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Holiday Health Tips

Learn how to fight the health hazards this season
Unfortunately it’s a fact: The holidays, from Christmas to New Year’s, are a treacherous time when it comes to our health. According to John Young, M.D., author of Beyond Treatment: Discover how to Build a Cellular Foundation to Achieve Optimal Health , heart attacks and other cardiac issues are more common, the number of pneumonia cases spikes, and more deaths...

Chic Holiday Nails

Get step by step manicure tips to prep clients for parties
Shopping for the holidays started weeks ago, and festive parties got into full swing this weekend. A full social calendar for you and your clients means keeping up beauty appointments, specifically manicures, is especially important. Red tips are always a chic option, but for clients who want to take it up a notch you can offer a sophisticated ruby twist...

Winter Wellness

Stay healthy in the colder months with insider tips
Winter can be a trying time both mentally and physically. The days are darker, colder, and shorter and our bodies become more susceptible to all kinds of winter ailments that can make winter seem longer. I know when the weather is gloomy I feel gloomy. That's no excuse to stay inside and hide away, instead Thann Sanctuary Spa (Tarrytown, NY)...

At the Wellness Source

Learn new ways your spa can profit from the wellness trend
Wellness, in a sense, is never fully achieved or accomplished. Instead, it's a lifelong pursuit and way of life. I love finding new ways to improve my own personal wellbeing, physical fitness, and health. From recent trend reports, wellness is no passing fad and your clients are looking for more ways to boost their wellness too. If your spa’s menu...

Smart Chatter

Check out the best tips from our holiday marketing twitter chat
Thanks to everyone who joined our #WellnessWatch Twitter Chat last month with Millennnium Systems International co-hosts John Harms, founder, and Bob Maconi, vice president of enterprise sales. Giftcards came up frequently and do bring in business when done right. Here are a few more tips from these industry pros to help you boost your spa’s holiday marketing: When putting up...

Healthy Spiced Cider

Discover a sugar-free treat for the spa-lidays
The holidays are filled with delicious, but often calorie-laden drinks and other goodies. Hot apple cider is one of them, but it’s easy to make a healthier version. Instead of adding sugar, pack the pot with seasonal spices that also bring extra wellness benefits. This recipe below boasts anti-inflammatory benefits and the power to lower blood pressure, reduce stress, and...

Spinning with a View

Check out a tip-top wellness event
A change of location and a different atmosphere can elevate an everyday activity into something extraordinary. Just think about the enhanced bliss guests experience in a beachside cabana massage treatment rather than a standard indoor space. It rings true for yoga and a variety of fitness offerings too, as I discovered at a recent rooftop cycling class. It was well...

Holiday SPArkle

Check out a smart strategy to bring holiday shoppers into the spa
I've been making my lists and checking them twice already, but I haven't set foot in a store to make a dent in my shopping yet. Just the thought of dealing with thte crowds is overwhelming and stressful. Spas, like The Guerlain Spa at the Waldorf Astoria New York and its Guerlain Holiday Pop Up Shop , offer a much...

Shaken or Stirred

Check out a recipe for a crowd-pleasing cocktail and mocktail
After a big weekend of festive food you and your clients might be ready to stear clear of the kitchen for a while. A fun cocktail recipe can be just the thing to get inspired again, and help de-stress. Here are two unique concoctions—one alcoholic and one for teetotalers—from mixologists at Blackberry Farm (Walland, TN). The Johnny Red Corn (Micah...

Shaving Ritual

See how one New York City spa spurs awareness
After a weekend filled with flash sales, door-buster deals, and hoards of shoppers, today’s #GivingTuesday campaign provides relief. Don’t get me wrong; spas can bring in big business from holiday retail specials— more on that here . But it is refreshing to focus on generosity and giving to those in need during the holiday season. No Shave November encouraged men...