Coinciding with the night's Camp: Notes on Fashion theme, celebrities rocked over-the-top and outrageous nails on the Met Gala's iconic Pink Carpet.

In honor of National Nurses Day, Face Haus provided registered nurses to complimentary facials in New York, California, and Texas.

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Yup, it’s @zitsticka again .The patch from the future that puts a zit in your past 🔮 Just ask our lovely customers (*swipe*). Thanks for hanging out today! Be sure to follow along @zitsticka for more on the best ex-zit strategy around 😍 #zitsticka #takeoverCan your clients relate? @zitsticka (that’s us!) was created to resolve the deep, hard-to-reach zit. We realize up-and-coming is usually a good thing—but not when it comes to zits. #zitsticka #takeover@zitsticka here! Fancy a quick crash course on our microdart zit patch? •
Step 1️⃣: Swipe a deep, hard-to-get zit with a CLEANA swab. •
Step 2️⃣: Press and hold a ZitSticka to zit. (Enjoy the satisfying prickle!) After 2 hours, the 24 microdarts dissolve, flooding the zit with efficacious ingredients like hyaluronic acid, salicylic acid, niacinamide and oligopeptide-76. •
Step 3️⃣: Equip your clients with the tech-meets-skincare patch!
SWIPE for a close up of the magic microdarts😍#zitsticka #takeover

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