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Care-Free Hair

Share these easy hairstyles with clients this summer
Maybe it’s a happy by-product of the humidity and heat or perhaps a side-effect of daily immersion in all things beauty and spa, but I’ve been tinkering with creative hairstyles this summer. I’m definitely not alone, and salon owner and expert stylist Nunzio Saviano has some celebrity-inspired tips for you and your clients to beat the heat in style. Ombré...

Balance Booster

Learn about fun, spa-friendly yoga techniques
I’m far from a seasoned yogi, but I enjoy an occasional flow and warrior series. Working closely with the spa industry has offered many more opportunities to improve my lackluster practice. One I was especially excited to check out was the new SUP Yoga Workshop at the Pure Yoga location near my apartment. Done on Indo Yoga Boards, this class...

Tequila Treatment

Learn about a spirited spa service
If you or your clients have ventured to Mexico, you know tequila flows like water. It's no wonder this spritely spirit has earned itself a holiday and spa treatments in its honor, on July 24 each year. I enjoyed a sip or two of tequila while on my Mexican honeymoon last year in Riviera Maya and agree it deserves the...

Say Cheese

Discover your pure joy with a photo contest
My camera goes everywhere I do, even everyday errands. I keep my eyes open in hopes of capturing unique sights around me and thanks to Instagram I can share them with my friends and followers. I also like to preserve the images to bring back the feelings and memories of that time someday in the future. This summer, Amala is...

Recovery Retreat

Discover soothing spa treatments for Ironman athletes
Sunny weather and warm temperatures beckon even the most ardent couch potato to get moving and get outside. Few can say no to an afternoon walk in the park or a dip in a luxury spa pool. Summer schedules are also bursting with every K distance from five on up, marathons, obstacle courses, and triathlons to appeal to the more...

All About Anti-Aging

Decipher popular skincare product and treatment claims
The famed fountain of youth is still enticing spa-goers with an expanding market of anti-aging products and treatments as vast as their concerns. And let’s face it, that’s unlikely to change anytime soon, and facial care is projected to account for 86 percent of the skincare market’s $16.3 billion gain this year. Treating lines and wrinkles, age spots, hyperpigmentation, dry...

Well-Rounded Fitness Inspiration

Get inspired by fitness feats
Summer is the season of skin and lots of it. It’s no surprise everyone seems to be looking for new ways to achieve their ideal bikini body in the gym, spa, and in the great outdoors, and fast—it is the middle of July after all. Getting moving and exercising is all well and good, however many of these get-fit-quick schemes...

Spa Room Service

Discover how a NY spa offers private pampering
A bubble bath is such a simple, minimal-effort-required indulgence that yields big luxurious rewards of lowered stress levels, soothed muscles, and overall calm. Nothing quite compares to soaking in a warm bath, yet I rarely find time to soak in the tub. Now guests of Mirbeau Inn & Spa (Skaneateles, NY) need only ring a Bath Butler to bring all...

Summer Skincare Saviors

Learn how seaside treatments rescue skin
No matter how careful clients are in popular vacation hotspots, the summer sun seems to do some damage on skin. That doesn't mean they have to abandon their beloved beach havens, though. Renew The Spa at The James Royal Palm (Miami) has a few summer treatments to help spa-goers to beat the blistering Florida heat. Those sweat-clogged pores, sun damage,...

A Head Start

A Mirabella Beauty pro shares the brand’s face for fall
We’re in the midst of summer—sweating through our nice clothes and living in humidity. Like many, some of us can’t wait for fall weather, which means crisp air, layers, dark eye shadows, and the ability to hold a hairstyle. Autumn isn’t until the next few months, but that doesn’t mean clients can’t get a head start on season’s hottest beauty...