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Hiit a Hit at Spas

Get innovative with spa fitness classes
I try to squeeze in new fitness classes and fresh moves in my exercise routines and one of my latest obsessions is high intensity interval training, better known as HIIT classes. Instructors run particpants through our paces and there's not a moment to think about how difficult it is, let alone sneak a sip of water. Since I find myself...

Sense of the Tropics

Discover new ways to treat clients to seaside serenity
Not so long ago I was able to escape the city for a Caribbean island vacation at Sandals Whitehouse European Village and Spa (Jamaica). At this all-beachside resort the ocean was never more than a coconut's throw away, and the salty breeze and lapping waves created a perfectly peaceful scene each day. A couple luxurious spa treatments at Red Lane...

Runaway Hit

Learn how a NY spa helps clients celebrate a healthy holiday
I started today the same way as each day this week, with a run in Central Park. This particular run was special because today, June 4, is National Running Day. Its celebratory nature gave me an extra bounce in my step and quicker pace as I trotted around the main loop with many other runners. Not far from my route,...

Open-Air Spaing

Discover new places to help clients refresh
So many healthy experiences are so much better in the fresh air this time of year—food, exercise, and spa treatments. The fresh air has a way of heightening the senses and enhancing these already lovely diversions. Luxury spas across the country are tuning in to this and offering services alfresco to allow guests to savor the season. The ocean breeze...

Perfectly Paired Polish

How to pair polish with cocktails for a big summer splash
I run across drink pairing recommendations regularly living in New York City, at restaurants, on blogs, and even on some spa menus. One pairing that surprisingly hasn't made a big showing until now is nail art to cocktail. It's a natural fit because summer drinks will always be at hand wherever clients are lounging. To create these these polished pairs,...

Holistic Spa Cleanse

Discover a natural detox experience in the mountain west
It’s nearly summer, but it's still not too late to squeeze in some much-needed spring cleaning if you're anything like me. Spring Creek Ranch (Jackson Hole, WY), a mountain retreat brought a holistic, outdoorsy touch to its spa version of spring cleaning, Spiritual Spring Cleaning Weekends (starting at $682 per person, two nights), through June 1. The resort, situated atop...

Enraptured by Robes

Listen in on tips for selecting spa robes from Steven Salhany, The Mansfield Robe Company
We chatted with Steven Salhany, partner at The Mansfield Robe Company , to get his professional tips for selecting the best robes for your spa and clients. Here's what he had to say: What materials are popular in the latest robes? Standard spa robe materials can really be divided into three categories—lightweight, medium weight, and heavier weight. Each category has...

Pique Your Pinterest

Check out top strategies for using Pinterest
We spend a lot of time sharing our tips and other spas' best practices when it comes to social media ( here and here ). That usually means Facebook and Twitter for initially establishing an online presence, but once that's solidified you may be missing out on excellent retail sales opportunities if your business doesn't expand to Pinterest, as well...

Facials in Unexpected Places

Discover how spas are getting creative with body facials
Facials do wonders for complexions and for creating loyal clients. These same methods and skincare products can rejuvenate other less prominent areas, as well, as a few spas prove with new treatments. The Shiney Hiney ($65, 30 minutes) treatment is new on the menu at Skin by Molly (Brooklyn, NY) and helps clients perfect their rearview for the beach or...

Prescription for Success

Get inspired by beauty industry professionals
I recently attended the 16th Annual International Congress for Salon and Spa Professionals hosted by Repêchage in New York City to check out the professional skincare line's new products , which were fantastic, but what stood out to me was listening to the afternoon inspirational speakers. Winn Claybaugh, founder and co-owner of Paul Mitchell the School spoke about a caring...