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Bullet Proof Makeup

Do we really Need BULLET PROOF Make up?
I admit I like to shop. I shop in stores, love small boutiques, online and catalogs. As a perceptive and smart beauty business owner, I sometimes watch the shopping channels to see what my clients might be buying and to see what they have to offer. I have purchased from the shopping channels a variety of cooking, fashion and décor...

Wellness Bites

From skin care treatments, yoga, massage, cosmeceuticals, nutraceuticals, diet and meditation, the spa can offer more today than we could even 5 years ago.
Photo protection from within? Nutrition research continues to show that certain antioxidants may further protect the skin from the permanent cellular damage cause by sun exposure. On the top of list, melons, green tea, cocoa, berries and tomatoes (particularly tomato paste as it is lycopene rich,) have shown that when consumed in concentrated amounts through supplement form can help reduce...

GSS Delegates Cite Training and Education as Industry’s Greatest Challenge

Training and education in the spa industry needs a re-vamp. Nancy Griffin explores the challenges involved in raising the bar.
Delegates from the 2011 Global Spa Summit were polled real time on the second day of the Summit. When asked to choose the spa industry’s greatest challenge, almost 1/3 of the delegates (28%) chose training & education. The second and third greatest challenges were “oversupply of spas” and “lack of professionalism”—which received less than half the votes. Since lack of...

“Terms of Endearment” in the Spa?

Did you just call me Sweetie?
I walked into my neighborhood spa the other day to get a manicure and noticed that they had a new receptionist. She seemed to be preoccupied when I walked in. She didn’t say “Hi or Welcome”, so I went in and saw the manicurist waiting for me. Sat down, did my nails and when it was time to check out,...

Global Spa Summit “Money Experts” See Medical and Spa Merging for Profit

Is there still room to grow in the US Day Spa market? Nancy reports on a panel discussion at the Global Spa Summit.
*/ The second day of the Global Spa summit opened with the panel, “Where Has All the Money Gone? Prof. Mary Tabacchi moderated the panel featuring James Kaplan, SVP of Fairmont Raffles, David Browning, CEO of Somasigns, Philips Consumer Lifestyle, and David Stoup, Chairman of Trilogy Ventures. David Stoup cited a Bain study of the luxury goods market showing that...

Insights from the SpaExec Sonoma Panel

Nancy shares expert opinions on the realities of social media
My last blog shared words of wisdom from SpaExec Sonoma’s keynote Jamie Ginsberg. This post features insights from the panel of social media experts. Jamie joined SpaTrade blogger Stacy Bergdahl of Berglon Marketing Agency, Blanca Caballero, Owner of AvantGard Spa and Michael Martello with Demandforce. The focus of the panel was “realities” of social media. The panelists were candid about...

Coach to WIN!

Are you watching the NBA Playoffs? According to Dori, maybe you should.
Are you watching the NBA Playoffs? I love watching basketball even though my team, The Orlando Magic, was eliminated. What I love most is watching coaches handle their team during the game. Watching their emotions and involvement, evaluating every move, making adjustments to their strategies, all their focus on defense/offense, when to take a timeout and regroup, and so on…...

Nutritional Cleansing & Hammam - The Ultimate Detox Experience!

Turkish bath houses, or Hammam, have become a leading spa treatment across North American premium spas this past year.
We have seen a surge of the ancient Turkish bath houses, or Hammam, become a leading spa treatment across North American premium spas this past year. Hammam rituals are derived from Turkish bath houses and use a combination of heat, aromatherapy, steam and mud to cleanse the skin, open up the pores and promote the body’s detoxification process. Hammam treatments...

SpaExec Sonoma Features Social Media Guru Jamie Ginsberg

This year's SpaExec event in Sonoma was a huge success!
Last week’s SpaExec event in Sonoma was a huge success! As always, the events are very well organized by event director Kimberly Rhoten, and featured an outstanding educational program. The keynote and panel were highly interactive—the audience provided invaluable insights into the realities of implementing social media programs. So much juicy information was presented that I’m covering the education in...

Spa Week

Noreen takes advantage of Spa Week...did you?
Spa week …. were you on board? Were you or your spa a part of the nationwide fun? My skin and body were tired and I needed some R & R so I gave my skin and spirit what it needed... locally . Although I travel all over and have had the pleasure of some delightful services at beautiful spas,...