spa fitness

Hiit a Hit at Spas

Get innovative with spa fitness classes
I try to squeeze in new fitness classes and fresh moves in my exercise routines and one of my latest obsessions is high intensity interval training, better known as HIIT classes. Instructors run particpants through our paces and there's not a moment to think about how difficult it is, let alone sneak a sip of water. Since I find myself...

Dancing With the Spas

Discover a fun fitness collaboration at a Colorado resort spa
I'm not usually a fan of reality television, but lately I've tuned in religiously each Monday night to watch Dancing With the Stars . In my personal opinion it's been a fabulous season showcasing the talent and hours of hard work of a group of true athletes, and I'm sad to see it come to an end this week. Dance,...

Strong is the New Skinny

Learn about fitness-focused bodycare
I learn about skincare product launches daily, if not hourly, and one I recently came across stood out. Mio High Intensity Bodycare, a new line from the makers of Mama Mio, focuses on caring for as well as improving the fitness of the skin. I hope this is a trend that sticks. I tried it out when I was upping...