Trend Watch

Hydrotherapy Sanitation Solutions

Check out our Q&A with hydrotherapy design expert
In the midst of research for this month’s Water Solutions story, I had the pleasure of interviewing Don Genders, managing director of Design for Leisure, a company specializing in custom concepts and prefabricated elements for wet areas of spa and health resorts. He shared so much helpful information about designing smart hydrotherapy areas in spas, there wasn't space in the...

Skincare Ingredient Research

Check out these hot ingredients worth the hype
I switched up my normal morning routine to attend a special presentation by Diana Howard, Ph.D., International Dermal Institute and Dermalogica vice president of research and development, who set the record straight about some of the latest skincare ingredient trends. Here are a few of her favorites to keep in mind when stocking the shelves of your spa: Peptides. Though...

Mustaches for Men's Health

Learn more about the proliferation of mustaches this month
If you’ve noticed a few new mustaches around your spa and on the streets lately, don’t be alarmed. The extra facial hair is helping a good cause, Movember , which was founded by a small group of Australian surfers and is now a global movement for growing mustaches during November to raise funds and awareness for testicular cancer. This year...

Holiday Season Statistics

Stay ahead of the trends with SpaBookers must-have info
Halloween and all the candy, carved pumpkin s, and crazy costumes that come with it are here! It’s a perfect excuse for spa specials to drum up extra business and serves as a reminder that the big holiday season push is right around the corner. If that’s an anxiety-provoking prospect, check out the statistics compiled by SpaBooker below for some...

National Red Wine Day Spa Roundup

Entice oenophiles to your spa with wine-infused treatments on the menu
I took a quick trip this past weekend to see the fall foliage in the Hudson River Valley just outside of New York City. The red and orange leaves were stunning but the highlight of the two days was definitely touring three different vineyards and tasting a variety of delicious reds and whites. It was perfect prep for today, National...

LED Light Therapy Under Scrutiny

Help keep LED light therapy on the menu at spas in California
California, the land of movie stars and medical spas, which help everyone else look like them, is enforcing stricter licensing requirements for estheticians. The California State Board posted new guidelines stating it “is it out of the scope of practice for a Board licensee to perform an LED light therapy treatment in a licensed establishment.” Essentially the Board deems LED...

Pre-Natal Pampering

Bump up your spa's business with specialty services for moms-to-be
Our editor in chief certainly enjoyed researching the latest pre-natal treatments at spas for the October article, Great Expectations , and was happy to learn how many spa directors already offer an array of pre-natal specialties on the menu. Here are more examples of fun treatments to help pamper moms-to-be through all nine months and turn them into loyal clients...

Benefits of Organization

benefits of organization
New study reveals the benefits of both an orderly and a disorderly workplace
Do you ignore piles of paperwork and general messiness on your desk or around your office like I do sometimes? If so, take note of a new study conducted by researchers at the University of Minnesota Carlson School of Management that found several positive benefits for people who work in an organized environment. In their experiments, participants tended to make...

Report Reveals Vacation Preferences

relaxing vacation
Find what guests are looking for to fill their vacation days
I love a rejuvenating vacation, which means plenty of time for both spa treatments and fitness. Good news for destination spa directors, a vast majority of Americans also agree according to the U.S. Vacationers Report conducted by Wellness Tourism Worldwide. The survey provides unprecedented data on vacation preferences and its impact on health, happiness, productivity, and personal wellbeing in the...

High Brow Versus Low Brow

Discover the latest brow trends from researchers
It’s high time for high brows to give way to the low arch look. A recent Journal of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery study completed by researchers at Johns Hopkins University and University of Regensburg found interesting arch trends. Keep these in mind and share with clients to ensure their face-framing features are up to date. Those surveyed consider the low brow...