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Spa Bath Salt Expert Clears Up Bath Salt Drug Confusion

San Francisco Bath Salt Company president discusses troubling news stories.
I’m sure, like me, when you heard the recent news about a street drug called bath salts that allegedly caused a man to gruesomely attack a homeless man, you were horrified. Upon reading about it, I also quickly realized that the bath salts that caused this horrible reaction have nothing to do with the bath salts that we trade in...

Grand Hyatt Kauai Resort & Spa Helps Revive Runners

Discover How to Give a Runner a Real High?
I've only run one full marathon in my life, and something (the blood, sweat, and tears it took to cross the finish line) tells me I probably won't be training for another anytime soon. However, I'm constantly in awe of those who continue to compete in various endurance events. One race I might actually consider lacing up my running shoes...

Miraval Invites Spa-goers to Travel the World With Miraval Journeys

What Popular Destination Spa Invites You to Travel with its Specialists?
Because I love a great trip, I was especially excited to hear about Miraval Journeys . The popular destination spa recently introduced plans to offer spa-goers a chance to travel with Miraval specialists, who will share the Miraval philosophy while exploring a new destination. Slated for Oct. 15-24, the first journey is a private tour of Croatia and Bosnia. Included...

Cool July 4th Mani/Pedis

Independence Day inspires creative nailcare.
Happy July 4 th , everyone! In honor of the holiday, I wanted to share a fun collection of creative manicures and pedicures that are currently featured at . Click here for some tips on how you can achieve some of these looks. Wishing you and your families a healthy, happy holiday!

Hot New Wax Products

Check out these new waxing products.
In honor of our July issue, which has a focus on male waxing, we've compiled a list of some great new wax products. */ Amber Products Waxing System: 

 This new waxing system offers a safe and sanitary way to remove unwanted hair. It features an applicator head that is disposed after each client use and natural resin-based soft waxes...

The Hamptons Serve Up Healthy Offerings this Summer

Discover How to Get Healthy in the Hamptons
While I won't be Hamptons-bound for the upcoming July 4th holiday, I know many of my friends will be. And I certainly can't blame them, as it is one of my favorite weekend escapes. Montauk, in particular, calls to me with its laid-back vibe. This summer, health and wellness seem to be taking center stage there, as The Surf Lodge...

Top Summer Spa Treatments

Spa Development International reveals their top picks.
If your clients are anything like me, their spa needs change drastically from winter to summer. As such, you need to update your spa menus accordingly. To help you out, Spa Development International is offering their picks for the top spa treatments for summer. Do you agree with their thoughts on the hottest treatments for the season? 1. Focus on...

The Seagate Spa Introduces Package to Honor Teachers

Discover How One Spa is Showing Its Appreciation For Teachers
Now that school is out for the summer, most teachers have a bit more time on their hands. Wanting to give them an opportunity to relax and rejuvenate, The Seagate Spa at The Seagate Hotel & Spa (Delray Beach, FL) recently introduced the Teacher Appreciation Spa Package. Teachers can now schedule a 50-minute massage or facial and receive a complimentary...

New York City's Hyatt 48 Lex Introduces Glamping

Discover Where You Can Camp Under the NYC Skyline?
Although I love to occasionally "rough it," I must admit I have become accustomed to the finer things in life, and by that, I mean hot showers and clean sheets. Needless to say, I was extremely excited to hear about the Suite Glamping Package (starting at $509 per night) from Hyatt 48 Lex (New York City). The package includes accommodation...

Men's Cosmetics Market Booms

An L.A. Times articles reports on the booming popularity of skincare for guys.
My dear friend Michael Bruggeman, founder and president of Organic Male OM4 , has always been a proponent of men’s skincare. In fact, we recently had dinner together and talked about how the market for men’s skincare has grown and changed. So when he passed along an article from the Los Angeles Times , “ Market booms for men's cosmetics...