make clients feel extra special and cared for during the holidays. "To say ‘Thanks’ to our loyal guests, Joya Spa has...

Day Dreamer

Check out a new floral inspired tropical escape.
I’ve found myself talking about the leaves changing colors and the temperatures cooling all too frequently, glossing over the fact that many luxury spas are located in tropical areas with balmy weather year-round and no need to worry about autumn in the traditional sense. Spa-goers can keep summer alive at seaside spas such as The Hibiscus Spa at Westin Grand...

Good as Gold

Get nail inspiration for the changing season from Essie.
Pedicures may not be high priority for spa-goers now as they slip feet into socks and boots instead of flip flops and peep toes, but that doesn't mean nail services are off their radar. There are still ten fabulous fingertips worthy of artistic expression. Here is a golden nail art idea to try on your daring manicure clients from nail...

Spa Comfort Food

Stick to a healthy lifestyle with no-calorie scrumptious fall treatments.
As the temperatures and leaves begin to drop, spa-goers are looking for comfort from seasonal favorites. While the long-beloved PSL may have suffered as a result of its ingredient list, spas have worthy substitutes on the treatment menu this season. Evensong Spa at Heidel House Resort (Green Lake, WI) welcomes classic fall-favorite flavors with seasonal harvest spa treatments through November...

Garden in the Sky

Learn end of season tips from a New York City garden.
On a recent tour of the rooftop garden of The Waldorf Astoria New York , I learned some creative ways to make the most of the end of the growing season. Chef David Garcelon took me to the 20th floor and out onto the rooftop on a lovely fall afternoon. So many fresh ingredients are packed into the garden space...

Yoga with a Twist

Check out our rooftop yoga and cocktails experience
Thanks to September’s National Yoga Month festivities I’ve had ample opportunities to practice yoga in unique spots around the city (like on cobblestones ). This week I attended Solerno’s #DrinkPlayLove alfresco yoga class taught by an Exhale Spa (multiple locations) instructor atop the Dream Hotel Midtown (New York City). The rooftop location heightened the yoga experience in more ways than...

Itching for a Cure

Learn new tips for clients to treat eczema.
Each seasonal change also influences skin concerns and a whole host of new reasons for spa-goers to book appointments. Fall ushers in cooler temperatures and often more dry skin and related conditions. October is recognized as National Eczema Awareness Month to raise awareness of this uncomfortable skin condition afflicting more than 30 million people in the U.S. according to the...

Honey Mask Recipe

Try out a sweet and easy skincare cure.
There's still time left in September to celebrate National Honey Month with a sweet skincare treat. As a fan of her athletic accomplishments, I'm excited to share professional volleyball player and gold medalist Kerri Walsh Jennings' recipe for a glowing complexion. Ingredients: 1 tbsp of oatmeal (rolled, instant, or plain) 2 tsps of honey 3/4 tsp of distilled water Steps...