mirbeau inn & spa

Spring Cleaning

Check out new Zents treatments to help revive skin
When the seasons should begin to change, I often jump the gun in my fashion choices—a sundress or light jacket when it’s still freezing. That’s not the best choice for clothing, but getting a jumpstart on skincare and bodycare for the next season is smart thinking. Mirbeau Inn & Spa (Skaneateles, NY) is helping guests spring clean their skin in...

Spa Room Service

Discover how a NY spa offers private pampering
A bubble bath is such a simple, minimal-effort-required indulgence that yields big luxurious rewards of lowered stress levels, soothed muscles, and overall calm. Nothing quite compares to soaking in a warm bath, yet I rarely find time to soak in the tub. Now guests of Mirbeau Inn & Spa (Skaneateles, NY) need only ring a Bath Butler to bring all...

Talk About Wellness

See how a resort spa educates guests
Sometimes I’m guilty of frequently complaining of being tired, and always in need of a caffeinated pick-me-up to get through the day. One of the new Mirbeau Inn & Spa (Skaneateles, NY) Wellness Talks, “Tired of being tired? Overcome your Fatigue” led by Melissa Weinberger D.C., R.N., of Nuravita Chiropractic, Yoga & Wellness Care (Skaneateles, NY) is just the boost...