American Hotel & Motel Association Supports Resort Conference

The American Hotel & Motel Association will be a major financial sponsor of the Resort Management Conference, to be held in Vail, CO April 8-10. William P. Fisher, president and chief executive officer of AH&MA announced. In addition, AH&MA Vice Chairman Kirby D. Payne, president of American Hospitality Management Company will address the opening session of the Resort Conference.
The conference was jointly developed by the International Resort Managers Association (IRMA) and the University of Denver (DU) in cooperation with Resort Management magazine.
'As the all-inclusive spokes-organization for the U.S. lodging industry, we are always pleased to see communities of colleagues assemble to share their experiences and creative thinking,' Fisher said. The AH&MA is anxious to share its wide range of resort-related knowledge and resources in helping IRMA to attain its stated purpose of providing broad-based education, certification, testing, and distance learning; job placement services; and other tools that are needed by resort managers worldwide.

IRMA Executive Vice President Anita L. Bauer praised AH&MA's supportive spirit. 'AH&MA's generous gesture is indicative of the cooperative spirit in which our two organizations want to work together going forward,' Bauer said. She noted that the two organizations complement one another, with AH&MA serving an industry-wide legislative and public policy role, while IRMA focuses on resort-specific education and professional development.

Another indication of the level of that cooperation, Bauer said, is the recent selection of Thomas Vincent IV, vice chairman of the AH&MA Resort Committee, to serve on the IRMA board of directors. Vincent, president of Observations Unlimited, a resort consulting and investment firm located in LaMesa, is the 2000 recipient of AH&MA's Lawson Odde award, presented for distinguished service by an AH&MA board member.

For information contact:
Anita L. Bauer, Executive Vice President