Art Plus Science Equals Five Hot 2007 Medical Spa Trends

The science and art of looking good is spurring some important trends for 2007's beauty prescription. The innovations that will shape the medical spa industry in the coming months may change your notion of success and better position you to take advantage of the abundant opportunities that wait.

Trend #1
Regulatory Intervention

Don't be caught off guard and don't stay focused on what you cannot change. Instead, for 2007 learn about the coming regulatory challenges that could create barriers to your continued success if you don't adequately prepare for them. Regulations vary from state to state. For example, a doctor generally has to oversee the procedures performed in a medical spa, but this does not mean that he or she is always on the premises. Where to start your preparation? Look at what is happening in the state of Florida where regulatory barriers have spearheaded the nation's concern and created laws to assuage legal and health-related problems.

Trend #2
Medical Grade Cosmeceuticals

The quest for feeling and looking healthy has energized consumer interest in the hybrid approach to skin care. The perfect match of time-honored skin care regimes is now welcoming the myriad pharmaceutical "offspring" entrants to create a fabulous array of outcomes based products. Whether you call it "hope in a bottle," or "treatment in a bottle," more and more medical spa owners, physicians, and beauty business entrepreneurs, are creating their own private-label products.

Medical spa owners and physicians that want to develop their own private-label products will continue to look to pharmaceutical companies and other biopharmaceutical companies to purchase highly touted ingredients like DNA repair, growth factors. They will also purchase cutting-edge product delivery systems — the new versions of liposome technology —to help the products' ingredients penetrate the skin's surface to deliver the "goods" to where the skin needs it most.

We will also see many of these products embrace the newly approved SPF ingredients by the middle of 2007. And, The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) continue to enforce its extended monograph for over-the-counter (OTC) sunscreen drugs indefinitely. In the coming year, watch for the FDA to "crackdown" on unfounded claims made by product manufacturers, for example, "waterproof" or "SPF 60." Designed to create more than just the appearance and feel of better skin, the new breed shining stars of medical grade cosmeceuticals come with a promise of treatment enhancing qualities to bring about short and long-term skin benefits. Look for companies that have been a mainstay in the industry as well as up and coming innovators destined to make an indelible mark on the changing, modern world of skin care products.

Trend #3
Science of Technology

This year, look at the existing equipment you have come to love and rely on to reap the rewards of experience and continued innovation. Superior technology will continue to improve in scope and ability to provide additional procedures and services. One area of tremendous opportunity is the growth of laser and light-based devices, which will continue to play a major role in aesthetic enhancement services. Manufacturers will offer a wide range of products, along with extensive product support, including training and education to jumpstart the equipment's use.

One company that has made great strides in 2006 and continues to look towards growth in 2007 is Lumenis, the manufacturer of one of the latest entrant in the laser and light-based devices--The ActiveFX, used to treat fine lines, wrinkles, skin laxity, discoloration (e.g., freckles, 'age spots,' etc.), and other effects of aging and sun damage. Says Avner Raz, President and CEO of Lumenis, 'Recent trends indicate younger and more active patients are increasingly seeking skin rejuvenation procedures to treat photoaging that is noticeable, though not yet severe. At the same time, they are averse to procedures that require multiple visits or a lengthy recovery. For these patients, efficacy and convenience are both important — they want clearly visible results quickly, but they don't want a lot of 'downtime' after the treatment."

New technological advancements will provide enhanced precision and ease to make some procedures better and perhaps more profitable, aiding a more positive return on investment. Be prepared to enhance your clients' overall well being through the most-advanced technology for non-surgical treatment therapies

Trend #4

We watched our day-spas morph into medical spas. We watched the rise of freestanding medical spas and medical spa services added to hospitals, and hotels. Now we are primed for the launch of a new one-stop service offering, coined "The Spadominium." Look for the summer 2007 opening of the first of its kind under the ownership of Miraval Living in New York City. These fashionable buildings will feature residents-only spa services, complete with their own onsite plastic surgeons, right next to the concierge, reports Vogue Magazine, January 2007. Medical spa services right where you live is the latest innovation to keep us living well and looking great.

Trend #5
The "One-stop" Niche Spa

Can you imagine a medical spa that offers everything under one roof? Look for the rise of medical spa, meets wellness, meets age management services —all under one roof! The notion of specialty medical spas or spas that focus on a niche or specialty services will blend to create a one-stop Mecca of service options.

Shoib Myint, MD, an ophthalmic and facial plastic surgeon based in Michigan, is planning to add a medical spa, CaraSpa, to their group practice. Says Dr. Myint, "We are beginning to recognize the synergies and additional income opportunities that the two entities and services --medical spa and cosmetic surgery-- represent, and would like to capitalize upon such opportunities." He adds, "The availability of a broader spectrum of surgical and non-invasive procedures will also increase the frequency of patient/client visits to the spa for more and more procedures, creating loyalty and a strong, sustainable practice base."

The very successful professional will start incorporating niche services into their practice and expand their offerings to make their practice a one-stop niche medical spa. Some of these will include weight management, nutrition, and fitness. They may also provide lifestyle-changing services, for example, services that include personal whole being assessment, lifestyle coaching, and obesity-specific services. Wellness medical spa service can include a number of options including massages, facials, scrubs, wraps, oils, herbs, and other therapies designed to reduce toxins, relieve stress, improve blood circulation, accelerate lymphatic drainage, provide nourishment to hair and the scalp, and help balance and ease the mind and body. Finally, look for the fusion of East meets West approaches to better mind, body, and spirit and plan now to incorporate the science of wellness, with the art of fitness, meditation, and other non-invasive techniques.

So, what are you waiting for? The trend for 2007 is clear. People want to feel better about themselves. They will increasingly seek a better outlook on life through the science and art of beauty enhancement services, procedures, and products. The mirror will become the gold-standard springboard for medical spa services' adoption — the quest for "Sleeping Beauty's" timeless beauty will continue to forge the desire for the very best, cutting-edge innovative aesthetic procedures, services, and products. Proactively embrace the 2007 trends to create the winning success for your business to gain both short and long-term success.

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