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Honorable Treatments

Learn what pampering awaits military personnel for Memorial Day
It's no news that a holiday weekend is nearly upon us, and with it a busy schedule filled with many clients visiting your spa to relax. Some spas are reaching out and offering special treatments for current and former military personnel through Memorial Day. Spa L'Auberge (Del Mar, CA) is honoring military who book any 50-minute treatment with a complimentary...

Strawberry Spa Elixir

Learn how to make a healthful seasonal drink
I just learned that May is National Strawberry Month thanks to a special offering at The Umstead Hotel and Spa (Cary, NC). This month spa guests are treated to an invigorating Strawberry Elderflower Elixir concocted by sous chef Colin Archangelis. You don't need to make the trek to the resort to reap the benefits of his seasonal elixir, which combines...

The Business of Health

Check out industry insights from the annual NYSPA Symposium
Springtime in New York has lots to offer and lots to recommend it, but for the spa and hospitality industry nothing compares to the education and insights it gains from the annual NYSPA Symposium. This year’s theme, The Business of Health , is especially timely. As spas move further in the direction of wellness and mindfulness, how do we, as...

Green in Action

Learn about the creative way a California spa completed a green update
The Spa at Laguna Cliffs (CA) has made green aspirations a reality with a green-o-vation of its facilities and an updated menu using organic products. Rather than gutting the spa and starting over when it was time for an update, designer George Bernal of George Bernal Custom Made (Santa Ana, CA) led a cosmetic remodel that involved up-cycling and repurposing...

Wilderness Yoga Retreat

Find out how one spa is showing off updates with a yoga weekend
In the spirit of spring rejuvenation, Stoweflake Mountain Resort & Spa (VT) has a new “Breath of Life” Yoga Retreat ($150, one day; $595, five days) scheduled for Memorial Day weekend, May 23-25. This long weekend of wellness is open to guests of all levels of experience to help them renew mind, body, and soul. The goal of the five-day...

Dancing With the Spas

Discover a fun fitness collaboration at a Colorado resort spa
I'm not usually a fan of reality television, but lately I've tuned in religiously each Monday night to watch Dancing With the Stars . In my personal opinion it's been a fabulous season showcasing the talent and hours of hard work of a group of true athletes, and I'm sad to see it come to an end this week. Dance,...

Natural Beauty Meets Social Media

Learn how selfies impact spa expectations
One of the top trends Spafinder Wellness365 announced in its 2014 Spa and Wellness Trends Forecast is probably smacking you in the face, pun intended, on a daily basis. It's the intersection of natural beauty and social media, meaning people are expected to look their absolute best 24/7 in case of a spur-of-the-moment selfie. Easier said than done, but clients...

Beach Body Treatments

Discover creative treatments for beach spa-goers
With beach body season rapidly approaching, it’s time to help clients get their skin in shape. Smooth, glowing skin is the perfect beach accessory and way to show off a toned physique. Borgata Hotel Casino & Spas, Spa Tocarre and Immersion Spa (Atlantic City), are offering three new treatments for the month of May to exfoliate, stimulate, and prepare clients’...

Strong is the New Skinny

Learn about fitness-focused bodycare
I learn about skincare product launches daily, if not hourly, and one I recently came across stood out. Mio High Intensity Bodycare, a new line from the makers of Mama Mio, focuses on caring for as well as improving the fitness of the skin. I hope this is a trend that sticks. I tried it out when I was upping...

Relaxation to the Rescue

Check out the latest research about spas' top clients
According to SpaFinder Wellness365’s latest research, moms across the country are in dire need of pampering, relaxing, and everything spas do best. While many are proactive about staying healthy and pursing fitness and other wellness activities, stress is extremely high across the board. A whopping 87 percent of mothers feel they suffer more stress today than their own mothers did...