Aware Products Hires New Ni’Kita Wilson as Vice President of Sales and Innovation

Ni’Kita Wilson Aware Products, developer and manufacturer of hair-, bath-, body-, and skincare products, announced the addition of Ni’Kita Wilson as vice president of sales and innovation. Based in New Jersey, Wilson, an experienced cosmetic chemist and beauty expert, will be responsible for extending Aware Products’ geographic reach and bringing added depth to its team of sales, product development, R&D, manufacturing, and customer service professionals. “Ni’Kita is this great combination of serious cosmetic chemist and savvy beauty executive,” says Kristine Cryer, executive vice president of sales, marketing, and product development of Aware. “Editors for major beauty publications rely on her to translate highly technical R&D concepts into consumer-friendly language. In the same way, she will be able to help bridge the gap between marketing and R&D for her clients. She has a proven ability to listen, understand what they need and deliver top-notch service and quality products.” Wilson began her career as a cosmetic chemist, creating a number of patented skincare compounds. At Aware, she will develop new product concepts and partner with clients to create new formulations to help their brands grow. “At Aware, I get to focus on the things that I love the most—partnering with brands to create new product concepts to help them innovate and grow,” says Wilson. “It’s so exciting to join this highly talented Aware team with its depth of R&D and manufacturing capability, and its passion for building creative partnerships with clients and providing a level of service that truly sets them apart.”

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