Tempt Clients with A Fun Flower Ritual

A visual test from Lotus Wei helps determine guests’ state of mind.
I’m a bit of a sucker for tests. Send me something that involves my selecting my favorite color, flower, scent, or style as a window into my soul, and I’m inevitably on board. So when I got an email from Lotus Wei Flower Essences asking me to select the flower to which I was most drawn from the above options,...

New Study Reveals Groupon, Holiday Retail Trends

New stats show that consumers are looking for major discounts this season.
Fresh off executive editor Heather Mikesell’s post last week on Groupons that seem too good to be true, comes a new report from Retrevo on Groupon shoppers and holiday retail habits that I thought I would share. Click here for the full report, but here are a few highlights: Women are more likely to buy things at discounted prices. Retrevo...

Waxing Poetic About European Wax Center

An editor stops by the Manhattan outpost of this successful franchise.
I recently received a press release about European Wax Center , a chain of cool new wax-only facilities. The company currently has 276 franchise agreements across 24 states nationwide and is projected to open 1,000 centers by 2015. The family-run business is poised for expansion into Canada in early 2012, and the company projects ending 2011 with a 362% revenue...