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Book Clubs Find a Happy Home in Today's Spas

Find Out Why Oprah Isn't the Only One Who Can Recommend a Good Book
This week, The New York Times published Sit Back, Relax and Turn the Page , an article in which I was asked to contribute my two cents worth on the growing popularity of spa book clubs. I first wrote about the topic a couple of years ago when the Spa at the Omni Mount Washington Resort (Bretton Woods, NH) became...

Tips for Preventing Pain When Using an iPad or Computer

Great advice for both you and your clients.
Every time I get a massage, my therapists feel the knots in my neck muscles and guess that I spend a lot of time in front of the computer. It’s a malady that I think that many of us—both those of us in the industry and our clients—tend to face. So when I got these tips from the October 2012...

Celebs Share Their Favorite Products as Part of a Monthly Club

Discover How to Live Like a Celebrity
Men have been on my mind a lot lately. I should preface that by saying that our upcoming November issue, which we're working on now, focuses on male spa-goers. That's why when I got an email about the 12SOCIETY , I just had to share. A member's club, 12SOCIETY involves celebs, such as Nick Cannon, Michael Strahan, and Nas, selecting...

Dr. Weil Weighs in on Wellness

What do you think of his take on wellness in America?
I recently received the Global Spa & Wellness Summit 's Weekender newsletter, where they focused on Dr. Andrew Weil's video presentation during the recent summit. It was an interesting presentation, so I wanted to share the contents of the newsletter here and get your thoughts. In what ways do you agree or disagree with his point of view? Dr. Andrew...

Clients Are Geling at Home with Red Carpet Manicure

New nail kits help jazz up at-home gel mani/pedis.
I love a good gel manicure. But sometimes, due to my travel schedule, shipping the magazine, and generally being busy, I don’t get to a spa or salon as often as I would like to have the services performed by a pro. But now, thanks to Red Carpet Manicure and its fun collection of nail kits, I can give myself...

New ISPA Stats Show Promise

Spa revenue and visits exhibit growth from 2010 to 2011.
The International SPA Association (ISPA) has released new statistics from the ISPA 2012 U.S. Spa Industry Study . ISPA commissioned PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) to conduct the survey which is updated every year with five key statistics crucial to the spa industry including revenue, spa visits, the number of spa locations, total employment in the industry and square footage. “Against a background...

Tranquility Suites Prove to be the Latest Urban Oases

Discover a Great Place to Spend National Relaxation Day
While you shouldn't need a reason to pamper yourself, it certainly doesn't hurt. And next Wednesday, Aug. 15 provides the perfect excuse for you and your clients, as it's National Relaxation Day. It's the perfect occasion to temp spa-goers into visiting, not that they should need any coaxing. Recognizing the importance of relaxation, numerous hotels now offer tranquility suites in...

Best Cities for Skin

Report from Daily Glow ranks the best and worst town for the complexion.
Ever wonder if where you live might impact your complexion? Check out this handy report from Daily Glow, and find out how your city ranked. Click here to find out which cities rank the highest and why when it comes to citizens with great skin.

August is Designated National Hair Loss Awareness Month

Learn How Many Are Affected With Hair Thinning or Loss
Although my hair has always been the least of my worries, I must admit, I do sometimes feel cause for concern. On a recent trip to New Zealand, I felt as if I was pulling out half of it everytime I went to put a brush or comb through it. I don't know if it was the stress of travel...

Minx Nails Help Athletes Express their Love of Country

How are Olympic Athletes Showing their Team Spirit?
Obsessed with the Olympics like most of the country, I can't help but appreciate the lengths people go to express their patriotism. While I find grills a definite beauty don't, I think it would have been amusing had Team USA gold medalist swimmer Ryan Lochte been allowed to wear his $25,000 custom red, white, and blue diamond-encrusted grill on the...