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Custom Everything

Discover why personalized service is the best service
It’s not groundbreaking news that different skin types require different product formulations and treatments in the spa. What is surprising is how many one-size-fits-all services are still available—and popular—in spas. One company that’s made great strides in the custom arena is Bioelements, and here’s what director of education Teresa Stenzel had to say on the topic. What benefits does custom...

Riding the Wellness Wave

Check out the benefits of an innovative massage table
Massage is known the world over for its healing and restorative benefits. I've yet to find someone who wouldn't jump at the chance for a massage, and I get excited whenever I get to experience a new modality. The Peninsula Beverly Hills Spa (CA) has added the Wellness Wave massage treatment table to its service menu. This table uses patented...

Wellness on the Runways

Check out how spas help fashion pros de-stress during NYFW
Fashion Week has once again filled studios around New York City and Lincoln Center's tents with upcoming styles, not to mention inspirational and aspirational beauty looks. It also brings loads of stress each day with little time for relief for those who most need a spa respite. This year one of the runway spaces at The Highline Hotel hopes to...

Starlit Serenity

Discover spa-induced romance under the stars
Spa-goers who want to reconnect with their significant others can now indulge in the Four Seasons Hotel Baltimore’s Escape Under the Stars Package, which is part of a new worldwide collection of Four Seasons Extraordinary Experiences. Available through September 30th, the special evening includes twilight treatments in an outdoor Moroccan-inspired spa sanctuary. The private cabana overlooking Baltimore’s historic Inner Harbor...

Cruelty-Free Beauty

Learn how you can help eliminate animal testing from cosmetics
Pets are an important part of many of your lives and clients' families—we even have sunscreen specially formulated for them ( more here ). So it only makes sense that consumers are rising up against animal cruelty in the beauty industry. Jim Moran, U.S. congressman, is sponsoring the Humane Cosmetics Act, which would phase out animal testing for American-made cosmetics...

Brushing Up on Bamboo

Take a look at a tropical spa brand’s creative ingredients
After researching and writing Taking Stalk, our latest In the Mix story focused on bamboo and its many uses in spa I am seeing this awesome ingredient popping up everywhere. So many spas are creatively incorporating it and reaping the eco-friendly benefits. I reached out to Patrick Huey Corporate Spa Director of Red Lane Spa at Sandals Resorts to see...

Get Lovely with Lemons

Try out new DIY spa treatments with citrus
Last Wednesday was national lemonade day, so naturally if you had lemons on hand you knew exactly what to do. Don’t worry if life has given you more lemons today; there are so many other beauty-boosting uses for this tart citrus. Check out a couple recipes below for DIY fruity pampering from Sunkist. 1. Banana & Lemon Foot Massage (good...

Bodycare Business

Get savvy with sales tips for bodycare products.
We checked in with a few skincare professionals to get their top tips for selling the expanding array of bodycare products and services. “Customization is one of the most effective ways to retail bodycare. Body Bliss spa guests are taken through a series of choices until they end up with a unique formulation that addresses their wants and needs and...

Chakra Cheat Sheet

Improve your knowledge of this mind-body philosophy
As a relative newbie to the spa scene, I'm always looking for opportunities to learn more about the industry—what makes it tick, innovative techniques, and the unique philosophies that guide effective relaxation. One ancient philosophy that has definitely experienced a resurgence in recent years is the chakra system. The term chakra is Sanskrit for wheel and the chakra energy centers...

Pup Pampering

Check out how to protect pet's skin
National Dog Day is celebrating its 10th anniversary today and gives spa-goers a reason to pamper their pooches even more! It was originally started to bring attention to the high number of dogs in shelters and encourage adoption, and it has been doing just that ever since. If you or clients are planning on adopting or already have a furry...