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The Spa at the Laguna Cliffs Helps Clients Get Glowing

Learn how one spa is prepping guests to look gorgeous this summer.
Preparing skin for the summer season can sometimes be a bit tricky after a long winter. One spa is taking this treatment to another level by creating a Summer Spa Special: The Spa at the Laguna Cliffs (Dana Point, CA). “Get Glowing Summer-Ready Skin" involves four individual spa treatments meant to moisturize and prepare skin for a long summer spent...

Paradise Point Resort and Spa Introduces Programs Just for Teens

Find out how one spa is attracting teens this summer.
If you're like most spa directors, you're probably always looking for ways to attract new demographics to your business, and one growing trend is targeting teens and tweens. Families are a big part of the success of many popular vacation spots, so why not do something specifically for the kids? One resort, Paradise Point Resort and Spa (San Diego, CA),...

8 Most Forbidden Foods

These eight not-so-healthy foods might surprise you and your clients.
Eating healthy can sometimes be a difficult task when faced with so many options, and one of the biggest reasons is we don’t always know which foods are good for us and which aren’t. Healing Lifestyles & Spas recently reported the eight most forbidden foods for anyone trying to stay healthy—and the list is scary! Things we encounter every day...

Trump Hotel Collection Introduces New Wellness Program

Discover how Trump guests can stay in shape while away from home.
Most travelers can admit that they have used a vacation as an excuse to cheat on their diets and exercise routine for a few days. Its no surprise really when you consider that getting healthy food and exercise is harder when away from home. However, access is no longer an excuse at the Trump Hotel Collection , which is debuting...

Keep Guests Healthy and Happy with Special Summer Wellness Packages

The Alpina Gstaad boosts summer menu with new wellness and yoga retreats to enhance the luxury spa experience for guests.
Looking for a seasonal treatment to set your spa apart this summer? Take a cue from The Alpina Gstaad (Gstaad, Switzerland). The alpine resort opened in December 2012 and is already receiving top accolades ( read our full overview of the resort and spa here ). This luxury hotel and Six Senses Spa added four Summer Wellness Retreats and one...

Three Simple Ways to Boost Nail Salon Business

Appointment-Plus shares tips for attracting new, loyal customers.
The professional nailcare industry is growing rapidly —double-digit growth in 2012 is proof— but that also means more competition from new spas and salons. How can savvy spa and salon owners make their beauty spots stand out and take advantage of the increasing number of potential clients? Here are three simple tips from nail scheduling software company Appointment-Plus for attracting...

New Regulations for Medical Spas Make Headlines

With a surge of new businesses and increasing injuries, states expand policing of medical spa industry.
Are a few bad apples ruining the whole medical spa bunch and putting patients at risk? They certainly are making headlines in this rapidly growing niche, prompting new state regulations in the last few months and a growing debate. With a high demand for lucrative treatments and procedures, it’s no wonder physicians from varied backgrounds as well as cosmetologists have...

Limoneira Company and Spa Professionals Share Their Favorite Lemon Beauty Tips

Check out the creative hair and skin treatments beauty professionals whipped up with lemons.
Beauty experts share how to make more than lemonade with the tart yellow fruits from Limoneira Company , the largest distributor of lemons and avocados in the U.S., in the Unleash the Power of Lemons campaign this summer. "Lemons are one of the most versatile items in the produce department," says John Carter, Limoneira's director of global sales. "Lemons are...

Celebrate Father’s Day with Special Discounts

An indulgent treatment shows dads they’re appreciated.
Haven’t thought about what to get Dad for his special day? Spa week has the perfect solution: discounted Spa & Wellness Gift Cards. From June 1st to June 16th, purchase $100 Spa & Wellness Gift Cards for $84.99, or receive 15% off all other denominations. The Gift Cards by Spa Week are redeemable year-round at over 7,500 spas and wellness...

Sunscreen Use Reduces Skin Aging

A new study out in Australia proves year-round use of sunscreen significantly slows the aging of the skin caused by the sun’s ultraviolet rays.
If you’re one of those people who normally dashes out the door without applying any sunscreen, a new study, published in the Annals of Internal Medicine , may encourage you to start applying sunscreen before you head out. Australian researchers have found that adults who regularly use sunscreen over a 4.5-year period have smoother skin. Researchers say that using sunscreen...