The Ranch 4.0 Launches for Quick Fitness Fix

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Categories: Fitness

End of summer holidays often mean excess, too much sun, food, and drinks, but The Ranch at Live Oak (Malibu, CA) is offering a four-day detox option to get guests back on track. The Ranch 4.0, launched this month, is a condensed version of the signature weeklong stay available Friday through Monday for a long weekend. Guests receive diagnostic testing, expert-led programming for fitness, weight loss, and overall lifestyle change. Each day participants exercise rigorously—mountain hiking, aerobic classes, strength training, and more—for eight to ten hours and follow a 1,400 calorie vegetarian diet. Also available are à la carte services such as medical testing and evaluation, dermatology, acupuncture, hypnotherapy, spa treatments, and energy healing.

Does your spa offer detox or healthy jumpstart programs?