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Meet the Spa China award winners!

Read about the great award categories and winners from the 3rd annual Spa China awards.
Th e second evening of the Summit was the invitation-only Gala Dinner, attended by about 200 of the Chinese spa industry’s movers and shakers. The dinner was sponsored by Kohler, who had 3 of their beautiful tubs on display in the lobby, filled with water and graced with beautiful models, fully clothed! Sponsors Moet and Saratoga Spring water ensured that...

Spa China Summit Day 2

Day Two of the Spa China Summit focuses on international trends in the spa industry, and many of the issues the Chinese spa industry faces are remarkably similar to those in other parts of the world.
The presentation schedule for the second day of the Summit is oriented to International Spa Trends, so that the local audience can be enlightened on current global best practices. Geraldine Howard, Founder and CEO of Aromatherapy Associates got the day going with a presentation entitled “Trends towards Natural Ingredients.” Howard is an ideal person to give this presentation, given her...

Spa China Summit begins

West meets east as I travel to attend and participate in the 3rd annual Spa China Summit, for professionals in the Chinese spa industry.
I am excited to be attending the 3 rd annual Spa China Summit, held this year at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Sanya on Hainan Island, China. The event is organized by Spa China Magazine, and Editor-in-chief Fifi Kao and her team have put together a timely and relevant agenda. It is being attended by between 150-200 Spa Directors, owners...

Acne Vulgaris - The diabetes of skin?

Helping clients to understand the relationship between acne and the glycemic index can result in much-improved skin conditions.
Diet plays an important role to play in many skin disorders, and when it comes to nutritional advice I am frequently asked about the “Acne- Diet” connection. Acne is by far the most common skin disease and is increasingly affecting both adolescents and adults in North America. Clinical evidence suggests nutrient imbalances in Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Zinc, Selenium, Chromium,...

The Next Generation - Service Stations?

Is there a future for the walk-up spa?
I have been a little under the weather lately, with a sinus infection. I don’t get sick very often, luckily. But as a result, I don’t really get “how it works.” Seeing a doctor, I mean. I realized after a week of coughing that I needed professional help, and set out in my car trying to find one of those...

ISPA Media Event relaxes press in NYC

16th annual event hosts an array of journalists to sample the latest in spa treatments.
The 16th annual ISPA Media Event was held last week in New York City. Twelve resort and destination spas transformed the Cipriani 42nd St Event Venue into a haven of relaxation for the attending members of the print, trade, broadcast and digital press. Each spa set up a booth and featured a service for the journalists to try. Among the...

Promoting Body Treatments and Hydrotherapy

In his latest Video Blog, Bryan Durocher shares business building tips for promoting body treatments and hydrotherapy along with series and gift card sales in the spa.
Bryan Durocher shares business building tips for promoting body treatments and hydrotherapy along with series and gift card sales in the spa.

SpaFinder "Taste of New York" event

SpaFinder hosts "Taste of New York" spa sampler and networking event.
This week, SpaFinder hosted a "spa tasting" event at their Park Avenue offices for about 250 media and spa folks. The Clodagh-designed offices were the perfect setting for spa services, as each of the 7 participating spas converted an office into a spa suite and gave "taster" services, which were enjoyed by everyone along with the delicious hors d'oeuvres provided...

Morning people or night owls; is one better for spa employment?

A recent study shows that it may be best to have a mixture of "morning people" and "evening people" in creative and client-oriented businesses like spas and salons.
Is there truth to the “morning person” moniker? How do you know if you are a “morning person”, a “night owl,” or somewhere in between? Chances are that by this stage in your life, you probably have a good sense of this, and you probably recognize these same traits in your staff members. In the workplace, the morning person is...

Nutricosmetic recognized by top beauty editors as "Product of the Week"

Formulators are beginning to add nutrition to their beauty programs. Krill oil, anyone?
Yesterday, I read the Club Spa Blog by SpaFinder and was happy to see that the “Product of the Week” (tested and chosen by SpaFinder’s top beauty editors,) was a Nutricosmetic! Although the Editor had some minor comments (such as the fish oil smell from the soft gel,) she confirmed that after a month her skin was glowing and that...