Evergreen, CO August 12, 2002. Katie Armitage, Executive Director of Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals (ABMP) announced today that ABMP¹s membership grew to 40, 440 by the end of July 2002, wrapping up the strongest seven month membership growth spurt in the organization's history.

Growth has occurred in all membership categories, particularly in Certified, Professional and Student memberships.

"We thank each of our members for making this announcement possible," said Bob Benson, President of ABMP. One year ago, a Massage Today poll of massage practitioners asked, 'Which association best serves the interests of
its membership and the profession?' ABMP was picked by 57% of respondents; the second place association received 15% of the votes.

Our growth permits us to continue improving the value of an ABMP membership publications quality, Web communications, client education aids, broad liability insurance coverage, and regulatory advocacy reflecting consensus member views in each state, just for starters with no increase in core
membership rates during our entire 15-year operating history.

More than anything else, though, what accounts for ABMP¹s growth (up 25,000 members in six years) is our focus on a different number, one. Each of our staff members embraces a genuine commitment to responsive, prompt individualized service for every one of our members. A real sense of
ownership and caring about meeting each member¹s needs permeates our organization. Over time, those bonds add up, leading to large total membership, thus making possible even further service and value improvements.'

"It's an exciting time to be serving the massage and bodywork profession," said Benson, and we appreciate the more than 40,000 votes of confidence."

For additional information, please contact Darren Buford at [email protected] or 800/458-2267, ext. 624