Healthy Practice

Learn unique wellness tips and benefits of yoga
As I visit more spas and meet more of you, I realize how vital a fitness program is as a complement to spa services for a total mind-body healing experience. There's no better example of that than yoga, which many luxe spas offer with their own creative spin ( on a paddleboard and more ). I'm no yogi myself, though...

Spa Alert: Uproar re NY Times Article, “How Yoga Wrecks Your Body.” Red Flag Needed.

SpaFinder's Susie Ellis responds to a recent NYT article about the perils of yoga.
Susie Ellis recently responded to a New York Times article on the perils of yoga on her SpaFinder blog . Here's her take on the issue.... Ok, let’s calm down. Perhaps we should all take a collective deep yoga breath. One morning a couple of weeks ago I noticed an article in the NY Times Magazine titled, “ How Yoga...

Spa Montage Offers Variety to Yogis

A Laguna Beach respite gives spa-goers a variety of options when it comes to yoga.
While watching the latest episode of "Kourtney & Kim Take New York" this past weekend, I made several observations. First, Kim Kardashian made the right move getting rid of Kris Humphries. He seems like a complete loser. Second, Kourtney's husband is no prize either. And third, "naked yoga" would not be my cup of tea. Let me explain: In the...