The Spa and Wellness Consulting Initiative has released its first-ever sector data infographic. See it here.

LVMH is increasing its presence in the luxury hospitality realm with the acquisition of Belmond Ltd.

Congress passed the highly anticipated U.S. Farm Bill legalizing hemp earlier this week, giving the CBD industry a major boost.

The wellness world is shining a light on the harmful effects of the blue light produced by today’s digital devices.

Blue is the new green thanks to a new movement that is putting the planet first.

As more conscious-minded consumers vote with their dollars, skincare manufacturers are responding by adopting fair trade practices that work to support the…

Spa-goers get homecare at their fingertips with increasingly advanced handheld skincare and wellness devices incorporating the latest technology. 

As more cosmetics brands embrace the natural, vegan, and cruelty-free consumer mentality, they are also introducing brilliant color choices that go beyond…

Skincare products and spa services created specifically for women’s intimate areas are becoming popular.

Environmental initiatives grow, as people realize the detrimental impact single-use plastics and excessive consumption has on the planet.