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By the Numbers

Help improve the spa industry by completing a survey
We are inviting our readers to participate in an important global industry survey conducted by SRI International. Research reports released since the first study in 2008 have provided important benchmarking, thought leadership, and benefits for spa directors and others in the industry ( Click here for more details ). The current survey will provide updated figures and the baseline for...

Mind-Body Harmony

Discover a new mindful movement in a luxe rooftop garden
Spas are known for providing a haven for healing. They offer relief from day-to-day stresses, solve skin problems regularly, and send guests off to face the real world in a brightened, rejuvenated state. More and more spas are looking to heal more than skin deep, with mindfulness programs, fitness, and more. A new limited offering at Cornelia Spa at The...

Turn Up the Heat

Learn about the revenue generating opportunities of a sauna in your spa
When I mention a sweat session, it usually refers to a tough workout and time well spent in the gym to keep up the healthy lifestyle your spa's promote. Today I’m expanding my definition to include time spent in the sauna, as well, and it’s equally healthy benefits for clients. We’ve touched on the impact of other forms of infrared...

Gentlemen’s Choice for Treatments

Discover how top spas honor guys on father’s day
Spa specials are no longer limited to holidays for ladies as the numbers of gentlemen frequenting them are sky-rocketing. Father’s Day is the perfect opportunity to entice the spa-going guy or those yet to set foot in the relaxation area. Here are a few June specials at spas that certainly know how to appeal to men. The Oaks at Ojai...

The Luxury Spa Collection Sneak Peek

Learn how to order our new spa compendium for holiday retail
We are excited to be able to announce The Luxury Spa Collection by American Spa , a project that has been in the works since before I joined the American Spa team and is filled with images and stories of beautiful spas featured in the pages of the magazine during the last two years. This compendium of noteworthy relaxation destinations...

Superfoods in Skincare

Check out a fun experiment with a new natural serum
New research seems to emerge daily about new foods to add to your plate and to your spa's menu to maintain a healthy diet. Those same superfoods often hold super skincare powers, as well; berries , citrus , and melon contain powerful antioxidants and vitamins to help delay signs of aging and replenish skin. Fighting free-radical damage is also a...

Hiit a Hit at Spas

Get innovative with spa fitness classes
I try to squeeze in new fitness classes and fresh moves in my exercise routines and one of my latest obsessions is high intensity interval training, better known as HIIT classes. Instructors run particpants through our paces and there's not a moment to think about how difficult it is, let alone sneak a sip of water. Since I find myself...

Sense of the Tropics

Discover new ways to treat clients to seaside serenity
Not so long ago I was able to escape the city for a Caribbean island vacation at Sandals Whitehouse European Village and Spa (Jamaica). At this all-beachside resort the ocean was never more than a coconut's throw away, and the salty breeze and lapping waves created a perfectly peaceful scene each day. A couple luxurious spa treatments at Red Lane...

Runaway Hit

Learn how a NY spa helps clients celebrate a healthy holiday
I started today the same way as each day this week, with a run in Central Park. This particular run was special because today, June 4, is National Running Day. Its celebratory nature gave me an extra bounce in my step and quicker pace as I trotted around the main loop with many other runners. Not far from my route,...

Open-Air Spaing

Discover new places to help clients refresh
So many healthy experiences are so much better in the fresh air this time of year—food, exercise, and spa treatments. The fresh air has a way of heightening the senses and enhancing these already lovely diversions. Luxury spas across the country are tuning in to this and offering services alfresco to allow guests to savor the season. The ocean breeze...