Active Skincare

Learn the best post-workout skincare tips
Exercise is my go-to stress reliever, at least when I don't have a spa appointment on the schedule. I can always count on feeling refreshed and rejuvenated after a hard run or heart-pumping interval training class. The many other health benefits are just icing on the cake. A sweat session isn't always good for the skin, though. A build-up of...

Superhero Moves

Learn about a fun, new total-body workout.
I must admit, I love to workout, and working in the spa industry has offered many opportunities to improve my practice. Last week, I was especially excited to check out Spiderbands , a total-body cardio resistance workout that leverages gravity and body weight. Offering a variety of classes at its Brooklyn location Fuel Fitness , including trapeze and kickboxing, Spiderbands...

Well-Rounded Fitness Inspiration

Get inspired by fitness feats
Summer is the season of skin and lots of it. It’s no surprise everyone seems to be looking for new ways to achieve their ideal bikini body in the gym, spa, and in the great outdoors, and fast—it is the middle of July after all. Getting moving and exercising is all well and good, however many of these get-fit-quick schemes...