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Chakra Cheat Sheet

Improve your knowledge of this mind-body philosophy
As a relative newbie to the spa scene, I'm always looking for opportunities to learn more about the industry—what makes it tick, innovative techniques, and the unique philosophies that guide effective relaxation. One ancient philosophy that has definitely experienced a resurgence in recent years is the chakra system. The term chakra is Sanskrit for wheel and the chakra energy centers...

Pup Pampering

Check out how to protect pet's skin
National Dog Day is celebrating its 10th anniversary today and gives spa-goers a reason to pamper their pooches even more! It was originally started to bring attention to the high number of dogs in shelters and encourage adoption, and it has been doing just that ever since. If you or clients are planning on adopting or already have a furry...

Grass is Always Greener

Learn more about bamboo textiles
Bamboo, which is a type of grass, has proven it's worth the hype in spas and especially as an eco-friendly element. Did you know it's also become a popular towel, linen, and robe choice? We checked in with Guniz Alkan, president of A La Turca Textiles , for her thoughts on bamboo fabrics. Why was bamboo chosen as a fabric?...

Business Innovations

Discover a new small-business friendly revenue stream
We talk about how technology can benefit your spas in length and often—check out Remote Control and Social Studies . Usually when we cover tech topics, we're referring to new devices for facials or treatments, software for managing business, or mobile solutions to catch clients everywhere they go. Metamorphosis Day Spa (New York City) has taken a big leap forward...

Something Wonderful

Discover a new spa’s fun cocktail inspired special
What do busy city-dwellers want after a long day at work? There are many answers, but most include some form of kicking back and escaping from the stresses of the day. A new limited-time promotion at Hyatt Times Square (New York City) may offer the perfect combination: handcrafted cocktail and hand massage or manicure. Marilyn Monroe Spa , located on...

Your Skin on Sun

Discover what the skin really looks like after UV exposure
You may think you sound like a broken record, reminding clients again and again to wear sunscreen and protect their skin from the sun. This is especially necessary in the summer when the warm weather brings everyone out of hibernation to catch every last ray, but you know that anytime you’re outside proper sunscreen is a must. Here’s a truly...

Raw Relaxation

Discover a Texas spa's food weekend
A visit to the Southern U.S. usually includes many meals filled with comfort food, roasted meats, creamy side dishes, and rich desserts. That's all lovely once in a while, but spa-goers looking to slim and clean up their eating on vacation want an alternative. Deer Lake Lodge and Spa, a boutique wellness resort and holistic spa, is filling that void...

Relaxation Ready

Study up on scientifically proven ways to a calm mind
Happy National Relaxation Day! To celebrate this chill holiday, I wanted to share a few scientifically backed ways to kick back, de-stress, and find your happy place. We know you're ensuring all your clients find bliss, and you deserve it too! Go Green: Studies have shown patients in hospital rooms with plants report lower stress. Even just stepping into a...

Protein Power

Discover spa-friendly protein snacks
No matter your activity level, keeping healthy snacks at hand is a habit that helps maintain a healthier lifestyle. Nuts and fruit and other nibbles available at spas I've visited recently have been delightful, but sometimes clients participating in fitness classes or outdoor activities may want on-the-go options for an extra boost. Spa directors like yourselves deserve healthy food on...

DIY Overnight Facial

Find an overnight cure for dry, damaged skin
It’s never too early to start preparing the skin for cooler weather, and after clients (and maybe you too) have been spending the summer worshipping the sun, dry and damaged skin must be treated in between professional facials for best results. Terese Linke, global spa training and education director for Amala, shares a simple, five-step DIY facial to bring the...