Spa Treatment Articles

Raising the Brow

Brow shaping techniques
Learn how treating some of the most common hairy situations can boost your clients’ self-esteem and grow your client base.
Even though eyelashes continue to be all the rage these days, studies show that lashes are not necessarily the most important feature on a person’s face. When it comes to first impressions and social interactions, eyebrows actually have the largest influence in facial recognition and the way a person views another’s emotional expressions, according to a study conducted by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences. “Women are often looking for ways to make their...

Design Stars

Nail art
Discover why having proficient nail art technicians on hand at your spa is a smart idea.
Some beauty trends come and go (Think: black lipstick, ultra-thin eyebrows, and unnaturally long eyelash extensions, for instance), while others have staying power that keep them popular year after year. You’ve got to hand it to nail art for being one trend that seems to be gaining momentum, attracting clients of all ages and walks of life. “Nail art is a form of fashion and a growing trend, because it allows an individual to experiment with color, texture, and design,”...

Waxing Poetic

Waxing treatments
Learn how some spas are using wordplay to make hair removal sexy and fun.
Mention waxing to any spa-goer, and he or she may not be able to dissociate the experience from the redness, itchiness, and pain that often comes with the service. Hair removal is far from a sexy experience—so much so that it often takes place in a hidden-away back room of a spa or salon or is added as an afterthought to more enjoyable treatments like facials and massages. Bringing waxing to the forefront and marketing it effectively can be a...

Soothing Succulent

Prickly pear fruit
A popular cactus proves to be a nourishing source of hydration and more for dry and dehydrated skin.
Most people wouldn’t think to associate a cactus with a name like prickly pear as being an effective skin soother. However, you may want to start once you learn how this natural ingredient can benefit the skin. Often found in desert conditions, prickly pear grows in Africa, Australia, the Mediterranean, Mexico, South America, and the U.S. Nopal and barbary fig, as it’s also called, features paddle-shaped leaves that produce long sharp spines and blooms that transform into edible fruit. In...

Making Waves

Willow Stream Spa at Fairmont Sonoma Mission Inn & Spa (CA)
A treasured spa gets an update and gives spa enthusiasts yet another reason to take the plunge.
Opened more than 20 years ago, Willow Stream Spa at Fairmont Sonoma Mission Inn & Spa (CA) has a long history of captivating savvy spa-goers. With 30 treatment rooms, the 40,000-square-foot spa is the biggest in town and boasts a variety of pools and hot tubs that are fed by local geothermal mineral springs. In fact, it’s one of the few luxury spa resorts in the country with its own source of thermal mineral water. Capitalizing on that fact, the...

The Upper Hand

Massage technique
Add a nice touch to your service menu by including lesser-known massage modalities that are good for your clients’ wellbeing—and your spa’s bottom line.
According to the latest edition of the International Spa Association (ISPA) Foundation’s Consumer Snapshot Initiative conducted by PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), massage is, without question, the top treatment at spas today. The study, which was based on the views of consumers from the U.S., UK, Canada, and Australia, reveals that 72 percent of spa-goers experienced a massage within the previous year. “Massage is no longer considered a luxury treatment, it’s a necessity for many,” says Lilliane Caron, owner and director of Caronlab...

Saving Face

Effective benefits of retinol
A retinol revolution is taking place, as this tried-and-true anti-ager evolves to deliver more effective benefits without the irritating side effects.
While we’ve yet to find the fountain of youth, retinol certainly comes close. A derivative of vitamin A, it has proven itself to be a true power player in the anti-aging game. “Studies have shown conclusively that retinol helps repair photo-aging in skin,” says Annet King, senior director of global education for Dermalogica and The International Dermal Institute. “It helps increase collagen production, slow its degradation, boost cell turnover, and improve skintone and discoloration. It also reduces visible wrinkles and...

The Big Chill

Cryotherapy facials
Discover why spa-goers are freezing themselves in below-Arctic temperatures.
People are paying top dollar to expose their bodies to temperatures not found on Earth for one to three bone-chilling minutes while stripped down to their swimwear or birthday suits and sporting gloves, socks, and sometimes other protective accoutrements. In Antarctica, the coldest temperature ever recorded was measured by a satellite at -135.8 degrees F, while liquid-nitrogen-cooled cryochambers range between 150 to 300 degrees below zero. When exposed to such frigid temperatures, we’re thrust into survival mode: the brain sends...

Rock Solid Rituals

Verdura Spa lobby at the Verdura Resort (Italy)
A new organic product line and wellness program raise the bar for Rocco Forte Spas.
With a collection of iconic properties throughout Europe, Rocco Forte Hotels is delving into the world of wellness. This spring, the company launched Rocco Forte Spas, a holistic wellness program that will be incorporated into each of the brand’s seven spas. Overseeing training and development for the hotels, brand manager Irene Forte was also involved in developing the spa program and spearheading the company’s new organic beauty line. Here, she shares how the spas are incorporating the new wellness offerings...

Bag of Tricks

Summer makeup products
Help clients get a handle on the must-have products and makeup trends that can carry them through the summer.
Let’s face it, summer might bring warm weather, but the effects on the skin can be less than hot. From sweat and sunburn to clogged pores and acne, summer skin often needs just as much attention, if not more, than dry winter skin, and simply purchasing new makeup each season isn’t the solution. According to recent statistics from the market research company Lab42, 58 percent of female millennials purchase different makeup products for the summer and winter seasons. While it’s...