Post-Graduate Curriculum Now Includes Ayurveda, ThermaStone® and More

WEST PALM BEACH, FL—The American Spa Therapy and Education Certification Council (ASTECC) has expanded the course offerings for its Spa Certification Program in 2002: the post-graduate curriculum now includes ThermaStone and Ayurveda classes. The complete ASTECC Spa Certification Program is a 264-hour curriculum and the only one of its kind offered in the United States: empowering students to build results-oriented spa programs and guaranteeing, through strict exams, a comprehensive knowledge of basic European spa therapies and more.

'The additional Spa Certification courses match the demands of the industry,' said Anne Bramham, ASTECC President. 'And they keep ASTECC-certified therapists at the top of the job market by demanding a holistic look at the services they perform, teaching them how to focus their efforts towards specific results for the client.'

ASTECC's Ayurveda instruction is led by Dr. Reenita Malhotra, a certified Ayurvedic physician who grew up, studied, and practiced Ayurvedic medicine in India. The Ayurveda Basic Level 1 course provides a theoretical approach to understanding dosha theory and identifying a client's individual constitution. The practical segment of the course provides an introduction to abhyanga, the basic hands-on Ayurvedic oil application and massage therapy. The ThermaStone® course provides instruction on the massage therapy technique based on the hydrotherapy principles of thermalism.

The Bramham Institute and Spa in West Palm Beach, Florida will offer both new courses this summer as part of the complete ASTECC Spa Certification Series. The Spa Certification Series and final exam may be taken in one complete summer session, June 3 to July 18, 2002, or worked toward through single classes offered throughout the year. The Ayurveda Basic Level 1 course will be offered at the Bramham Institute on June 17-20 2002, and ThermaStone® training will be offered July 1-3, 2002. A full class schedule and course descriptions are posted on For more information, contact Sara Eavenson, ASTECC Vice President, at 800-575-0518.

Founded in 1996, the American Spa Therapy Education & Certification Council (ASTECC) is a non-profit organization devoted to the academic needs of spa industry personnel. Committed to providing and nationally integrating a comprehensive post-graduate curriculum for those seeking a career within the industry, ASTECC encourages the advancement of spa professionals and supports the establishment of spa industry standards, thereby improving guest experience, through post-graduate education.