Aveda Launches Full Circle Recycling Program

I like to think I'm getting better at separating my papers and plastics to take advantage of the recycling bins in my apartment building and do my small part for the environment, but there's always room for improvement. Now Aveda makes being green even easier with its new Full Circle recycling program kick-starting in the U.S. next week. All 107 U.S. Aveda Experience Center retail locations will begin accepting Aveda packaging that curbside-recycling programs decline, and in partnership with g2 Revolution, a recycling innovations company, these items will be sorted and remade into new packaging and accessories. Each municipal recycling program varies, but generally caps, makeup brushes, various bottles, jars, tubes, and pumps are not accepted curbside but can soon be dropped off at Aveda to avoid going to a landfill.

The pilot program has already been a resounding success; in my home state of Colorado over the last two years 98 percent of items collected were recycled into reusable material according to Dave Rapaport, Aveda vice president earth & community care. Now the rest of the country and the environment can reap the benefits from Full Circle too.

What is your salon or spa doing to be green and reduce waste?