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Beauty Inspiration

Learn fun facts about a popular natural beauty line
A few of us from the American Spa team were thrilled to be able to attend a mini celebration of Jane Iredale-The Skincare Makeup's 20th anniversary with makeovers and jewelry shopping last week. Among beauty treats and baubles in our goody bags was a little booklet containing little-known facts about the natural cosmetics line. Here are a few we thought...

Sweet Massage Dreams

Learn a new way to promote massage in May
May is not only the month of spring flowers and graduations but also Better Sleep Month. I’m one of those people who says they can function perfectly fine on less than six hours of sleep but I’m just cheating myself. Healthy sleep patterns are a vital part of overall wellness. Our bodies need enough deep sleep to properly repair and...

Seasons of Change

Learn about new products to treat menopausal skin concerns
In our May issue we shared a few of the changes and side-effects women experiencing menopause endure, and frankly it's not a pretty picture amidst the Hormonal Havoc . On the bright side there are many ways spas and skincare companies can make this transition more pleasant and keep skin glowing. Here are a few more products worth checking out...

Healthy Forecast

Check out health and wellness trends for spas
We've seen a lot of interesting trend reports lately reviewing statistics from recent years and providing predictions for the next few. All seem to be pointing in a positive direction for spas. The latest is broken down below, and it shows how important wellness and health programs will be for travelers and spa-goers alike. What is your spa doing now...

Finding the Fountain of Life

Learn more ways your spa can offer gotu kola
Before we started working on the latest "In the Mix" story, my knowledge of gotu kola was quite limited. I've since learned this plant has been curing a wide variety of ailments for centuries, though, so now I can't get enough. Soon your clients will be asking for more products containing gotu kola, too. Check out these skin cures packed...

Future Looks Bright

Check out smart ways to grow your spa business.
It’s essential for you to take some time analyzing your business every once in a while to see if it is keeping up with the market, improving, or going backwards. Undoubtedly, it’s hard work and there are bound to be daily challenges that you have to handle when do but it’s well worth the effort. According to data from Global...

Boys of Summer

Learn how to cater to men with summer-ready treatments
A study released at the end of last year confirmed more men are visiting spas and indulging in a wider variety of treatments. According to the International Spa Association Foundation, 47 percent of spa-goers are men these days. Gentlemen seem to be more open-minded about the idea of spa-ing and spas have definitely provided enticing treatments to keep them coming...

Sun Care Trends

Learn about the evolution of sun care
I just returned from a quick, fun-filled trip to Jamaica. I squeezed in as much beach time and water sports as I could in my short time in this laid-back island country. Like many spa-goers, the sun still captivates me, but I used plenty of sunscreen to protect my skin against the harmful UV rays while outside. More and more...

Bridal Business Tips

Check out ways your spa benefits from beautiful brides
I’m attending a beach wedding this week and am excited to see how it all comes together. One very important piece—and where your spa’s expertise comes in—is wedding day beauty. A professional makeup artist can do wonders for brides of all shapes and sizes to get photo-ready on their big day and also brings in top dollar to your spa...

Relaxation Retreats

Check out the latest offerings at Hiatus to keep clients coming back for more.
Seasonal updates are the norm for relaxing spas, but some are taking it up a notch and offering monthly revamps. Hiatus Spa + Retreat (multiple locations TX) is an excellent example of keeping clients excited about new offerings each month with its Monthly Retreats. During April, guests enjoy Stone Unturned (from $108, 80 minutes) as an homage Earth month, followed...