Refresh on the Fly

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Read about dermatologist approved air travel skincare tips
I recently returned from a quick getaway that included a few plane flights, and my skin is definitely showing the effects of the dry, in-flight environment. As spring break trips are upon us, it’s the perfect time to remind clients of travel skincare recommendations (there's a lot more to remember than just moisturizer). New York City board-certified dermatologist, Barney Kenet,...

Spring Cleaning

Check out new Zents treatments to help revive skin
When the seasons should begin to change, I often jump the gun in my fashion choices—a sundress or light jacket when it’s still freezing. That’s not the best choice for clothing, but getting a jumpstart on skincare and bodycare for the next season is smart thinking. Mirbeau Inn & Spa (Skaneateles, NY) is helping guests spring clean their skin in...

Clean Treats

Learn about a new ingredient to avoid
Spa-goers are more conscientious than ever of what ingredients they put on their faces. Credit goes to you and your skilled spa employees for keeping them educated! They also should be paying close attention to what they eat, including supplements and vitamins, where sneaky ingredients may do more harm than good. Titanium dioxide is one example; it’s whitening and thickening...

Skin Detox

Learn how to refresh skin without makeup
The no-makeup makeup look is wildly popular, especially on the runways on young, umblemished models. The true makeup-free look is also gaining a following as we're learning that as little as two fresh-faced days may offer serious skin benefits—a brighter complexion, decreased acne, and collagen regeneration within a month. Some UK dermatologists say foregoing makeup two days each week can...

True Reversal

Discover a new facial incorporating innovative anti-aging ingredients
Spa-goers who want to turn back time can now experience the next best thing with Babor 's ReVersive Anti-Aging Facial ($185, 50 minutes; $225, 80 minutes), which helps them to look as if they had. The facial uses a revolutionary time-reverse technology as part of its Re-Youth Complex, which depends on four high-performance ingredients to counteract some of the factors...

Beauty Bar

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Take a bite out of the new anti-aging chocolate that works
The old adage 'you are what you eat' has never been truer. Nutricosmetics , supplements , and edible skincare are popping up all over. Not to mention the increasing research supporting the connection between a balanced diet filled with fresh produce and a glowing complexion. My own face definitely doesn’t hide my previous day’s indulgences or healthy choices, so I’m...

Hand-Picked Health

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Learn nailcare tips you need for winter from Essie
During the winter I find myself getting lazy in some of my beauty routines, especially manicures and pedicures. My toes are covered in more layers than I'd like to admit to stay warm, so it seems a waste to spend time polishing them, and my fingers end up staying the same shade until it chips. Even if I'm not delving...

Balance Backstage

Learn how to destress during Fashion Week
We've been checking out hair styles, makeup looks, and nail inspiration backstage at Mercedes-Benz New York Fashion Week over the weekend and it's been a bit chaotic. (Be sure to follow us on to see the trends as they unfold backstage.) Cramming that much creative energy and beauty into small spaces is just a recipe for a high stress...

For Love of Chocolate

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Learn about the benefits of chocolate-covered treatments
Chocolate is synonymous with Valentine’s Day in my mind. It seems many spas are on the same page given the chocolate-infused treatments on menus in February and created for couples all year round. The antioxidants in chocolate help boost the skin’s moisture content and the caffeine improves circulation and provides a temporary tightening effect. Here are a few chocoholic-approved services...

Active Skincare

Learn the best post-workout skincare tips
Exercise is my go-to stress reliever, at least when I don't have a spa appointment on the schedule. I can always count on feeling refreshed and rejuvenated after a hard run or heart-pumping interval training class. The many other health benefits are just icing on the cake. A sweat session isn't always good for the skin, though. A build-up of...