Spa Treatment Articles

Message in a Bottle

Discover the hidden skincare benefits packed inside peptide-based treatments and products.
The skin is the largest organ in the human body, and it consists mostly of water and collagen. Because peptides are the building blocks of collagen, they play an essential role in the skin’s health—and are, therefore, one of the hottest ingredients found in skincare today. “Peptides are long or short chains of amino acids fastened together like chains on a link fence,” says Catie Wiggy, licensed esthetician and product development brand manager at MyChelle Dermaceuticals. “These bonds are formed...

All Aflutter

Lash Conditioner
When it comes to lash conditioners, it’s what’s inside that really counts.
Many of today’s savvy spa-goers understand the importance of creating a daily beauty routine that includes safe and effective products that help their skin and hair look younger and healthier. Yet even though full, lush eyelashes continue to be all the rage today, they don’t always receive the special treatment they deserve. Short, brittle, and sparse eyelashes are often caused by physical, chemical, and biological stressors—including age, hormonal shifts, poor diet, sickness, medications, and exposure to the sun—but with the...

Planting the Seed

Chia seeds
Chia has transformed from pop-culture punch line to personal-care paragon, and the spa world is taking notice.
Once best known in sprouted form thanks to a nationwide bout of ‘80s-era Chia Pet fever, ch-ch-ch-chia seed is currently enjoying a resurgence as a dietary darling and skincare superfood. “Chia is the real deal,” says Susanne Norwitz, founder of Maya Chia Beauty, a skincare line based on the tiny seeds. According to her, it delivers on its various claims of imparting radiance and moisturizing the skin. It may be the ingredient du jour , but salvia hispanica is no...

Bliss Blockbuster

Spa marketing
New apps, approachable technology, and an extensive audience make video a smart marketing move for spas.
Thermae Bath Spa (England) launched a YouTube channel five years ago to showcase the property’s natural springs and give potential clients a glimpse into the treatments that await. The staff had no idea the collection of online videos would soon garner thousands of views, and even better, bring clients through the doors. “We decided to launch a YouTube channel because we had fantastic videos we wanted to share to showcase Thermae Bath Spa,” says assistant director of marketing and communications...

Bathing Beauty

Spa Solage
A popular Calistoga spa raises the bar with an all-encompassing makeover and a host of innovative offerings.
While Spa Solage at Solage Calistoga (CA) has always been an enticing retreat, it has become even more attractive to spa-goers thanks to a recent multimillion-dollar renovation. The update to the 14-treatment-room spa involved a 2,500-square-foot expansion to the reception building and included a new indoor and outdoor Relaxation Lounge, expanded men’s and women’s locker rooms with outdoor showers, an enhanced menu of services and fitness programs, and a redesign of the spa’s interior decor. The spa also benefits from...

Out of Africa

Marula Oil
From sub-Saharan standby to luxe spa mainstay, marula oil is having a breakthrough moment.
The fruit of the marula tree may not look remarkable, but beneath its tough skin lies a centuries-old African curative. Revered for its healing properties, natural and sustainable marula oil packs a nutritional punch perfect for the face, body, and hair. Indigenous to southern Africa, the sclerocarya birrea , or marula tree, produces a sweet edible fruit. Its bark serves as a remedy for everything from diarrhea and fever to malaria and diabetes, and its roots ease eye pain. But...

Sugar Shock

Sugar Effects
Skincare manufacturers are recognizing the not-so-sweet effects sugar has on the skin.
Sugar is in the news for what it does to the waistline and overall health, but it’s also making headlines in the skincare arena. Glycation is this year’s buzzword, as it represents the process by which a sugar molecule, either fructose or glucose, bonds to a protein or a lipid molecule. “It is a natural process in which the sugar in the bloodstream attaches to proteins to form harmful new molecules called advanced glycation end products, or AGEs,” says Celeste...

On Track for Success

Spa Technology
The popularity of wellness apps and wearable technology is making it easier for clients to achieve their fitness goals.
Knowledge is power. If the flourishing fitness gadget and tracking market is any indication, wellness information is extremely powerful. According to the latest research from Endeavour Partners, one in 10 Americans ages 18 and older own an activity tracker, and Juniper Research forecasts worldwide spending on wearable technology will top $1 billion this year. “The ability to track real-time data around personal health and wellness is shaping the wellness landscape in new and exciting ways,” says Stephanie Jennings, senior vice...

Dressed to Perfection

Spa Uniforms
Follow these guidelines to help your employees dress for success.
Appearance really is something when it comes to a spa. Most of today’s savvy spa-goers expect a clean and well-maintained space from the moment they enter the reception area and throughout the rest of the spa, including in the relaxation lounge, the bathroom and locker areas, and the treatment rooms. Your spa must also ensure that its employees properly reflect this pristine and professional appearance, which can be achieved with a well-thought-out spa uniform policy. “The best way for spas...

Salty Solutions

Salt Therapy
This universally effective mineral is making headlines.
Though by no means a new ingredient, salt is spicing up spas like never before. From salt rooms and caves to healing Himalayan salt crystals, tools, and beds to treatments and experiences that incorporate salt, sodium chloride is most certainly making waves. One of the hottest ways to sprinkle it into spas comes in the form of salt rooms and caves that incorporate halotherapy, or dry salt therapy. “When it is inhaled, the dry salt acts like a sponge, absorbing...