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Java Rejuvenation

Discover new caffeinated spa treatments
Now that the daylight is getting shorter, my morning cup of joe is a non-negotiable. I'm definitely not alone, since about 83 percent of Americans say they drink coffee according to the National Coffee Association's 2013 online survey. The buzz about coffee goes well beyond a morning pick-me-up in the spa industry. Java-infused treatments deliver more than just therapeutic benefits...

Festive Fitness

Discover how a Palms Springs spa focuses on fitness
I’ve already noticed a big influx of sweets and rich foods, and it’s only the first week of November. There’s no time like the present to ramp up the fitness routine to look great at holiday functions and keep off unwanted weight gain during the decadent season. The Riviera Palm Springs (CA) is offering its guests a FIT & PHAB...

Be An Overachiever

Learn more about effective goal setting from John Harms
Through my own experience, I've learned that setting personal goals helps me strive for more than the status quo and at the same time keep tabs on my progress. Setting goals—and working hard to achieve them—plays an even bigger role in businesses, such as the ever-changing and highly competitive hospitality industry. John Harms, founder and CEO of Millennium Systems International,...

Cybersecurity Statistics

Get the latest advice on keeping information safe at your spa
The latest innovations in spa-focused software and tools are extremely useful for the entire hospitality community, but it also opens up wellness businesses to unwanted online hackers. It is no longer a question of if, but when businesses will be faced with a cyber attack, spas included. Check out the inforgraphic below based on the 2014 U.S. State of Cybercrime...

Spa After Party

Discover how New York City spas pamper marathoners
I hit an all-time record on my step-counting app yesterday thanks to hustling around the city to cheer on one of my good friends in the TCS New York City Marathon. My mileage pales in comparison to the 26.2 mile course conquered by more than 50,000 runners on Sunday. After a windy, cold start and successfully navigating all five Boroughs,...

Just Keep Running

Check out expert tips for marathon weekend in New York City
Heading into the office this morning I shared the train and the streets with a number of elite running teams in town for the TCS New York City Marathon. Running a marathon is an incredible accomplishment, and for me it’s a thrill just to stand along the sidewalks and cheer on the tens of thousands of speedy runners. This year...

Squash at Your Service

Check out this season’s pumpkin-infused treatments
Pumpkins are a sure sign of autumn outside the spa and I personally love carving a Jack (or Jill) O-lantern each October. Now, thanks to the many skincare benefits of pumpkins, they are a treatment room mainstay now too. Here are a few treatments that don’t require any tricks, just pure pumpkin, to make clients glow from head to toe...

Fill the Shelves

Discover more gift-worthy items for spa retail.
All year round you’ll hear us shouting the praises of a good retail strategy ( here and here , for example) and what an impact retail sales have on your spa’s bottom line. That’s never truer than around the holidays when spa-goers are already thinking about gifts for loved ones. If your spa's retail area is well-stocked and inviting, you’re...

Spooky Spa Specials

Discover how resort spas celebrate Halloween
The many pop-up costume warehouses on the streets of New York City make it impossible for me to forget Halloween is coming soon. Though I don’t go all out anymore, a jack-o-lantern and some treats hit the spot., it’s still fun to be festive. The trick-or-treating holiday may not be as top of mind for spa-goers, but it presents a...

Fall Nail Fashion

Learn how to recreate a popular pattern on nails
Argyle has come a long way from the moth-eaten sweaters I remember in vintage stores, and it is not just for the early-bird special crowd. Stylish lines at all price points are bound to have a few pieces marked by the popular pattern this season. It's not limited to clothing either, as nail artist Rita Remark shows in her design...