3 Ways to Sleep Better

Did you get a good night’s sleep last night? If not, you’re among a growing population (49 percent of Americans according to The Better Sleep Council) who need more Zzz's. Getting enough sleep is crucial. Well & Being at the Fairmont Scottsdale Princess (AZ) is taking sleep very seriously and offers Sleep Programming to ensure stressed guests can rest up during their stays. Here’s how this spa helps spa-goers get the Zzz’s they need.

  1. So Sound Acoustic Resonance Room: Rejuvenating 30- or 60-minute cocooned “naps” in a zero-gravity So Sound Lounger envelope guests in healing tones and vibrations for upmost relaxation and meditation while reducing chronic stress, fatigue, and pain. To further promote a restful sleep, the So Sound Acoustic Resonance Room features calming lavender essential oil and hot chamomile tea, Sprayology Sleep Ease and Melatonin sleep elixir.
  2. Blissful Sleep Package: One-night luxury accommodations featuring a Sweet Dreams amenity kit and choice of a 60-minute acupuncture/acupressure sleep-inducing treatment or a one-on-one consultation on Nutrition For Active Living or Stress Reduction & Breathing Techniques.
  3. Sweet Dreams Kit Includes:
  • Well & Being sleep mask
  • SprayOLogy homeopathic travel kit for sleep ease
  • KFI Magnesium bath sachet and Body Bliss lavender or jasmine essential oil to relieve stress
  • Travel-size Neroli Spritz for refreshed skin
  • National Geographic’s “Life is Your Best Medicine” written by Well & Being chief medical officer, Tieraona Low Dog, M.D.

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