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Long Live Lashes

Learn about new products to pamper eyelashes
I don’t mean to brag, but I’ve always had great eyelashes. Makeup artists would always comment on them, one recently even asked if I had extensions. Nope, they’re all real and naturally curly like my hair. I didn’t understand why anyone would pay money for an eyelash curler until I played beautician for friends in college and battled stick-straight lashes...

Gilded Facial

Discover the glowing benefits of golden skincare
Everything seems to glitter and glow around the holidays. Even skincare services get a bit gilded this time of year. This month I checked out the new Orogold Cosmetics outpost in New York City and was treated a luxurious mini-facial with products recommended by the skin specialist on duty. I tried out The Heat Radiance Facial (using products from the...

Western Wellness Retreat

Discover a healthy way to kick off the New Year
The sweet treats may be flowing freely now and through the end of the year, but spa-goers will all need to get back on the wellness wagon come January. Just in time for New Year’s Resolutions, Tenaya Lodge at Yosemite (Fish Camp, CA) is offering the comprehensive Yosemite Wellness & Spa Retreat ($1,119 for double occupancy; $889 for single occupancy,...

Sweet Spa Sensations

Celebrate Christmas with sugary seasonal services
White Christmas is one of my favorite classic holiday movies. It’s a sweet reminder of the simple joys of the season—singing, dancing, and snow. Each year I hope for a glistening snow fall to cover everything in white. This year I got my wish by traveling to the Rocky Mountains where I’m guaranteed a winter wonderland. Snow or not, spas...

Detox Salad

Find out how to whip up a healthy salad to balance indulgences
Greens and fresh vegetables are unfortunately few and far between in the winter, unless you’re lucky enough to live in the warmer climates. You and your clients are certainly eager to replenish vitamins and minerals after months of sweets. Here’s a fitting recipe from The Ranch at Live Oak (Malibu, CA) to help you and clients fit in those skinny...

Beauty Through the Decades

Discover the top beauty trends since 1920
From all of us at American Spa we want to wish you a very Happy Holidays! We’re excited to see what the upcoming year has in store in your spas across the country and the world. The start of a new year also gives us a perfect opportunity to look back at how beauty trends have changed. Take a look...

Trend Spotting

Check out a snapshot of the spa trends topping our lists for 2015
I live by my lists. Usually written in bright, colorful ink on sticky notes and scattered around my desk, they help me keep priorities in order. I’m not the only one. The whole American Spa team has kept careful lists during all of our travels and throughout our research over the last year to create our first annual Trend Report...

Spice Up the Spa

Discover how spicy treatments benefit the skin
Aromatic, flavorful spices are integral to the holiday season. It's really not Christmas until you get a whiff of cinnamon sticks and gingerbread, pine trees and peppermint. Adding these aromas to spa treatments makes them extra festive and beneficial for clients too. Many spices have proven skincare benefits and are powerful antioxidants. For example, cloves are an effective cleanser and...

Burning the Midnight Oil

Check out creative holiday treatments using healing oils
Clients who celebrate Hanukkah, the Festival of Lights, are no strangers to the power of oil. However, they may not realize all the skincare benefits these natural elixirs hold. This season, spas are offering a wider variety of treatments to appeal to holiday spa-goers. Those infused with oils offer stressed clients full-body rejuvenation and a connection to many healing traditions...

Barre None

Discover new variations of barre fitness classes
As we're approaching the last week of the year, I'm happy to say I've stuck to my 2014 New Year's Resolution very well. Back in our January issue , each member of the American Spa staff shared their lofty goals for 2014, check them out here . I resolved to try a new workout class each week. Now I haven't...