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Spooky Spa Specials

Discover how resort spas celebrate Halloween
The many pop-up costume warehouses on the streets of New York City make it impossible for me to forget Halloween is coming soon. Though I don’t go all out anymore, a jack-o-lantern and some treats hit the spot., it’s still fun to be festive. The trick-or-treating holiday may not be as top of mind for spa-goers, but it presents a...

Fall Nail Fashion

Learn how to recreate a popular pattern on nails
Argyle has come a long way from the moth-eaten sweaters I remember in vintage stores, and it is not just for the early-bird special crowd. Stylish lines at all price points are bound to have a few pieces marked by the popular pattern this season. It's not limited to clothing either, as nail artist Rita Remark shows in her design...

Beauty Business Milestones

Dive into the history of top professional skincare lines.
In the last year a number of top professional skincare companies have reached significant milestones. Jane Iredale-The Skincare Makeup celebrated 20 years as did John Masters Organics . Valmont looked back upon 30 years . Yon-Ka Paris feted 60 years . Deborah Lippmann honored 15 years in the nailcare business. XpresSpa and HydroPeptide both marked 10 years in the business...

Indulgent Apple Creations

Discover creative culinary and spa twists for National Apple Month
Earlier this month, I ventured to Amish Country in Pennsylvania for a friend’s wedding and to soak up the best of fall. After a drive through farmland and quaint towns, I stumbled upon a bustling apple orchard and pumpkin patch. There I got my fill of autumn activities plus a hefty bag of straight-from-the-tree apples and hand-selected pumpkins for carving...

Supplement Surge

Learn new tips on effective selling techniques.
In general I eat a balanced, nutritious diet like many of your spa-goers (healthy recipes ideas here and here ). It gives me consistent energy, and I enjoy the many natural flavors of produce. Even better, when I nosh on fresh fruit and vegetables regularly, I do notice a significant change in how my hair and skin look. Busy lifestyles...

Skin Cancer Statistics

Stay informed about the facts that affect clients and their skin.
October brings well-deserved awareness to the research efforts, organizations, and people working on a cure for breast cancer and helping those affected by it. Check out retail products that give back in Think Pink (in the current issue) to step up your spa's charitable contribution. For example, Gotham Skincare (New York City) offers a Pink Cranberry Facial ($99) and donates...

Cold Season Cure

Whip up an all-natural immunity booster for spa-goers.
Fall is in full swing, and with the change of season it takes an extra dose of effort (and nutrients) to ward off dreaded colds and keep the immune system at its best. The Umstead Hotel and Spa (Cary, NC) is treating spa guests to a soothing seasonal Lemon Ginger Lavender Elixir that will be more pleasant on the palate...

Seasonally Savvy

Discover new expert tips for year-end promotions.
Right now clients are thinking apples, pumpkins, and ghosts, but your spa should be thinking months in advance to the next round of holidays. While joyous, it’s also a high-stress time, making the pampering skincare treatments your businesses provide especially important. However, the seasonal onslaught of gift shopping and festive gatherings finds clients limited in both time and budget. So,...

Reignite the Power of Ritual

Learn how ritual historically leads to great success
Ritual plays an integral role in spas. Loyal spa-goers come to expect a specific series of relaxing events when they walk through the doors, and therapists follow carefully designed protocol to achieve the intended results. A new book, " Your Hidden Riches " released today, goes into further detail about the power and history of ritual in family, wellness, finance,...

Personalized Peels

Learn how to boost business with client-focused peels.
Peels can be intimidating even for seasoned spa-goers, and often it is for the same reasons these treatments are effective. The common ingredients in peels are concentrated and powerful, so the products used provide visible results and positive changes in the skin. Still, modern peels contain balanced formulas (some, like Cosmedix, are chirally correct) and precise protocols so informed clients...