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Helpful Apps for Small Businesses

Try your hand at small-business boosting apps
In September we talked about how important it is to develop a mobile website for your spa to reach clients wherever they are. Smartphones can be just as beneficial to you by streamlining the business, with a growing number of apps ideal for entrepreneurs. Here's a guide to the best apps to get your phone up to speed from Middlesex...

Kick-Start Holiday Promotions

Find new inspiration for your seasonal menu to ensure cheerful clients
It snowed today, albeit briefly, in the New York area and the floating flakes instantly made me excited for the upcoming holiday season, which is nearly upon us. If your clients are anything like me, they too are eager for holiday cheer. What better way to get it than a festive spa menu. The Huntington Spa at The Langham Huntington...

High Energy Snack Recipe

Get inspired by chia seeds with this nutritious, spa-friendly recipe
We have new mascots here in the American Spa offices, Chia Pets! They are a fun blast from the past that we adopted from the Dermalogica seminar last week and serve as a reminder of all the beauty and health benefits from the little chia seeds. Once a staple in the ancient Aztec diet, chia seeds now have a modern...

Amazing Avocado

Discover new research supporting health benefits of avocados
I am a big avocado advocate; they are simply delicious in smoothies, dips, and sandwiches. Now there's even more reason to love the green The tortilla chip’s trusty companion, guacamole may have a place on many more tables as new research reveals new benefits of avocados. Loma Linda University researchers explored the effects of avocado consumption on healthy overweight adults...

Hydrotherapy Sanitation Solutions

Check out our Q&A with hydrotherapy design expert
In the midst of research for this month’s Water Solutions story, I had the pleasure of interviewing Don Genders, managing director of Design for Leisure, a company specializing in custom concepts and prefabricated elements for wet areas of spa and health resorts. He shared so much helpful information about designing smart hydrotherapy areas in spas, there wasn't space in the...

Winter Waxing Benefits

There's more to waxing than hair-free results
Have you noticed the number of waxing clients dropping with the temperatures? If so, keep them coming in by sharing the beauty benefits of regular appointments year-round. Aside from the obvious hair-removal perk, waxing is one of the best ways to effectively exfoliate skin and fight dryness during the cold winter months. It encourages faster turnover of dead skin cells...

Skincare Ingredient Research

Check out these hot ingredients worth the hype
I switched up my normal morning routine to attend a special presentation by Diana Howard, Ph.D., International Dermal Institute and Dermalogica vice president of research and development, who set the record straight about some of the latest skincare ingredient trends. Here are a few of her favorites to keep in mind when stocking the shelves of your spa: Peptides. Though...

Mustaches for Men's Health

Learn more about the proliferation of mustaches this month
If you’ve noticed a few new mustaches around your spa and on the streets lately, don’t be alarmed. The extra facial hair is helping a good cause, Movember , which was founded by a small group of Australian surfers and is now a global movement for growing mustaches during November to raise funds and awareness for testicular cancer. This year...

Healthy Skin Smoothie

Check out a smart skincare and healthy food collaboration to help clients
Even when the temperatures start dropping, I still crave smoothies packed with fruits, veggies, or nuts. At a recent event I tried a new scrumptious recipe and was introduced to a genius beauty collaboration idea. The smoothie was simple, containing five locally sourced, natural ingredients, but Mulberry & Vine created it to provide skin benefits based on Sarah McNamara's Miracle...

Holiday Season Statistics

Stay ahead of the trends with SpaBookers must-have info
Halloween and all the candy, carved pumpkin s, and crazy costumes that come with it are here! It’s a perfect excuse for spa specials to drum up extra business and serves as a reminder that the big holiday season push is right around the corner. If that’s an anxiety-provoking prospect, check out the statistics compiled by SpaBooker below for some...