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Spring Tips

Supplement esthetician education with nail webisodes
Here in New York it finally feels like spring, today at least. With the sun shining and heavy coats not needed, sandals are just around the corner and with them the hottest pedicures too. To make sure your estheticians are in on the latest trends, check out Gelish Soak-Off Gel Polish new video series, "World Class Nails." The eight webisodes...

Breathe Easy

Learn how to destress in mere minutes
Recently I had the pleasure of attending Aveda's Stress-Fix Wellness Workshop, a morning of relaxation tips and tricks with the Stress-Fix line . I enjoyed learning about the extensive process behind selecting essential oils to reduce stress and how to get the most benefits when using them. Here are two quick rituals I experienced that are well worth sharing with...

Software Solutions

Learn how spa software can help manage your spa’s inventory and more
Running a spa is rarely easy, but today’s spa software can certainly help make it less stressful. From streaming operations to offering innovative features that can help your spa stay organized, software is an invaluable piece of the operations puzzle. Inventory management, for example, is one area that can be greatly improved upon with the right software. According to Frank...

Music to the Ears

Check out how spas are reviving Coachella concert-goers
Music lovers of every stripe will, undoubtedly, be heading to the ultimate music weekend that takes the stage with signature Coachella-inspired cocktails upon check-in, kicking off on a high note. After a day of heart pumping riffs and energetic dancing, music lovers can enjoy CoaCHILLa spa specials, in addition to some new Fit + Flirty spring spa treatments at Omni...

Healthy Practice

Learn unique wellness tips and benefits of yoga
As I visit more spas and meet more of you, I realize how vital a fitness program is as a complement to spa services for a total mind-body healing experience. There's no better example of that than yoga, which many luxe spas offer with their own creative spin ( on a paddleboard and more ). I'm no yogi myself, though...

Earth Day Celebration Takes Center Stage

Learn how one spa helps preserve the environment in style.
With Earth Day arriving soon, it is a great chance to show guests how important the environment is to you and your spa. Earth Day serves as a call to action, uniting voices around the globe in support of a healthy planet. Likewise, many hotels showed their commitment to the environment. For example, L’Auberge Del Mar (CA) is celebrating Earth...

Month for Rest

Check out ways to improve health through better sleep
March is National Sleep Month and you and clients are sure to need a fresh reminder of the benefits of a good night’s sleep. Did you know that lavender is an excellent aroma to restore serenity and set the stage for a peaceful slumber. Many skincare and aromatherapy companies use this popular scent in products thanks to its natural ability...

Spa Sweet Spa

Discover how New Hampshire spas sweetened offerings with local ingredients
I have a huge sweet tooth; chocolate and desserts are my downfall in my generally nutritious diet. Sweets can be healing, though. Seems too good to be true, but several spas offer services just as sugary as the thousands of gallons of maple syrup produced in New Hampshire each year. In celebration of the 19th Annual Maple Sugaring Weekend, a...

Celebrate International Day of Happiness

Check out a sure-fire way to break out a smile
There are many wonderful reasons to celebrate in your spa today before the busy weekend sets in. March 20 is International Day of Happiness and also the first day of Spring. Here's a little boost I'm sure you and your clients can enjoy:

March Spa Madness

Learn how spas appeal to men with championship sports specials
This week I painstakingly filled out my very first bracket for March Madness and the NCAA tournament. I’m not alone; millions are expected to try to predict the winning team. Though college basketball is not the most common topic of conversation among spa-goers, offering sports-themed specials to the menu appeals to the growing number of men looking to relax and...