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Bikini Season Waxing Tips

As the weather warms and clients head out for spring break, provide them with these tips for the perfect wax.
Perhaps I’m getting ahead of myself, but we just had our first 50 degree day in what seems like eons in New York City. So my mind is already wandering to beach vacations and warm-weather gear, and I would guess your clients are feeling the same way. Whether they are about to head out for Spring Break or just thinking...

A Germaphobe's Greatest Nightmare

Discover the top eight places you'll find germs
Those who know me well know that I am a germaphobe, which is why I couldn't pass up the chance to share eight of the germiest places, as reported by Healing Lifestyles & Spas in 8 Germiest Places : 1. Soap Dispensers 2. Bathroom Door Handles 3. Restaurant Menus 4. Condiment Dispensers 5. Grocery Carts 6. Airplane Bathrooms 7. Doctor's...

The Great Debate

Discover one editor's take on online discount sites
Although Groupon and other discount sites sometimes get a bad rap among spa owners, others swear by them. As a consumer, I must admit I'm a fan, having benefited from numerous online deals over the years. In fact, just today I came across one from TravelZoo offering a regularly priced $70 Hot Stone Mani and Pedi with wine for just...

The Wonders of Wellness Week

SpaFinder Wellness encourages folks to get healthy March 11 to 17.
Wellness Week , presented by SpaFinder Wellness, kicks off next week and runs from March 11 to 17. To help participants work toward a healthier lifestyle, they are encouraged to commit to seven pledges to make the week well. Share these with your clients to help them achieve their wellness goals. 1. Change My Breakfast: I will kick off my...

Minx Introduces Easter and St. Patrick's Day Nail Designs

Prepare for the upcoming holidays with these inspired nail designs
With St. Patrick's Day and Easter fast approaching, there is no better time to get you and your clients in the spirit. One easy way to do that is with Minx Nail designs. The company recently released its 2013 designs for each occasion. In honor of March 17th, spa-goers can decorate their digits with shamrocks or the invitation, "Kiss Me...

Pixie Month Kicks Off in Ojai

The region’s native fruit is being celebrated all over town, including the spa.
A few years ago, I was lucky enough to visit Ojai, CA, during pixie tangerine harvesting season and fell in love with this tasty treat that is “sweet, petite, and great to eat.” To celebrate this year’s season, companies all over town are joining in the fun and offering specials featuring this favorite citrus fruit that is unique to Ojai...

The BodyHoliday Offers an Olympic-Inspired Boot Camp

Learn how one spa is challenging guests to be all they can be.
A self-confessed boot-camp lover, I recently learned of The BodyHoliday 's upcoming Well Fit Retreats , which serve as a mini version of an Olympic Training Camp. Set to take place March 18-22 and March 25-29, the program, designed by twice Olympic gold medalist Daley Thompson, sounds right up my alley. In additon to being set on St. Lucia, one...

Canyon Ranch Hotel & Spa, Miami Beach Introduces Mini-Health Packages

Learn why you may want to offer you clients shorter treatments and packages
When time is of the essence, a mini treatment can be better than no treatment at all. That's why so many spas offer abbreviated versions of popular full-length treatments. Canyon Ranch Hotel & Spa, Miami Beach is going a bit further by introducing four mini packages that are intended to help put guests on the road to wellness in as...

Hot Oscar Trend? Manly Stubble

Are you offering men’s grooming treatments at your spa?
Though women tend to be the headline makers at the Academy Awards, the guys got into the act for the 2013 Oscars. The hottest trend? Sexy stubble. From George Clooney to Ben Affleck to Bradley Cooper to Hugh Jackman, some of Hollywood’s hottest actors were sporting beards of various lengths. But even though these guys were not clean shaven, I...

American Spa Goes Spa-ing in Colombia

Discover why this South American country is making headlines
Last week, I had the opportunity to visit Colombia, a destination that has in the past gotten a rather bad rap. Recently, however, it has emerged as a hot destination for adventurous jetsetters. With a flavor all its own, the country offers charming boutique hotels, fabulous restaurants, and fascinating tourist attractions, such as the spectacular Salt Cathedral of Zipaquira and...