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Magic Beans

Decipher the health and skin benefits of soy
Soybeans have garnered more than their fair share of controversy. One day they’re the go-to health food and the next they’re toxic. The truth inevitably falls somewhere in between, and the benefits of soy come in a wide variety. Several studies show that consuming soy helps lower cholesterol and links soy with a lower risk of heart disease. Eating soy...

Superfoods in Skincare

Check out a fun experiment with a new natural serum
New research seems to emerge daily about new foods to add to your plate and to your spa's menu to maintain a healthy diet. Those same superfoods often hold super skincare powers, as well; berries , citrus , and melon contain powerful antioxidants and vitamins to help delay signs of aging and replenish skin. Fighting free-radical damage is also a...