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"Beauty from Within" a big hit at Las Vegas IECSC!

As I continually speak about the continued convergence between wellness and spa, I was still pleasantly surprised to see such enthusiasm at my presentation last weekend in Las Vegas! Attendees included spa owners, skincare experts and medical aesthetic physicians seeking to find out how to incorporate nutritional and supplementation programs into their specialized services. Many of the attendees mentioned that...

Carol Phillips Rocks the House at SpaExec Vegas

SpaExec Las Vegas at Encore Hotel, Las Vegas featured an inspirational keynote from retail and sales guru Carol Phillips
SpaExec Las Vegas at Encore Hotel, Las Vegas featured an inspirational keynote from retail and sales guru Carol Phillips. Her speech, "Rock the House with Retail Sales," motivated spa directors to improve communications between the spa therapists and clients. Here is some of Carol's priceless advice: Make the connection from treatment room to retail boutique." Retail-sized bottles of product must...

Leaving for Las Vegas

Nancy’s packing for SpaExec and IECSC in Las Vegas. It’s not too late to join her!
It's time again for the spa industry's "900 pound gorilla" of tradeshows, IECSC Las Vegas . The conference and exhibit halls run June 18-20th at the Las Vegas Convention Center. This is the 20th Anniversary of the show, and management expects record numbers. Follow the event on twitter at #IECSCLV11 On the Friday before IECSC, I'll be at Encore for...

How OPEN is Your Office Door?

Is an "Open Door" Policy slowing you down?
During an executive coaching session last week, a client expressed concern that she never catches up on the things she needs to do. She is always running behind. So I asked her to describe a typical day at the spa. We quickly realized her open door policy was out of control! Her entire day is filled with interruptions! Anyone can...

New Consumer Research Released at Global Spa Summit

Coyle Hospitality updates their study “Priorities of Today’s Spa Consumers” for the Global Spa Summit in Bali last month. Check out what a difference a year makes!
Coyle Hospitality updated their 2010 study Priorities of Today’s Spa Consumers for the 2011 Global Spa Summit . Coyle sought to answer critical questions such as : What makes a consumer choose a spa for the first time? What spa ‘deals’ are worth promoting? What marketing efforts are effective? How is social networking affecting business? What is the best way...

How am I preparing for IECSC Las Vegas 2011?

With IECSC LV just around the corner Jamie shares some great ideas on ways to prepare to get the most out of your trade show!
I am excited for IECSC LasVegas 2011, why? Because in addition to Using Social Media to Build Community and Increase Revenue from 11:45am - 12:45pm (grab lunch before the crowds and join me for an hour that will ignite your marketing and give you real skills), I am teaching an intensive on Monday from 9am -12pm " Blogging - Organically...

Bullet Proof Makeup

Do we really Need BULLET PROOF Make up?
I admit I like to shop. I shop in stores, love small boutiques, online and catalogs. As a perceptive and smart beauty business owner, I sometimes watch the shopping channels to see what my clients might be buying and to see what they have to offer. I have purchased from the shopping channels a variety of cooking, fashion and décor...

Wellness Bites

From skin care treatments, yoga, massage, cosmeceuticals, nutraceuticals, diet and meditation, the spa can offer more today than we could even 5 years ago.
Photo protection from within? Nutrition research continues to show that certain antioxidants may further protect the skin from the permanent cellular damage cause by sun exposure. On the top of list, melons, green tea, cocoa, berries and tomatoes (particularly tomato paste as it is lycopene rich,) have shown that when consumed in concentrated amounts through supplement form can help reduce...

GSS Delegates Cite Training and Education as Industry’s Greatest Challenge

Training and education in the spa industry needs a re-vamp. Nancy Griffin explores the challenges involved in raising the bar.
Delegates from the 2011 Global Spa Summit were polled real time on the second day of the Summit. When asked to choose the spa industry’s greatest challenge, almost 1/3 of the delegates (28%) chose training & education. The second and third greatest challenges were “oversupply of spas” and “lack of professionalism”—which received less than half the votes. Since lack of...

“Terms of Endearment” in the Spa?

Did you just call me Sweetie?
I walked into my neighborhood spa the other day to get a manicure and noticed that they had a new receptionist. She seemed to be preoccupied when I walked in. She didn’t say “Hi or Welcome”, so I went in and saw the manicurist waiting for me. Sat down, did my nails and when it was time to check out,...