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Boston's Best for Runners

Learn about spa specials for Boston marathoners
I have only run one half-marathon in my own very amateur running career, but it was an incredible fitness experience. It would have been much better with a few more massages thrown in, though. Marathoners in Boston have that extra motivation as they pounded the pavement this morning. Local spas recognized their efforts and need for serious relaxation after so...

Happy Healthy Hair in the Spa

Learn new answers to common questions from a hair expert
We spend most of our time talking about skincare solutions largely because that’s where you focus your spa’s efforts as well. Recently, there has been a bigger push for healthy hair and natural solutions for clients to achieve their best look, which fits in with the relaxation-inducing spa experience better than ever. As such, healthy hair definitely should be a...

Botox Widens Appeal

Enjoy a laugh at the expense of injectable side-effects
I've noticed a growing trend in the skincare arena here in New York City after attending a few recent events. Botox and fillers are appealing to an ever-younger demographic for maintenance and preventative measures. I'm well aware the Botox craze is nothing new, but it is interesting to see it filter down to the 20-something crowd. For medical spas, it...

Year of Mindfulness

Learn about an emerging trend sure to spur spa business
We're already four months into 2014, but it's not too late to take advantage of it as the year of mindfulness, as it has been nicknamed thanks to the growing trend. Google searches for mindfulness have more than tripled between 2004 and 2013. People are looking for a way to detox, unwind, and rediscover peace. Additionally, according to JWT Worldwide...

Wedding Day Beauty

Learn new tips from a makeup professional
I can’t help but smile each morning this week thanks to blooming flowers all along my walk to work. Spring has certainly arrived and with it wedding season and extra business for spas to prep brides and bridal parties for the big day. I reached out to Tricia Campbell, director of education for Jane Iredale—The Skin Care Makeup, for her...

Wax On Wax Off

Learn about the history of hair removal
The return of warm weather certainly means a boost in waxing appointments at your spa as clients think about upcoming beach vacations. We recently attended a timely celebration of Uni K Wax Center 's 21st birthday and its introduction of the Brazilian Wax to the market. There, I learned that waxing is much older and dates back to ancient cultures,...

Express Yourself

Share your spa's insights in our 2014 Industry Insider survey.
I’m excited to let you all know American Spa ’s Industry Insider Survey is live and ready for your expert input. Your insights and experiences in each of your spas help us hone in on the business strategy and tips that will benefit and interest you most in the upcoming year. Our annual poll covers key wellness industry topics including:...

Citrus Sensation

Help clients navigate the lime shortage with skincare
Thanks to a recent lime shortage in Mexico, there is now demand for produce on the black market. Really. A combination of violence, severe weather, and disease has diminished citrus crops and sent prices sky high stateside just when cravings for citrus-infused spring treats hit. Though margaritas and guacamole are affected, there are still plenty of lime skincare products on...

A Round of Spa

Discover relaxing golf-inspired treatments for the Masters Tournament
We have certainly evolved from the days when the words ‘spa’ and ‘men’ wouldn't be used in the same sentence. And today most men would probably agree that spa services can de-stress them on another level and have become a regular part of their schedule. To keep them running to the spa, The Ritz-Carlton Spa at The Ritz-Carlton Lodge at...

Sunny New Partnership

Check out new ready-for-summer service at Trump Soho NYC
After a long span of cold weather across the country, it may seem like the warm temperatures will never come. Trump SoHo New York is gearing up with a new partnership so when they finally do guests will be set to enjoy serious poolside relaxation. Teaming up with Vix Paula Hermanny, a leader in luxury swimwear, the Vix Valise ($468)...