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Customer Service—It Isn't What It Used to Be

Is Customer Service a Lost Art?
While I don't consider myself to be an especially demanding customer, I do expect to be acknowledged and treated with respect. Unfortunately, it seems that many businesses I rely on have forgotten the fundamentals of good customer service. I spent this past summer writing complaints to Hampton Jitney, a bus service that transports travelers from New York City to the...

Great customer service: I LOVE IT and I LOVE TO GIVE IT.

I LOVE MY PHONE and my employees love them too. I am certain you and your staff does too. However, phones are not good in the workplace especially when turned on.
It feels so good to be taken care of. I craved coffee and it was so hot here Sunday in sunny Florida I wanted to try a McDonald’s Mocha Frappe. Never had it before, was tired of seeing the commercials, and not tried one yet. They had a special on them …count me in! The girl who took my order...

Get the Latest News from IECSC Florida Exhibitors

Check out the latest happenings from a few of the exhibitors at next weekend’s event.
IECSC Florida ( ) is coming up next weekend, Oct. 16-17, at the Broward County Convention Center in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. The event will feature exciting manufacturer classes, a leading education program, and the industry’s latest products, equipment, and more. Here, check out news from a few of IECSC’s top exhibitors: Vitelle Labs Vitelle Labs will be offering three...

Its that time of year again…SPA week!

Spa Week
Its that time of year again…SPA week is officially here. It is their time to shine and yours to save a dime. Book your appointment for relaxation.
It's that time of year again… SPA week is officially here! It is their time to shine and yours to save a dime . Book your appointment for relaxation. If you have always wanted to experience another spas services on the cheap or to check them out. Now’s your time. Select spas around the country and perhaps your spa too...

Celebrating the Democratization of Spas

Spa Week is Coming to Town.
Yesterday, I attended the Spa Week Media Party in celebration of next week’s annual Fall Spa Week Event (Oct 10-16), which offers $50 treatments at participating spas. There, I was joined by a host of health, beauty, and fashion media professionals in experiencing the world of spa. From complimentary chair massages to accupuncture treatments and more, attendees like myself got... Provides Support for Spa & Wellness Therapies

A new site provides spa operators and spa-goers with valuable stats.
As the editor of American Spa , the most common requests I receive from readers are those for spa stats. Spa owners looking to educate clients on the benefits of various treatments are always seeking factual support and tend to be frustrated when I send them to countless industry sites all over the web. Finally, I have an easy answer...

Can Running Age Our Appearance?

A board-certified plastic surgeon explains "Runner's Face."
I have been an avid runner for years, and I love the way it makes me feel. Not only is it the perfect way for me to clear my head but also it is obviously a great form of exercise. So I was a bit freaked out when I came across an email with the subject line, "Runner's Beware–does crossing...

Stopping the Clock

An editor finally stops worrying about her deepening worry lines.
I’ve always been pretty low-maintenance when it comes to beauty regimens, preferring the most natural route whenever possible. I’ve also never thought much about Botox and dermal fillers until lately when a couple of lines decided to take up permanent residence on my forehead. While the occasional furrowed brow isn’t necessarily cause for concern, a permanently furrowed one most definitely...

CND Announces Fall/Winter Nail Trends

CND polish was a staple in the Fall Fashion Week runways and here are some of the hottest trends the company's color experts noticed for Fall/Winter 2011.
While I love summer's bright, fun nail colors, I'm always happy when fall comes around and it's time to introduce deep, dark colors back into my nail routine. Now, thanks to Jan Arnold, CND's co-founder and style director, I'll be able to do so in style. CND polish was a staple in the Fall Fashion Week runways (the company worked...

Visitors Can Take a Gamble To Improve Their Looks at Trump Taj Mahal

A casino sweeptakes offer will award one lucky winner $25,000 for plastic surgery.
As an editor who has covered the medical spa industry for years, I'm familiar with myriad cosmetic procedures designed to improve one's appearance, ranging from injectables to laser therapy to plastic surgery. And, in my opinion, I'm all for anything that is going to help me look and feel my best. In fact, I have been getting preventative Botox since...