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Cold Season Cure

Whip up an all-natural immunity booster for spa-goers.
Fall is in full swing, and with the change of season it takes an extra dose of effort (and nutrients) to ward off dreaded colds and keep the immune system at its best. The Umstead Hotel and Spa (Cary, NC) is treating spa guests to a soothing seasonal Lemon Ginger Lavender Elixir that will be more pleasant on the palate...

Seasonally Savvy

Discover new expert tips for year-end promotions.
Right now clients are thinking apples, pumpkins, and ghosts, but your spa should be thinking months in advance to the next round of holidays. While joyous, it’s also a high-stress time, making the pampering skincare treatments your businesses provide especially important. However, the seasonal onslaught of gift shopping and festive gatherings finds clients limited in both time and budget. So,...

Reignite the Power of Ritual

Learn how ritual historically leads to great success
Ritual plays an integral role in spas. Loyal spa-goers come to expect a specific series of relaxing events when they walk through the doors, and therapists follow carefully designed protocol to achieve the intended results. A new book, " Your Hidden Riches " released today, goes into further detail about the power and history of ritual in family, wellness, finance,...

Personalized Peels

Learn how to boost business with client-focused peels.
Peels can be intimidating even for seasoned spa-goers, and often it is for the same reasons these treatments are effective. The common ingredients in peels are concentrated and powerful, so the products used provide visible results and positive changes in the skin. Still, modern peels contain balanced formulas (some, like Cosmedix, are chirally correct) and precise protocols so informed clients...

Behind the Beauty Scene

Follow along on our tour of a cosmetics company.
It's part of the job description working at American Spa to go behind the scenes throughout the industry to learn more about it so we can share tips, tricks, and the latest innovations with all of you. Recently I was invited to visit NuWorld Beauty, manufacturer of Hard Candy cosmetics and a variety of other beauty brands, as a part...

Fresh Start Spa Style

Discover a special literary themed Canyon Ranch weekend program
Spas and books have a lot in common. Both have the power to take people away from their everyday lives and into a state of bliss and leave them refreshed. Spa-goers can enjoy both this upcoming weekend at Canyon Ranch (Lenox, MA). The luxury spa destination is celebrating the release of Emily Liebert’s novel, When We Fall (Random House, 2014)...

Amazing Aromatics

Check out more essential oils for a scentsational spa experience
One of my favorite parts of the spa experience is the pleasant aroma awaiting inside. Just one whiff and I'm whisked away into another world of calm, relaxation, and serenity even if I'm only around the corner from the office. Scents are indeed very powerful, and aromatherapy research has proven essential oils have a wide variety of benefits for the...

A Picture of Stress

Discover new statistics about stress
Living in today's always-busy, results-driven society brings on loads of stress. It seems unavoidable and neverending. On the plus side, stressed, overworked people flock to spas for relief and you reap the benefits of more business in your havens of relaxation. Here's a little more information about stress, its causes, and its cures to spur some new creative treatments to...

Spirited Specials

Discover new tried and true holiday promotions to bring in clients
We were overwhelmed by the enthusiastic responses about holiday promotions we received from so many spa directors around the country that we couldn't fit them all in our October issue. Here are more ingenious ideas to boost sales and make clients feel extra special and cared for during the holidays. "To say ‘Thanks’ to our loyal guests, Joya Spa has...

Day Dreamer

Check out a new floral inspired tropical escape.
I’ve found myself talking about the leaves changing colors and the temperatures cooling all too frequently, glossing over the fact that many luxury spas are located in tropical areas with balmy weather year-round and no need to worry about autumn in the traditional sense. Spa-goers can keep summer alive at seaside spas such as The Hibiscus Spa at Westin Grand...