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Easy Beachy Beautiful

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Brighten up your clients’ summer beauty routines with hair, makeup, and nail products sure to last through the changing tides.
Set in the Sun For natural beach beauty, these products will make clients’ features pop. Too Faced Melted is a liquified long-wearing lipstick that doesn’t melt in the sun or on lips. Each multifaceted, lustrous shade coats lips in a burst of rich glazed color. Enriched with vitamins C and E Glo Minerals Suede Matte Crayons hydrate lips and deliver vivid, long-lasting color in six different shades (including Crush, Sorbet, and Bombshell shown). Veil Cosmetics Complexion Fix is...

Treasure Chest

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Discover why spas are busting out a rich array of services and products designed to treat and protect the décolleté.
Nora Ephron said it best in her book “I Feel Bad About My Neck: And Other Thoughts on Being a Woman” (Knopf Doubleday Publishing Group, 2006): “Our faces are lies, and our necks are the truth.” Women can often appear younger because of makeup and rigorous skincare practices, but signs of aging on the neck, shoulders, and chest—also known as the décolleté or décolletage—are harder to hide, as people tend to ignore that area until it is too late. The...

Child’s Play

From infants to teens, the spa world is capitalizing on the wellness needs of a younger generation.
For years, the spa industry has experienced rapid growth. And as consumers have become more aware of wellness, the scope and the client base have also expanded. Among the most promising—and sometimes controversial—potential spa consumers can be found within the under-18 set. In fact, according to the 2014 International Spa Association (ISPA) U.S. Spa Industry Study, 51 percent of spas offer treatments for teens, while 25 percent of spas offer treatments for children under 13, numbers that have experienced steady...

Just for Sun

Soak up the latest sun-related news and information to protect your clients this summer and year-round.
Year after year, skin cancer continues to be the most common form of cancer in the U.S. According to the American Cancer Society (ACS), more than 3.5 million basal and squamous cell skin cancers are diagnosed in this country each year. Even though melanoma accounts for less than two percent of skin cancer cases, it causes a large majority of skin cancer deaths, and the ACS estimates that about 73,870 new melanomas will be diagnosed this year. In addition to...

The Bee’s Knees

Sweeten your spa’s menu with a host of bee-related ingredients, which are creating the latest buzz in skincare.
While most people generally keep their distance from bees (and for good reason), the spa industry has embraced the pollinating little buggers for the beneficial skin ingredients they provide. Driven in part by the farm-to-treatment-table trend, onsite beehives have become a key selling point at many resorts, where the biggest concern is how to divide the harvested honey between the kitchen and the spa. Fortunately, it’s not necessary to maintain your own hive (or duke it out with the chef)...

Chemical Attraction

The word “acid” can be intimidating to many spa-goers, especially when it is paired with terms like “chemical peel.” But spa-goers need not be afraid of acid-based treatments and products, because most are not only safe but also highly effective in helping to reverse or slow down the aging process. As people age and they’re unable to quickly rid themselves of old skin cells, the epidermis begins to thicken, and skin experiences a loss in elasticity. Acids help shed old...

Fab or Fad Facials

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Buzzworthy Beauty
Some spa-goers will do just about anything to achieve healthy and radiant skin. In fact, it’s shocking to see the lengths they’ll go and the prices they’ll pay for the sake looking younger. You have only to look at a few of the seemingly crazy facials turning up on treatment menus to wonder if it’s all just part of some marketing ploy. According to spa consultant Peter Anderson, founder and principal of Anderson & Associates, fad facials can be looked...

Table Service

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Massage Tables
Dim lighting, relaxing scents, and soothing music are all integral in creating a satisfying spa experience for clients, but another element that should not be overlooked is the right equipment. This includes warm towels, oils, lotions, and perhaps most importantly, the massage table. If a massage table is uncomfortable or creaky, both the client and the therapist can experience a less-than-ideal treatment. Many massage equipment companies are not only ensuring massage tables are comfortable, functional, and ergonomical, but they are...

Life Aquatic

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Marine Ingredients
Summer is almost here, which means it’ll soon be time to hit the beach. And although few things top a cooling dip on a sweltering day, your clients don’t have to wait for warmer weather to harness the sea’s healing powers. Marine ingredients, such as algae, seaweed, and more, play a key role in detoxifying, replenishing, firming, and soothing the skin. It’s really no surprise that several skincare lines, such as Osea, Phytomer, and Repêchage to name just a few,...

Green Thumb

Green Business Practices
These days it’s not enough to offer an effective product, as most spa-goers also want the products they use to be green. What does that mean exactly? Well, for starters, it means using more organic, non-genetically modified organisms (GMO), and natural ingredients. Fortunately, many product manufacturers are already onboard with this way of thinking and doing what they can to lessen their impact on the environment. “Being green is of utmost concern to Pevonia,” says Maritza Rodriguez, global vice president...