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Man-Datory Relaxation

Male Spa Treatments
Find out why giving props to your male clientele can help you boost your business.
Women have been frequenting spas for years, but men are catching up. Research shows that more men visit spas today than ever before. According to a study from the ISPA Foundation, conducted by PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), men represent 47 percent of the spa-going population in the U.S. “Due to the effects of our modern lifestyle, like higher stress levels and environmental toxins, more and more people are understanding the need to actively care for their skin,” says Josanna Gaither, director of...

Innovations to Watch

Innovations to Watch
Some of the industry’s leading experts weigh in on a few of the year’s most promising advances.
Around-the-Clock Repair “Taking the skin’s chronobiology into account is the biggest innovation. Our skin has its own timing: during the day it fights environmental stressors, at night it is all about regeneration. That is why developing actives that consider this internal clock is extremely important.”­— Andrea Weber, head of the Babor Research and Innovation Center ( ) “Seriously effective, natural overnight treatments are vital in our busy modern lives. These multitasking formulas undo the effects of poor sleep, address...

Now Generation Massage

On-Demand Massage
While the verdict is still out on what impact on-demand services will have on the spa industry, consumers are certainly embracing the trend.
Every once in awhile, disrupters emerge and offer such innovative solutions that they render the industry forever changed. On-demand massage, enabled by technology and ubiquitous apps, has made booking a treatment nearly instantaneous, allowing clients to confirm massages within seconds—at almost any time of day. Some on-demand companies provide access to a network of therapists who travel to clients’ homes or offices within the hour, while others offer same-day massages at spas. “As technology has grown, consumers do more and...

Acid Appeal

Acid-based products
Discover why alpha hydroxy and beta hydroxy acid products and treatments are all the rage these days.
Acid-based products and treatments are more than just a fad. They continue to impress with their ability to help reverse and slow down the aging process. As people age, their skin loses its ability to quickly rid itself of old skin cells. This leads to a thickening of the epidermis and a loss of elasticity. Hydroxy acids, which include alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) and beta hydroxy acids (BHAs), treat a wide range of skin issues, such as acne, hyperpigmentation, and...

Plum Assignment

Kakadu Plum
Discover why you may want to pay attention to this Australian superfruit that packs a mighty punch.
Although most people think first of oranges when it comes to being a rich source of vitamin C, a little known fruit is poised to take over that title. Native to Australia, kakadu plum, also referred to as gubinge, murunga, bush plum and billygoat plum, is produced by terminalia ferdinandiana , a flowering tree grown throughout the tropical woodlands. Regardless of what you call it, kakadu plum is garnering attention for its potential health benefits, much of which can be...

Beauty and the East

Japanese and South Korean skincare innovations
Japanese and South Korean skincare innovations are driving product development in America and quickly becoming mainstream.
Spa-goers have long looked to the East for its wealth of beauty knowledge, and some claim Asian skincare is at least a decade ahead of the rest of the world. Asian beauty trends have crossed many miles to take root in the U.S., and now spa-goers don’t need to travel to Asia—namely South Korea or Japan—to experience the benefits of cutting-edge Eastern-inspired skincare. Japan, often regarded as the leading beauty innovator in Asia, has stiff competition from South Korea, which...

Handle with Care

Soothing products
Find out why a gentle touch and soothing products can provide comfort to clients with even the most sensitive skin.
Sensitive skin is described as skin that has a tendency to experience redness, burning, itching, swelling, flaking, and dryness. While the symptoms and characteristics of sensitive skin are often easy to identify and label, the causes are more complicated and, at times, unclear. According to Philippe Allouche, M.D., founder and co-owner of Biologique Recherche and CEO of Biologique Recherche USA, the causes of sensitive skin vary and may involve an underlying genetic susceptibility in addition to internal and external factors...

LEEDing the Way

Spa Anjali at The Westin Riverfront Resort & Spa at Beaver Creek Mountain (Avon, CO)
Find out how to make your spa greener.
As more and more spas recognize the importance of environmental responsibility, many are making an effort to employ green initiatives. Some are starting from the ground up with a commitment to build LEED-certified facilities that integrate advanced earth-friendly technologies, while others are taking steps to reduce their carbon footprint by incorporating green practices. “Green building certifications make a statement of commitment to the environment, your people, and the community,” says Tara Grodjesk, president of Tara Spa Therapy and a founding...

Mighty Macadamia

Kakadu Plum
From humble beginnings to culinary superstar, the macadamia nut is poised to make an impact on the health and wellness scene.
Although it was considered a delicacy when Australia’s Aboriginal people first discovered it thousands of years ago, spa-goers are only now clueing in to its appeal. A rich yet lightweight texture and a bounty of benefits have turned macadamia into the hottest prospect in the current crop of beauty-oil contenders. According to chief brand officer Cherie Jackson, Australian line Jindilli is a pioneer in the macadamia-oil business. “Our company was the first in the world to press macadamias for oil...

Journey to Harmony

Auberge Spa at Hacienda AltaGracia in Costa Rica
Discover how Auberge Spas are impressing spa-goers with their stunning locales, an eco-friendly philosophy, and authentic experiences.
Capturing a sense of place, Auberge Spas, like the collection of luxury boutique hotels, resorts, and residential properties they’re found in, are designed to reflect the natural beauty of their surroundings. Their strong connection to nature only adds to their appeal. Here, Karen Ray, director of spas, shares how the brand’s spas have led the charge toward becoming more eco-friendly and how they seek to offer a truly memorable experience. What is your company’s overall mission statement? A: Each Auberge...