Allied Health Association Launches Beauty Industry Job Board

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The Allied Health Association announced the launch of its free beauty industry job board at Designed for the beauty industry, this new job board is dedicated to providing information about job openings nationwide to help make finding qualified employees more simplified and centralized. All posts are reviewed before going live to ensure that only spa and salon industry related jobs will be posted. In addition to jobs, the site also features the latest in industry news, updates, and information about hiring a new candidate.


There seems to be a shortage of cosmetology inspectors. If we had more of them in each city, they could do a more effective job of policing unlicensed workers. I hope the Allied Health site is able to post these positions when they are available. It would be very interesting to shadow a beauty inspector during their work day just to see what goes on when they walk in to a place and ask to see everyone’s license.

The inspector shows up unannounced and asks everyone in the place to show their cosmetologist or cosmetician license. This person usually asks for the large copy not the wallet size copy. We were told there is a fine if all you have with you is the wallet size copy. We may see this person three times a year. But it should be every two months. The times they enter a place should vary, i.e. weekday or weekend; morning or evening.

We wouldn't have to compete with so many places if we had more inspectors. There wouldn't be price wars everywhere and the public would appreciate the services because they are only performed in select places. There would be more control and places doing unlicensed waxing which seems to be everywhere would end up removing those services from their menu because there risk of getting fined wouldn’t be worth it.

The same can be said for massage therapy and facials. I've seen places train a massage therapist to do facials or an esthetician will attempt a superficial rubdown on someone who is paying for a massage. It becomes a blur to the consumer who wonders if they have been given a spa technician who has been trained in that area of expertise.