Bodycare Confidential

Tune in to our #WellnessWatch Twitter party this week
We have introduced a number of exciting updates in the magazine, on the website, and on our social media in recent months. We hope you've enjoyed them and taken advantage of them so far. These updates are key to staying on top of the changing trends in the industry and all the creative ideas you come up with. One addition...

Bodycare Business

Get savvy with sales tips for bodycare products.
We checked in with a few skincare professionals to get their top tips for selling the expanding array of bodycare products and services. “Customization is one of the most effective ways to retail bodycare. Body Bliss spa guests are taken through a series of choices until they end up with a unique formulation that addresses their wants and needs and...

Strong is the New Skinny

Learn about fitness-focused bodycare
I learn about skincare product launches daily, if not hourly, and one I recently came across stood out. Mio High Intensity Bodycare, a new line from the makers of Mama Mio, focuses on caring for as well as improving the fitness of the skin. I hope this is a trend that sticks. I tried it out when I was upping...