Aquae Sulis Spa Helps Guests Get over the Midweek Hump

The only reason I have to look forward to Wednesdays is the fact that "Glee" is on. Other than that, I don't particularly care for the day, as it just sits that smack in the middle of the week and doesn’t really have much to offer. But that's not true anymore for visitors to Aquae Sulis Spa at the JW Marriott Las Vegas Resort & Spa, which just launched the "Wine Down Wednesday" program. For $25, guests are granted full access to the spa Wednesdays from 5-8PM, including the showers, saunas, pool, and fitness center. They are also treated to a mini manicure and served wine. Guests can also purchase additional spa services if they are so inclined. What better way to get over "Hump Day" than with a little midweek pick-me-up?